From Delhi to Srinagar Distance by train,bus and flight

the distance between Delhi to Srinagar is about 795 km. the cheapest way to reach from Delhi to Srinagar is by train. go to Jammu by train from Delhi and then from Jammu to Srinagar many buses or private cars are available. you can reach From Delhi to Srinagar in 3 ways, one is train, second is Bus and third is Srinagar to Delhi by flight. read my delhi to srinagar trip blog.


If you are going from Delhi to Srinagar, then the question remains in your mind that how will we reach Srinagar from Delhi, what is the cheapest way to reach Srinagar from Delhi,Friends, through this article, I am going to tell you all today how the journey from Delhi to Srinagar can be done very cheaply. because I traveled from Delhi to Srinagar few days ago and my journey was very wonderful.

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distance from Delhi to Srinagar:

banihal railway station
banihal railway station

Delhi to Srinagar distance about 794 Km. which will take you through Jammu.

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From Delhi to Srinagar by train:

new delhi railway station
new delhi railway station

Friends, if direct train does not go from Delhi to Srinagar, then first you have to go to Jammu Tawi or Katra. Many trains from Delhi go to Jammu Tawi and Katra also, And if you travel by train then it will be your cheapest and easiest way.

The journey from Delhi to Jammu is about seven to eight hours and a lot of people vomit for long journeys in the bus, and those people who have the problem of vomiting in the bus, they should not travel by bus at all, for those people, the train journey is the best.

If you travel in a non-ac sleeper class then it is going to be much cheaper than bus. And your harassment in train journey will also be less. Let’s assume that you started your journey from Delhi at night and you reached Jammu in the morning via train.


After that you have to reach Banihal Railway Station from Jammu Tawi Railway can book directly cab from Jammu Tawi or you can also reach Banihal by Bus. If you book a cab then you may have to pay ₹ 500 per person, But if you go by bus then your fare will be around ₹ 200.


you will not get a direct bus from Jammu to Banihal, For that you have to first come from Jammu to Udhampur.And then the Ramban and after that you will reach Banihal Railway station,Banihal Railway Station is a very beautiful railway station surrounded by the mountains.

banihal railway station
banihal railway station

From Banihal Railway Station, you can go to Baramulla District of Kashmir and Srinagar comes in the middle,It takes 3 hours to travel from Baramulla to Srinagar by train.and its fare is only ₹ 45 per person.

Delhi to Srinagar trains:

local kashmiri house
local kashmiri house view from train

As I told you have to first go to Jammu Tawi to go to Srinagar, A lot of trains go to Jammu Tawi from New Delhi Railway Station and some the railway stations around Delhi,

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Some trains that will take you from New Delhi Railway Station to Jammu Tawi:

1. Malwa SF express
2. Swaraj express
3. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra SF express
4. Humsafar express
5. Sri sakthi express
6. Jammu tawi rajdhani express
7. Uttar sampark Kranti express
8. Jhelum express
9. Udhampur weekly SF express
10. Sarvodaya express
This is some trains that will take you from New Delhi to Jammu Tawi Railway Station.

Some trains that will take you from Old Delhi Railway Station to Jammu Tawi:

1. Jammu tawi express
2. Shalimar express
3. Jammu mail
4. Pooja SF express

Delhi Sarai Rohilla to Jammu Tawi :

1. Udhampur AC SF express
2. Jammu Tawi Duronto express

Delhi safdarjung to Jammu Tawi:

1. Jammu tavi weekly SF express
2. Jammu tavi Humsafar express
3. Udhampur AC SF express
4. Jammu Tawi AC SF special Fare summer special

Here is a list of some trains , by taking any train, you can reach Jammu from Delhi comfortably.

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How to book train ticket:

To book tickets from Delhi to Jammu railway station, you first go to the government website of IRCTC, you can book the ticket yourself or you can also book the ticket through an agent.

Or you can book tickets offline from Delhi Railway Station, but keep in mind that you should book your tickets almost 1 month before your journey date, Otherwise your ticket may not be confirmed.

If you do this journey in sleeper class, then you will cost 300 to ₹ 500 rupees and if you go by AC train then the fare can be from 1000 to 1500 rupees.

From Delhi to Srinagar by Bus/car :

patnitop road highway
view from bus highway

Many buses are go From Delhi to Srinagar. I did my journey by train, but if you want, you can easily reach from Delhi to Srinagar by bus or even by car,

For taking Bus you have to go to Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate Metro Station. You have come out of the gate number 4, from there the distance of the bus stand is a little. You will reach the bus after just walking for 2-3 minutes.

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panchari hills
kishmiri hills view from bus

From there you will get many buses to Jammu as well Bus fare from Delhi to Jammu is only ₹ 700 per person, And then after reaching Jammu, you can book another bus till Srinagar.

How to book Buses from Delhi to Srinagar:

And some buses from Delhi also go directly to Srinagar. the bus fare from Delhi to Srinagar is around 1500 to 1800 rupees. You can book this bus online from any travel website like or

But if I agree then you should just book offline,Because if you book online, then your expenses will be very high and those people also give the seat backwards to the bus. If your train ticket is not confirmed then you travel by bus. and if you have a problem of vomiting, then do not travel on the bus. 

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Delhi to Srinagar by flight:

delhi to srinagar flight
delhi to srinagar flight

You will easily get a flight from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport to Srinagar airport. If you go to from Delhi to Srinagar by flight then it takes you only 1 hour 10 minutes.

By flight distance from New Delhi to Srinagar is only 640 kms. Follow all the guidelines while traveling in the first flight, Do not carry anything with you that is not allowed at the airport like nail cutter knife etc.

How to book Flights from Delhi to Srinagar:

delhi to srinagar flight
delhi to srinagar flight

To book a flight, you can simply book through any travel website like or Here I am telling from my experience you can book very cheap flights on Wego,

If you book your flight about a month before the day of travel, then you will get very cheap flights, You will get to see the flight fare from Delhi to Srinagar between 5000 to 7000.

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Some  Frequently Asked Questions:

there are any train from Delhi to Srinagar?

There is no direct train running from Delhi to Srinagar. To go from Delhi to Srinagar, you have to first go to Jammu station, then from there you can go to Srinagar by bus or cab.

how can I go to Kashmir by train?

First of all you have to go from Delhi to Jammu by train and from Jammu to banihal by bus, From Banihal you will get many trains to go to Kashmir.

is there direct bus from Delhi to Srinagar?

few buses go direct towards Kashmir from near Delhi’s Kashmere Gate metro station. the easiest to go to Kashmir, from Delhi to Jammu by bus and then go to Kashmir by taking another bus from Jammu.

is there any train from Jammu to Srinagar?

no, There is no direct train to go from Jammu to Srinagar, first you have to go Banihal railway station and then you can go to Srinagar by taking the train from Banihal.

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