If you are a traveler or you love to travel,And most of you have traveled with your family and friends but now you are thinking to travel solo so this is the best idea my friend you have to travel solo it was great experience for every traveller and people who need to know themselves and lots of benefits of solo travel.

Friends, solo traveling would have a different fun of its own. In the beginning, you feel a little scared, but as soon as you travel two-three times, your fear will be over from the root, I also read a lot about solo Travel on many more websites they told you want Traveling alone at least once in your life it’s true but in my opinion You should travel alone occasionally, As a result, you can learn a lot in life and learn about new people, And after that you have no fear to traveling alone.

Some benefits of solo travel:

Friends, there are many benefits to traveling alone, such as meeting new people, Through hitchhiking and couchsurfing you can meet new people and learn a lot from them,You know yourself well, Get rid of the fear of the unknown and gradually you become a much braver person and many more.

Meet new peoples:

benefits of solo travel

I meet those people when i was in kashmir

When we travel with a group we are busy with ourselves and we don’t get much time talking to the locals but when we travel alone we want to find new friends wherever we go, and we have enough time to talk to them.

When you travel alone and they know how far you have come they may invite you over for lunch at their home, When I first went to Kashmir, some locals invited me to their house for lunch and I had a lot of fun visiting them, I know how they live, how they dress, they tell me a lot about themselves, this kind of experience can be with you when you travel solo.

Another benefits of Solo travel is You can do hitchhiking to get from one place to another That means you can take a lift from someone This will save you money and get you closer to the locals, But you have to be very careful while hitchhiking because it is not possible to say what is in the mind of anyone,

Another thing you can do while traveling alone is couchsurfing, it is an application through which you request a person to stay in his house(during travel) for just one or two days and he become your host and through it you save your living expenses .

Get to know yourself better :

benefits of solo travel

solo traveling means spending some time with yourself. When we are with any person, the influence of that person is within us and gradually the nature of that person comes into us and we forget our own nature, this is common,

But when you travel alone you can give yourself a lot more time and get to know yourself better, then you can overcome your fears and you will be able to make your own decisions. and you will see the unknown change in yourself gradually your fear will go away And you will understand your abilities in my opinion the biggest benefits of solo travel.

Enjoy your own company:

benefits of solo travel

Solo travel is give you a chance to enjoy your own company, Nowadays we rarely get a chance to sit with ourselves and simply live. This is why spending time alone on your trip should be considered a gift. In fact, starting a single campaign is good for your well-being And we should give ourselves a chance to spend time with ourselves.

You are the decision maker:

benefits of solo travel

When you travel with group and family or friends, Then you will not be able to take any decision alone, That’s exactly what everyone agrees, I am right, but it is benefits of solo travel you are the decision maker You can go anywhere freely, you can choose the hotel of your choice.

You can make your entire travel pants as you wish, You will see when you plan a trip with friends and more travel plans will be canceled. Because someone will cause problems, someone will say I don’t have money to go around, someone will say I don’t have time to go for a trip now, it’s better to go after a few days, this usually happens. In a word, you can make a complete decision when you travel solo it’s really worth.

Leave your comfort zone:

benefits of solo travel

You need to be careful when traveling alone, Because when you travel alone, you will be responsible for all your belongings And you have to do all your work yourself, It will be a test of your patience when you leave your comfort zone and travel to another and unknown places, and if you can pass this test then discover yourself as a successful person.

Learn new languages:

When you travel alone, get along well with the local people there and get a chance to talk to them, even if you don’t understand the local language, It doesn’t matter, you talk to them in gestures.

Sometimes I know an address but I still ask the local people where it is, because I try to build a relation with local people. I just need an excuse to talk with them.

It will make you more confident:

benefits of solo travel

I already told you that you will gradually get rid of your fear and you will be a brave person after few days, but before that you should have confidence to travel solo. and after two to three times when you travel alone, a excitement runs inside you and after that you are confident to travel anywhere, this is the benefits of solo travel.

I was very scared at first time, but as I kept on traveling, my confidence level kept increasing and now I am not scared any more, I too learned by looking at some famous solo travellers’ and Travel bloggers,

Some famous solo travellers:

1. Nomad Subham : He is an Indian solo traveller and youtuber, he travel since he was in 16 year old and he almost cover 40 countries, and three continents Shubham YouTube channel name is nomad Shubham.

2. Deepanshu Sangwan : Deepanshu is the first traveler I started following, he also loves to travel solo and it mostly travels solo. his YouTube channel name is NomadicIndian.

3.Varun vagish: Varun is also a very famous solo traveller in india,Shubham and Deepanshu travel continuously, From one country to another, But Varun does not continue traveling like this. he goes anywhere then come to India then go again after a few days, his YouTube channel name is mountain trekker.

4.Brayden drevlow: he is a American solo traveller, Shubham and Brayden is a very good friend, Shubham and Brayden first time meet in Serbia and after that they start travel together, For a long time both of them traveled together, but now both travel alone. is YouTube channel name is Brayden drevlow.

5. Navankur choudhary : It was heard that Navankur is a doctor, but his travel craze made him a full time traveler he has traveled to more than 35 countries till now, his YouTube channel name is yatri doctor.

I have been following these people for a long time and am learning a lot from them, and I know the benefits of solo travel. and I believe that friends, we are all God’s children and the whole world is to be our home, keep travelling, and keep enjoying your life.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is solo travel good idea?

Yes my friend solo travel is a very good idea people who want to know himself, and one day it can change your life.

2. where should I go for my first solo trip?

If you are going alone for the first time, I will suggest you, should go to this safe place where there is no danger or where the crime rate is very low.

3. Is solo travelling boring?

No, If you have never gone anywhere solo, then you would think traveling alone is very boring work, but it is not. at first you may feel it a bit boring, but after a few days you will have a lot of fun and not be boring at all.


Ayesha Ayub · September 21, 2021 at 3:50 pm

We all got busy in life to extent where we forgot to spend with ourselves, mostly we spend our free time in front screens or gossiping family and friends. While solo trips let you have a lot of ME time, you can sit in peaceful place close to nature and feel purity around you, you are totally free to spend your time as you want, do self talk, let go your troubling thoughts which is in return good for your well being.

Ray Zachter · August 12, 2022 at 4:51 am

Good article. I will be dealing with some of these issues as well..

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