In this blog we will learn Best Ways to Eat Cheap While Traveling in 2023. Many times our food budget is more than the travel budget. If you are traveling in united ststes and india as well.

Leta know how to eat cheap and healthy while traveling, I think your one day meal budget should be around under 10$ to 20$ per person and more than that you are doing something wrong. When I went on a trip to North India my daily food budget was only 5$ per day. You need to keep in mind that only 30 percent of your travel budget will be your food budget if you are a solo traveler or family travel.

hotel at kashmir
hotel at kashmir

How to eat cheap while traveling :

Keep up something to eat when you go out on a trip is a also a Best Ways to Eat Cheap While Traveling, For at least one or two days so you don’t have to eat anywhere outside. You can take some dry food with you when you are going on a trip. And you should take food that is not spoiled very quickly, Such as fruits and dry foods. It will also save your first day’s food costs and keep you healthy also.

Or wherever you go, if you find anything cheap, you can buy and keep it in your bag, but Don’t buy more stuff because it will increase the weight of your bag and you will have trouble in walking. When I travel, I carry most of the fruits with me.

Eat from local restaurants :

If you go to visit any place, then you will find local restaurants, this is also cheap meals to make while traveling, around there, Where food will be available cheaper than in big restaurants, And you will also get to enjoy the local food If you eat in cheap restaurants, then remember that those should be clean, If we have to eat cheap, then we should be healthy along with it.

And most of us has a habit To eat local food in any new place ,Or eat some place’s famous food But keep in mind that the food should not be too oily and unhealthy, We can get greedy after seeing all this food but control your greed and stay healthy.

How to save money on food while staying at hotels:

hotel with kitchen
hotel with kitchen

Always try to book a hotel/ hostel that has a kitchen and where you can cook this is a Best Ways to Eat Cheap While TravelingBest Ways to Eat Cheap While Traveling, The cost of food can be a big problem if you are traveling alone. You will benefit greatly if you cook your own food And you can buy some ready-to-eat food from a nearby grocery store and make it quickly at your hotel This will save your restaurant costs and time also.

And most of the time we have to stay in hostels when we travel alone, try cooking with a few people at the hostel and sharing the cost equally This will reduce the cost of your food.

You may carry spices with you:

indian spices
indian spices

You can keep some spices with you, like Maggie masala, or garam masala With all these spices you can make any food delicious first time I saw Noman Shubham, a Indian solo traveler he always carry Maggie masala with him, then I also took Maggie masala with me always. There have been times when I have just eaten add some spices with your meal and enjoy.

Don’t drink too much cold drinks or soda:

I know that cold drinks are the favorite drinks of most of us But cold drinks and soda are very bad for our health specially when we travel solo Because at that time there is no one to take care of us, then we have to take care of ourselves And then drinking too much soda can make you go to the bathroom more often even you can’t travel properly so don’t drink too much.

Street foods is a Best Ways to Eat Cheap While Traveling :

If you want to eat cheap food during travel then street food is a very good option Now you will say that eating street food can spoil your health, but believe me I have mostly street food during travel because it is very cheap and I have not had any health problem after eating this But I don’t recomend to eat too much oily food try to eat steamed/ boiled/baked food like momo, soup, hotdogs etc.

Get heavy breakfast and skip lunch :

chowmin with egg omlet
chowmin with egg omlet

Whenever I travel, I try to eat more in the morning and skip the lunch And this gives me two benefits One, my money is saved and secondly there is a lot of energy inside me during travel or if you eat more, you will not be able to explore around properly And follow my suggestion, then book a hotel with included breakfast This will also save your money You can find such a hotel in India between 500 to 800 rupees.

Take Advantage of Happy hours in hotels :

bengali thali
bengali thali

When I went on Kashmir Travel, There was a very big hotel named Vaishnavi Dhaba There Every 24 hours an hour of Happy Hours was made In which there is a 50% discount on every food item So if you are also traveling somewhere, then find out around In which hotel celebrate Happy hours You will find such a facility in most of the sea beach areas.

Always carry a water bottle :

Never forget to carry a water bottle while travelling if you want to travel cheaply, It was about 1 year ago, when I was on my South India tour I forgot to take a reusable water bottle with me I spent 2400 rupees just for drinking water In 30 day trip, So you always have a water bottle with you and Get it refilled from restaurant or hotel And in some railway stations have aquaguard or pure water machine is also installed From there you can fill it.

Didn’t eat much meat while travelling :

Reduce the intake of meat and fish during Travel Because anywhere the price of meat and fish is slightly higher than other foods I do not mean that you have been eating vegetables all time But try to eat at least meat and maximum vegetables, With this your health will also be good and you will enjoy traveling a lot And your expenses will also come down.


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