street foods near esplanade

20 famous street food in kolkata 2021

street food of kolkata

street food of kolkata

  1. When we hear about Kolkata, the first thing that comes to our mind is Eden gardens and famous street food in Kolkata, Bengalis are very food lovers and their food is also very good and mostly Kolkata’s street food is very famous and cheap as well If you ever visit Kolkata then there are some street foods that are very famous which you should definitely try.
  • Kathi rools
  • phuchka
  • kachuri aloo dum
  • chowmein
  • khaja goja jilipi
  • singhra aloo chop beguni
  • Kolkata’s famous rosogolla
  • momos
  • jhal muri
  •  papri chat
  • moghali porotha
  •  street soda
  • chicken kobiraji
  • ghuti Gorom
  • alu kata
  • khasta kochuri
  • chanar payes, rosmalai
  • chanar jilapi
  • Lord chamcham

Frequently asked questions.

1) what is the famous street food of Kolkata?

ans: There are many types of street food available in Kolkata Here are some of the most famous street foods is chowmein, mughlai paratha, Kathi rolls, etc.

2) what is the famous sweet in Kolkata?

Kolkata’s most famous sweet is Rasgolla,But moreover there are more different types of sweets available here Such as chana jilapi, Lord chamcham, Rasmalai etc.

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Cheap food like Kolkata is not available in any state in India, even It is also very tasty this is my bet with you, Here you can eat comfortably for 20 INR,

Here are some famous street food in Kolkata.

1) Kolkata’s famous Egg rolls (kathi roll) :

Kathi rolls are very famous among our street food in Kolkata, When you can enjoy the street food of Kolkata, you will see the Egg rolls in almost every shops in street, You will see meny variety of options in the kathi rolls here

 like Egg rolls (most famous and must try) chicken rolls, Egg chicken rolls, paneer roll, Egg paneer roll, and meny more You go and tell the shopkeeper that you want to roll in laccha paratha,This will make your rolls more  tastier, street food in park Street Kolkata Most of rolls are made in lachcha paratha it is best food area in Kolkata.

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2) Phuchka :

Kolkata famous fuchka

Kolkata famous fuchka

In Calcutta, panipuri is called Fuchka Panipuri is something that is easily available in almost every part of India in Kolkata And we all know how delicious it is to eat Girls especially like it.

 On the streets of Kolkata, you can see many Fuchka vendors And here they are available very cheaply Like you get five phuchkas for only 10 rupees in fuchka Vendors sell another Things to eat called churmur Kolkata’s people love to eat it, If you come here you will definitely have, and it is best street food in Esplanade Kolkata.

3) Kachuri aloo dum :

People from every city in India Likes to eat different foods for breakfast like Delhi’s people like to have chole kulche in their breakfast and Chennai people like to have idli dosa in their breakfast Just like that Kolkata’s people like to have kachuri aloo dam in their breakfast 

These are very tasty to eat, Kachuri aloo dum you will find in most of sweet shops and vendors, Kachuri is available here for only 5 rupees every piece, and aloo dum is free and it is also the best street food in Kolkata location.

4) Chowmein :

kolkatas chowmein

kolkatas chowmein

Chawmin is found all over India and even all over the world, Chowmein is a very famous street food here, Chaomin is usually sold in restaurants somewhere but it is also sold in some street shops in Kolkata.

There are generally three types of Chowmein available in Kolkata 1.veg  2.Egg and 3.Chicken you can get a plate of chaomin here for 50 to 100 rupees it is the best street food in park Street Kolkata and it is best street food places in Kolkata.

5) Khaja Goja and Jilapi :

kolkata's jilipi

kolkata’s jilipi

You all know about Jalebi in West Bengal Jalebi is called jilapi Khaja and Goja is also very popular

jalebi shop on street

jalebi shop on street

sweets in West Bengal, These are made with flour and dip into the chasni(sugar syrup) Kolkata street’s These are sold for only Rs.5/7 per piece.

6) Singhra, Alurchop and Beguli :

kolkata's famous singhra

kolkata’s famous singhra

fried street food kolkata

fried street food kolkata

You must have heard the famous televaja in Kolkata Singara and alurchops are eaten here as a evening snacks,On the streets of Kolkata you will see many televaja shops.

 There are many more available in vendors/shops such as nimki, sandwich, khasta kochuri , egg devil, Different types of fish chops don’t forget to eat these.

7) Momo :

chicken momos

chicken momos

Momo is actually a Chinese food that has gained a lot of fame in India now momo is available in different parts of almost all over India Different variety of mumos are sold on the Kolkata’s street like chicken momo,  vegetable momos, grilled momos, chilli momos, gravy momo.

8) Kolkata’s famous Rosogolla :

kolkata's famous rosogolla

kolkata’s famous rosogolla

You must have heard about Rasgolla.It is a very beautiful and delicious sweet and West Bengal is famous all over the world for Rasgolla This is where the first rasgolla was made People from far and wide are in Kolkata only to eat rasgolla, You will definitely try it in Kolkata. It is very cheap to get a rasgolla for only 10/5 rupees.

9) Mutton kosha:

We all eat mutton but Kolkata’s mutton kosha is very famous, There is a restaurant in Shyambazar, Kolkata called Golbari Restaurant It is about 200 years old, The mutton kosha here is famous all over Kolkata If you come to Kolkata, you must come here and try mutton kosha.

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10) Jhal muri:

street food fo kolkata

street food fo kolkata

Bengalis love to eat jhal muri And this is something that you will find on every street starting from Kolkata local train also It is made by mixing some dried chilli nuts and some spices with murdi(rice puff) in Kolkata It is available for only 10 rupees and you will definitely try it.

11) Papri chat:

papri chat stall in kolkata

papri chat stall in kolkata

Papri chat are sold on the streets of Kolkata and most of the time near any park. It is one of the most famous street food in Kolkata It is usually made with flour And selling it with some spices On the streets of Kolkata it sells for just Rs 30 a plate.

12) Moghali porotha:

Moghlai Parota is a very famous street food in Kolkata It is sold in almost all restaurants in Kolkata and West Bengal as well, This partha is made by mixing some spices with an egg in a big pot It is very delicious to eat.

If you are in Kolkata, you must try this paratha Here it is sold for only 70 to 80 rupees per piece.

13) Flavour soda:

You must have seen lassi sales on the street. In Kolkata along with Lassi, another soft drink is sold which is soda People here love to drink soda so you must see many soda Stalls everywhere in Kolkata.

It is a variety of flavors like mango, orange, fruit beer, lemon and meny more. In the heat of Kolkata, it will bring an energy to your body It costs only Rs 10 to Rs 20 each.

14) Chicken kobiraji:

Chicken Kabiraji is one of the famous dishes of Kolkata It looks a lot like a chicken cutlet But it is a different, It is very tasty to eat and it is only available in Kolkata And chicken kabiraji is the favorite food of every Bengali, It is made with chicken and eggs at a price of only Rs 100 per piece, you should definitely try it once.

15) Alu kata:

aalu kata is like alu-kachalu which is most famous in India’s another state, It is a little sour to eat and people like to eat it as a evening snacks, It is made by mixing different types of spices with boiled potatoes.

16) Ghuti Gorom:

ghuti gorom

ghuti gorom

It is a kind of hot chanachur with different types of spices are made by mixing onion with tomato and coriander leaves, which is most famous in Kolkata It is sold in various parks and streets of Kolkata.

17) Khasta kachuri:

khasta kochuri in kolkata

khasta kochuri in kolkata

If we talk about kachuri,then khasta kachuri is found almost everywhere in India, And in different places it is made of different types For example,

in Kolkata, it is made by stuffing pulses in kachuri And it is served with chutney, You can get it at all the sweet shops in Kolkata. It costs only five rupees

Famous sweets of Kolkata:



18) Chanar payes, rosmalai:

Kolkata is famous for rasgolla but there are available many different types of sweets except rasgolla like chanar payes and rosmalai These sweets are usually made in milk And served with dry foods, this is the best street food in Esplanade Kolkata.

19) Chanar Jilapi:

chanar jilipi kolkata

chanar jilipi kolkata

It is only found in West Bengal, it is a very famous dessert here. it is not jalebi it is jilipi, It is made with chena, khowa and sugar syrup it’s very delicious,It is easily available in every sweet shop in Kolkata and all over West Bengal,

20) Lord chamcham:

lord chamcham kolkata

lord chamcham kolkata

Lord chamcham, you must have eaten first It is found in different states of India,But the taste of Lord in West Bengal you will not find anywhere else, I would suggest you to eat it here at least once, you will be fascinated. And it is very cheap only 10 rupees per piece

some best street food places in Kolkata

street food in park Street Kolkata:

street food shops near park street

street food shops near park street

1. park Street it is is one of the most famous street food attraction in Kolkata most of the tourist come have to eat local cuisine.street food of kolkata

you can easily find your variety type of restaurant like Chinese Gujarati Punjabi Bengali and many more here you can see some best Chinese street food in Kolkata.
if you are in Kolkata please come and see street food in park Street Kolkata.

how to reach: you can easily get bus from Sealdah and Howrah railway stations and if you want to come by metro its take only e 30 minutes from dumdum metro station.

2. best street food in Esplanade Kolkata:

street foods near esplanade

street foods near esplanade

Esplanade is another most famous street food area in Kolkata most of the visitor’s come here to have some local street food.street food kolkata

From here, the sights of Kolkata are very close like Eden gardens Victoria memorial hall Indian museum That is why a market for street food has developed here,If you are coming to Kolkata then you must try the street food in Esplanade.


alipore zoo kolkata

Alipore Zoo in Kolkata-The biggest zoological garden in India 2021


Every year many people come to visit Kolkata, There are many places to visit in Kolkata and one of them is the Alipore Zoological Garden in Kolkata It is one of the oldest and largest zoo in India It was opened in 1875 and covers an area of ​​46.48 acres There are about 1267 wildlife animals of about 109 species, About 30 million people come to visit this zoo every year.alipore zoo kolkata

Way to alipore zoo :

Then at six o’clock in the I got up early in the morning and get ready to go to the zoo I usually prefer to visit alone when I go somewhere far away, but Alipore Zoo is very close to my house so I was going there with some friends I have been to this zoo many times before Mostly with family and

went when I was so younger,alipore zoo kolkata

At first we planned to go to Aquatica but for some reason Aquatica was closed that day and we went to Alipore Zoo, it is one of the famous tourist destinations in Kolkata And since I was a child, I have a special touch with wildlife animals, so I went out without delay.

If you are coming to Kolkata from any other state or country then first you have to come to Sealdah station, Howrah station or Kolkata airport.

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How to reach Alipore Zoo from Howrah station:

If you want to go to the Zoo from Howrah station You can book a cap or taxi from here and go directly to Zoo or you can take a bus to Alipore from here. The cheapest and easiest way to reach the Alipore zoo is Take a bus from Howrah to Khidirpur and take an auto or Toto from there to the zoo.

How to reach Alipore Zoo from sealdah station:

alipore zoo kolkata
It is located just seven and a half kilometers from Sealdah if you want to go to the Zoo from Sealdah station You can go there directly by booking a cap or texi The rent will be around 150 to 200 rupees,

Or you can take a bus directly from Sealdah to the zoo for only 10 rupees, The cheapest way to reach Alipore Zoo from Sealdah is to take a bus or train to Alipore station and walk from there. (more…)