I am telling you about the end of 2023 when I got bored of my monotonous life and decided to travel somewhere. Suddenly I have a little plan in my mind that I will go to travel to South IndiaAnd especially the offbeat places to visit in Goa by traveling alone. And my first destination is Mumbai and second is Goa. After that I traveled all over South India Anyway here I will share with you my experience of traveling Goa alone and along with it some offbeat places which will make you feel Goa more beautiful.

Best offbeat beach to visit in Goa

To all of us Indians, Goa is a very beautiful tourist destination and we all have the desire to go to Goa but believe me Goa is more beautiful than what we think here you will see the mountains and sea beautiful beaches that will charm you and the local people. Usage is very good. And that’s why a large number of tourists come to Goa to travel alone. And Goa has become an important tourist destination for expatriates.

Introduction to offbeat travel experiences for solo travelers :

Like us travel buffs who travel somewhere we first search to see what are the offbeat places of that place and believe me like you I used to search a lot on the internet and also watched a lot on YouTube I can tell you from my experience which article you read or which one. You will know and learn a lot more than you can by watching the video by reaching all those places. As such I alighted at Mangao station in Goa and from there hired a scooty and left normally for Goa and Panjum. From there I went to another place after looking at the Google map and that place is where I stay for a day, Because I was very tired after a long day of travel.

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Let me tell you one thing when you go out to travel to the off bided places you will see very few tourists go to these offbeat track places so you might feel a little scared because you are traveling alone. I am telling the same thing that happened to me when I was going with a scooty to explore an offbeat place. And the silence of those places scared me a lot so you take care of this thing, there is nothing to fear. you can explore the places alone very comfortably.

agoda fort, goa

Why Choose Offbeat Places to visit in Goa?

I will not tell you to travel only offbeat places in goa. but yes I can definitely tell you some benefits and advantages of traveling to offbeat places and you should visit famous places of Goa around these places.

Advantages of exploring offbeat destinations :

There are many advantages of traveling to off mid places one of them is authenticity Any state government or any government spends a lot of money to develop their tourist places. But if you travel to the offbeat places of those places, you will see the place in its original form. and great natural beauty. Also you will find lots of unnamed waterfalls and hidden beaches, as I happened to see on google maps I was walking and walking on my scooter and I reached a hidden beach and I saw lots of waterfalls and small hills.

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Unique experiences away from tourist crowds :

Another advantage of traveling to offbeat places is that you will see a lot less tourists in these places. So your travel experience will be great and traveling to offbeat places helps the local communities financially to improve their quality of life and being a bit far away from Tourist places, everything costs relatively less and will save you a lot of money.

All these off-the-beaten-track places in Goa are treasure troves of natural beauty, so photography enthusiasts like me can come to these places and take some amazing photographs and videos. It will create a great memory for you. As I said that all these places are not developed seriously so the environment here is very family friendly and natural so you can come to all these places and enjoy the natural beauty by spending some time in the fresh and natural environment.

Some Hidden Beaches in Goa :

Goa has a lot of hidden beaches and I have visited quite a few beaches, most of them I don’t know the names of but the ones I found very beautiful. Here I am sharing with you some of the beaches that I know and have been able to visit and hope that if you ever travel to Goa alone or with family, you must visit at least one of these idyllic beaches. You will love it.

Best offbeat beach to visit in Goa

Ozran beach :

In Goa I was staying in a hostel near Condolim Beach and one day went out to visit Chapora Fort in North Goa. And while visiting all around by visiting some tourist places and visiting some famous churches I was heading towards Chapra Fort. And while going I found an unknown beach its name is ozran beach. And by asking the locals on Google Maps, I can find out the name of this beach. Compared to other beaches in Goa, this beach is very small and less touristy. Around here, you will find various shops and restaurants where you can have lunch or dinner with a view of the beach. I love it.

Best offbeat places to visit in Goa

Kalacha Beach :

After visiting the Chapora Fort while I was returning to the destination, I found another offbeat beach on Google Maps. And I took my scooter and went in front of that beach and saw a parking board by paying 50 rupees and entered that beach. The name of this beach is Kalacha, many may not know about it. But as you will find it on google maps, comparatively this beach had very less tourists than other beaches in Goa. Moreover, this beach was surrounded by mountains and was offering a beautiful view. I would like to interest you that this beach is going to be one of the tourist destinations when you visit North Goa, especially for solo travelers this is one of the Best offbeat beach to visit in north Goa.


Caranzalem Beach, Goa : 

According to me the least tourist visit this Caranzalem beach in North Goa, I went here on the third day of my trip to Goa. I was very surprised when I went here because it is only 6 km away from Panji, the capital of Goa, but I don’t know why there are almost no tourists here. But despite not being a tourist, this beach is a very beautiful place for me. And I liked this beach so much that I loved spending my evenings at this less touristy beach two days in a row.

If you love to spend your evening enjoying the sunset like me then this beach is for you. I guarantee you will find much less tourists here than other beaches in Goa. Around this beach you will find all shops like restaurants, bars etc. A latest incident happened to me here, I was going for a beach trip with my scooter and suddenly I ran out of fuel mid way and a local helped me and because of that guy I was able to reach my hostel Kalangi which is about 40 km away. So when you go you will be sure that your car has the right amount of oil. If you visit Goa, you must visit this beach this is one of the Best offbeat beach to visit in Goa.

Best offbeat places to visit in Goa

Betul Beach :

After spending about seven days in North Goa, I left for South Goa and started staying in a hostel near Mathgaon railway station. The next day I woke up in the morning thinking about which place I will visit. Then I discovered many beaches in South Goa. First of them I went to a beach called Betun Beach. I think it differs from other beaches in one place, that is, the beach here has a lot of big rocks like some beaches in Pondicherry. Yes, you can swim here but you have to do it very carefully. If you want to visit Goa completely then you must come to this beach and I suggest you to visit all these beaches at least once if you are traveling alone. Go to the sunrise. It is located at a distance of 45 km from Madagana railway station in Goa and can easily be visited here by scooter.

Best offbeat places to visit in south Goa

Cabo de Rama Beach :

After visiting Betun Beach I went out to visit a nearby Fort Kabu Di Rama Fort. And after visiting that fort I found a nearby beach, its name is Kabu Di Rama. In short, this beach is the most beautiful of all the beaches I have seen. Because it didn’t feel like an Indian beach to me. I felt like I had moved to a country outside of India, maybe Italy or Bali, Indonesia. Because it was so beautiful that my mind was mesmerized by the blue sea and the mountains around the sea in one word beautiful. This beach located next to the fort, you can easily find its address on Google Maps. If you are going to South Goa then put this beach in the must visit destination by me as I like it relatively. Very few tourists go here. You know very well that South Goa has less tourists than North Goa, that’s why few tourists come here.

Best offbeat places to visit in Goa

Kakolem Beach : 

After visiting Cabo de Ram Beach, I was driving my scooter towards Goa South, when I suddenly saw a signboard in the middle of the road saying Kakulem Beach. I thought I should go and have a look, my scooter immediately headed that way. And after about 10 to 15 minutes of scooter riding I reached the beach. If I compare this beach to Cabo de Rama beach, there may be a few more tourists here compared to that beach. And all around the mountains and the blue sea seemed simply wonderful, this is one of the Best offbeat beach to visit in south Goa.

Hidden Villages of Goa :

I was as excited to see the beaches of Goa and even more excited to visit the various villages of Goa. Because I have seen on YouTube and various social media platforms that Goan villages are very beautiful, and have a different atmosphere with a little more Christian people living there. As you can see in the villages here outside of India like colonies of Portugal and France. So I was very excited to explore the villages, fews I visited and very happy to share my travel experience here.

Best offbeat places to visit in Goa

Assagao : 

Asago village is one of the most developed villages in Goa. The beauty of this village cannot be described in words, maybe it is more beautiful to me because I visited Goa for the first time. And the beautiful houses and French colonies here were giving me a constant new feeling. A large number of tourists visit this village and the distance from the capital Panji is only 17 km. If you are visiting Goa and wish to explore this village then you can easily reach here by driving from Panji. You will find very cheap hotels here with prices ranging from 2000 to 5000 rupees, and if you are a solo traveler there are plenty of hostels here. Here you will get hostel in just 1000 rupees I stayed here for one day, this is one of the Best offbeat places to visit in Goa.

I stayed here at Go Stop Hostel for one day and spent Rs.1000. The natural beauty here is very beautiful green plants, small hills, sharp roads, high and low roads, mesmerized me. And there are lots of local bakeries around, where you can try the local breads, those breads are delicious. I ate two Goan bread almost every day.

Best offbeat places to visit in Goa

Agaçaim, Goa : 

This village is about 15 km from Panji, the capital of Goa. I reached this village on the third day of my trip to Goa, but sadly I could not stay here even for a day. But I would suggest you to stay at least one day if you go to this village, I didn’t have time so I couldn’t stay there.

Now I want to say something about this village, a very beautiful village and rich in backwaters, all the backwater activities are done in this village. Besides, there are a lot of churches and Hindu temples here. I almost visited two churches here and both were Roman Catholic churches. Another thing I noticed here is that there is a lot of farming here, I saw a lot of farming land here.

Best offbeat places to visit in Goa

Agonda, Goa : 

Among all the villages in Goa, this Agonda village is my favorite because the natural beauty and the pristine beaches, mesmerized me. After completing my 7 day tour of North Goa when I was in South, I stayed in Madgaon for two days and then I proceeded to South. There I reached a village after visiting two beaches, the village is called Agonda village and there is a beach adjacent to this village called Agunta beach. I can’t tell you how beautiful this village is with lots of small hills and beautiful beaches.

If you are going here from Panji then make sure that your vehicle is full of petrol as there are no petrol pumps anywhere around this village especially in the sea side areas and if you have to buy petrol you will have to pay more than the local people. So take a look. And the distance of this village from Panji is about 70 km when I visited here the weather was light rain and the desolate environment here looked very scary, this is one of the Best offbeat places to visit in Goa.

Unique and budget friendly hotels and hostels of Goa :

Here I am suggesting you some hotels and hostels which I think are very budget friendly, and I will give you some unique hostels to look for, if you think these hostels and hotels are suitable for you then definitely come here. I have stayed in some of these hostels myself and I am recommending some hostels from Google ratings which have very good ratings. Besides, I want to tell you another thing, wherever you go to travel, always follow google ratings. Because google ratings count a lot, whenever I travel I look for good ratings of hotels or hostels I stay at. Even if I go to a restaurant I check the rating of that restaurant

The Lost Hostels, Goa – Palolem Beach : 

One of the budget friendly hostels in South Goa is The Lost Hostel of Goa. This is a great hostel for slow travelers, if you are visiting South Goa then you can stay in this hostel. The distance of this hostel from Matgao railway station of Goa is only 35 km, and the distance of this hostel from Panji, the capital of Goa is 70 km. And this hostel is very close to palolem beach, you can reach palolem beach just 15 minutes by foot. And some of the beaches located near this hostel are Butterfly Beach and Padman Beach. You can reach all these beaches by driving just 10 to 20 minutes. According to me if you are a solo traveler then this hostel is a great option for you.

Sweet Valley Cottages :

Located in North Goa, this hotel is very budget family and with sea view, the name of this hotel is Sweet Valley Cottages. If you are going to Goa type with family then this hotel can be one of your options. There are many restaurants located near the hotel like Outbreak Restaurant and Hill Top Bar. Moreover this hostel is located very close to the beach. So close that you can sit and enjoy the sea view at the hostel and this hostel is located in Arambol town of Goa. And you will get this hotel at a much cheaper price than other hotels. My suggestion is if you come here then definitely book online the time I went I spent around 1500 taka for 1 night stay.

best hostel in goa

Go stop Hostel, calangute :

Go stop Hostel is located in the calangute when I was taking a scooty from Madgaon and from there I went to calangute and stayed in this hostel for the first time there. I stayed at this hostel for about four days and my experience was very good. I became very good friends with the Manager Rakib, because I live in West Bengal and the Rakib was also a Bengali so we became very good friends. And the hostel also had cooking facilities and a microwave fridge for everyone to use. If you feel like you can order food from here and also prepare your own dinner or breakfast, you can also buy food from outside and heat it in the microwave or keep it in the fridge.

I also liked the atmosphere of this hostel very much, apart from me, many other tourists came here, all of them were solo travelers. This is where I make friends with everyone and we complete the Goa trip together. Here we used to go out to travel on scooty every day in the morning and return almost late at night. Every day the gateman stands in front of the gate, where great care is taken for the security of the travelers.

hostel in goa

Monkey Mind Hostel, Madgaon : 

That completes my one week trip to North Goa. When I was returning from Panji towards South Goa I came across this hostel near Goa and Matgaon railway station. The hostel is small but very nice with many solo travelers staying here and another advantage of this hostel is that it is very close to the railway station. When I visited here it was rainy weather and all the shops around were closed. Then the manager of this hostel helped me and he cooked chicken for me and fed me, I liked his behavior very much. So I suggest you if you are looking for a place to stay near the station then you can stay at this Monkey Mind Hostel.

In this hostel also, they offer you a kitchen where you can bring something from outside and cook it. I think all hostels should provide a kitchen especially in a place like Goa. The price of food in any restaurant or food stall here is very high. I think it is better to buy something and cook it in the hostel, especially for low budget travelers like us and those who are traveling alone. I stayed here for about three days and every day I used to buy maggi or pasta from outside or sometimes ready-to-eat packets and cook it in the hostel kitchen. And it seemed to me relatively cheaper than a restaurant meal.

Safety Tips for Solo Explorers :

Through this article I would like to give some safety tips for those who travel alone, because I mostly travel alone and traveling alone is like an addiction to me. I can’t stay at home for long, maybe after two or three months I have to go somewhere. So I know there are many like me who prefer to travel alone and I have had some mishaps mostly financial so I hope nothing like that happens to you. That’s why I’ll share some safety tips for solo travelers.

1. Make travel plans early : 

Before traveling anywhere alone, research the place well. Make yourself like the climate and geographical area of the place, let’s say you go to a hilly area where it’s very cold. And pack everything carefully and do your research before you go. Also, before going on a solo trip, tell someone you trust about all the details of your travel plan, such as when you will be returning and where you will be staying.

2. Be careful of everyone around you :

Don’t always trust everyone when traveling alone. An incident happened to me once, when I was traveling from Delhi to Kashmir and got down at Jammu, a local tried to take me with him to another place. But I understood and got out of there immediately. So you don’t always trust everyone. And Be Careful Always be careful when traveling alone and research the place you are going to travel to if it is safe for you to travel and stay away from any risky places.

3. Pack essential and safety items : 

Pack the necessary and safety items well before traveling alone as these will help you a lot in your solo travel. Some of the most important of these things are your mobile charger, emergency contacts, fasted kit and a torch light, if you have a GPS device you should definitely carry it. And be sure to take some food and a bottle of water with you. And I would recommend you to keep some personal safety equipment with you so that you can use it in case of emergency.

You can make your solo travel adventure a great one by using these safety tips. Always be careful and take care of yourself while traveling solo. Happy journey

Frequently asked questions :

Where is the unseen place in Goa?

Goa has a lot of unseen and unknown places and in Mostly South Goa you will find a lot of unknown beaches and unseen places.

Which place is less crowded in Goa?

There are many such beaches and villages in Goa where many less tourists visit some of them are Betul beach Cabo de Rama beach, Kalacha beach,kakolem beach and some villages are Arambal and Assagao village

Which is the most beautiful part of Goa?

It totally depends on you what kind of place you like, if you like natural beauty then I suggest you to visit South Goa. And if you like crowd and enjoy then North Goa is good for you. Kabudirama Beach is one of the most popular places in South Goa.


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