Whether you come from Delhi, Bihar, or from Kolkata to gangtok you have to come to Siliguri first, and Siliguri to Gangtok distance is about 195 kilometres, And there are daily buses from Siliguri to Gangtok.

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Gangtok is a very beautiful hill station, Every year a lot of people come here from different states of India, It is a best location for honeymoons as it is a completely mountainous area, And there are lots of places to visit in the Gangtok.

from Siliguri to Gangtok

NJP railway station

Being very close to West Bengal, a lot of people come here from Bengal to visit, You will definitely find one Bengali out of every five tourists. And from Siliguri you can reach Gangtok in just four hours at very low cost.

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NJP railway station

NJP railway station

And I will suggest you, take small tour at the Siliguri city before you go to Gangtok. Because there is a lot to see in Siliguri. It is the second most populous and beautiful city in West Bengal. It was once the summer capital of the Britishers.

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NJP railway station

NJP railway station

From Siliguri to Gangtok By Bus:

The New Jalpaiguri Railway Station has connected from various major cities in India, And you can come to Siliguri railway station by auto from NJP. The fare will be only 30 rupees. And you can also come to Siliguri from NJP station by train.

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There are two bus stands in front of Siliguri railway station, One is Siliguri Bus Stand and the other is Tenjing Norge Bus Stand, both located near Siliguri Station. From these two Bus stand, the official bus of the West Bengal

Tenjing Norge Bus Stand siliguri

Tenjing Norge Bus Stand siliguri

government(WBTC) left for Gangtok.

And these buses are very cheap. They will take you to Gangtok from Siliguri for only 195 rupees. This bus will take you 4 hours 30 minutes to reach Gangtok. If your bus left at 6 am then you will reach Gangtok at 10:30.

You have to book the bus from Siliguri to Gangtok one day in advance, There are usually 3-4 Siliguri gangtok buses from one bus stand, You will try to take morning bus, Then you will reach Gangtok in the morning.

These bosses are not usually booked online, you have to book at the bus stand.The bus fare from Siliguri to Gangtok buses is only 195 rupees.

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siliguri to gangtok


Siliguri to Gangtok by shared taxi:

Outside New Jalpaiguri station you will see lots of 7 seater car parked, And when you get out of the station, you will see a lot of people come and force you to go with them.

But once you ask someone else, you will know what the right rent is. I went from Siliguri to Gangtok in February 2022, They took 300 rupees from me as car fare.

The mountain roads are very short and many people are afraid to travel by bus, shared car is better for them, Moreover, some people vomit when they get on the bus, Siliguri Gangtok shared taxi is a best option for them.

siliguri to gangtok


Siliguri Gangtok by bike rent :

If you want to rent a bike from Siliguri to Gangtok you have a lot of options. There are a lot of bike rentals in Siliguri who rent bikes for a minimum fee,

I really wanted to rent a bike from Siliguri to Gangtok but I couldn’t rent a bike because I lost my driving license, If you are traveling with your friend then renting a bike is the best option for you.



To rent a bike you will need to provide a xerox of your driving license and an ID proof. The price of the bike rent depends on what kind of bike you are renting, If you rent a scooter within 120 cc, the rent will be within 600 rupees,

And if you rent a bike of 200 or more cc, it will cost about 1200 rupees every day. The cost of petrol has not been taken. You have to pay for petrol yourself. I think it would be wise to rent a bike and travel if you come with a friend. This is my suggestion.

I have been saying how to get from Siliguri to Gangtok, now I will tell you what’s the places to visit in Gangtok.

Some Places to visit in Gangtok:

mg marg  gangtok

mg marg gangtok

MG Marg:

It is like a small market in Gangtok where all the tourists come here and walk around in the Evening, There is always a crowd of people here. This is one of the best places to shopping in Gangtok.

mg marg gangtok

mg marg gangtok

Very cheap winter clothes like sweaters gloves hats are available here. Moreover, there are a variety of famous food shops, Don’t forget to eat the street food in MG Marg. Momo’s is very famous among the street food here.

mg marg gangtok

mg marg gangtok

There is also a very beautiful Buddhist temple in MG Marg, And just a short distance from MG Marg is the famous ropeway from where you can see the amezing view of whole Gangtok city. To ride in Ropeway you have to spend only 120 rupees.



Baba harbajan Singh Temple:

Located on the way from Gangtok to Nathula Pass, the temple is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in Sikkim, The temple was built in the memory of Baba Harbhajan Singh, a soldier of the Punjab Regiment.

A few days ago a famous YouTuber bhuwan Bam, made a short film for baba Harbhajan Singh, The name of the short film is plus minus, must watch.


Seven Sister waterfall:

Located 32 km from Gangtok, this waterfall is located on the Gangtok Lachung Highway. This waterfall is made up of seven separate waterfalls,

One wonders if you look at it closely you will see only one fountain. But if you look from a distance, you can see seven different waterfalls. During the rainy season, a lot of water flows into this waterfall. Then it looks more beautiful.

way to tashi view point

way to tashi view point

Tashi view point:

This view point is Located about 4 km from MG Marg, It is a very famous view point, from here you can enjoy the view of kanchanjunga, also Gangtok city looks so beautiful from here.

tashi view point

tashi view point

If you come here, then you have to come very early in the morning, Because in the morning Kanchenjunga hill looks orange from here. And many people come here early in the morning to see this wonderful view.

Nathu La:

Nathula Located about 30 km from Gangtok, it is actually a very famous Indo-China border, Lots of people come here every year. Snow can be seen here almost all day of the year.

Nathula Travel Package is available from MG Marg, Gangtok. In a package of thousands of rupees, you are given a full day trip to Nathula. Baba Mandir and changu lake is included in this travel package.

You will need to government registration certificate for this trip, The travel agency from which you book this package they will register you, This trip starts in the morning from MG Marg. You have to book for it one day in advance.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

can we go directly Gangtok by train?

There is no railway station in Gangtok so you cannot go directly to Gangtok by train. You have to come to Siliguri first and from there you can go to Gangtok by bus or share taxi.

what was the taxi fare from Siliguri to Gangtok?

Many taxis leave Siliguri for Gangtok. If you take a shared taxi from Siliguri to Gangtok, the fare will be only 300 rupees and if you book the full taxi, they charge 2000 rupees.

how far is Gangtok from Darjeeling?

The distance from Gangtok to Darjeeling is only 150 km. People who come to visit Darjeeling at the same time they visit Gangtok.

alcohol cheap in Sikkim?

Yes, the price of alcohol is relatively low in Sikkim. Moreover, different types of local brands of alcohol are available here, Which are very cheap. But it can be very dangerous you don’t go out after having drink.


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