places to visit in sikkim
places to visit in sikkim

Friends, if you want to come to Sikkim, then first you have to come to Siliguri. But if you want to come by train then you have to come to NJP railway station first.and if you want to come by flight then you have to come to Bagdogra airport first. After coming to Siliguri or Jalpaiguri, you will get a sharing car from there or you can also book a cab. now talk about best PLACES TO VISIT IN SIKKIM GANGTOK

Sharing taxi will cost around 250/300 rupees per person, If you book a cab then it may cost 2000 to ₹ 3000 To reach is a very lovely place to visit in India, so let’s know Sikkim first.It is divided into four districts, East Sikkim west Sikkim North and South, the tourists head quarter of Sikkim is Gangtok and it is also capital of the state.

And if you guys go to Sikkim, then first of all you have to come to Gangtok,North Sikkim is the largest of these four districts, very nice places in those four districts where you can visit.


Best time to visit Sikkim:

beautiful view sikkim
beautiful view sikkim

So if you go to visit in April to June, is in the summer season there. If you want to visit sikkim in July to September then you will get monsoon there, It is not right for us to visit Sikkim in monsoon,Because there are a lot of landslides in this time.If you want to visit sikkim in October to March, It is winter season here,In winter you will see a lot of snow here.If you love snow then this is the right time for you.


Places to visit in Sikkim in may:

sikkim tourist places
sikkim tourist places

If you want to visit Sikkim in summer, then this is the best time for you,Because there is no rain at this time and there is no fear of land slide here.And at this time you will be able to roam around sikkim’s beautiful places like Zero Point, Nathang valley, Rohtang pass, nathula pass,and lachen You can visit all these places very comfortably at this time.because due to the summer, there will be no road block scene here at this time!


Places to visit in Sikkim in November:

sikkim tourist places
sikkim tourist places

At this time monsoon is going and winter is coming,If you like winter, then you can come for a tour during this time.By the way we all know Sikkim is a cold state, So many roads here are closed when it gets very cold but at this time you will find almost all the roads here open because there is not much snow at this time so you can enjoy both the snow and the view at this time. you can visit almost all places at this time.


Places to visit in East Sikkim:

places to visit in sikkim
places to visit in sikkim

Let’s talk about East Sikkim, many places to visit in East is also called Silk Route.East Sikkim Road is not always open. Road conditions are different in winter and different in summer, This will let you know in advance what time the road is open.


1) Gangtok:

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and it is the main attraction in Sikkim.There are many beautiful places for tourists to visit in Gangtok. Let’s take a look at the places.

1) MG Marg:

1024px M.G. Marg%2C Gangtok 01
M.G. Marg, Gangtok 01 by Bernard Gagnon,image source,under license CC-BY-SA 40

MG Marg is Gangtok’s most famous road as well as it is the one of the cleanest and pollution free road in India, It is very famous for shopping in Gangtok, where a lot of tourists can be seen in the evening.There is also a park called Titanic which has been built for the comfort of the tourists.

2) Himalayan Zoological park:

1024px Gangtok Bulbuley Himalayan Zoological Park Captive Snow Leopard Walk and Stare
Gangtok Bulbuley Himalayan Zoological Park Captive Snow Leopard Walk and Stare,BY Nanda ramesh,image source,under license CC-BY-SA 40

Situated at a distance of 3 km from Gangtok, this park is very special for tourists who love nature.This park has been built for the purpose of preserving the animals here in the natural environment.The park is home to the musk deer, the great panda, the black bear.

3) Seven Sister Waterfalls:

1024px Seven Sister%27s Fall%2C Sikkim
Seven Sister’s Fall, Sikkim by Vkvivek94,image source,under license CC-BY-SA 40

32 km away from Gangtok, this waterfall is located on the Gangtok Lachung Highway.It is a combination of 7 different waterfalls which look the same,But when viewed from a distance, they look different.During the rainy season, this waterfall flows at its full speed, then its beauty is made to be seen.

4) Gangtok ropeway:

1024px Gangtok ropeway
Gangtok ropeway,by kalyan3,image source,under license CC-BY-SA 20

This ropeway of Gangtok remains the first choice of tourists visiting here.A different view of Gangtok city can be seen from here.Sitting in this ropeway, the view of the beautiful city and the surrounding beautiful plains can be seen.This ropeway of Gangtok goes to three different heights which gives an awe-inspiring experience to the tourists.

5) Rumtek monastery:

Vikramjit Kakati Rumtek
Vikramjit-Kakati-Rumtek,by Vikramjit Kakati,image source,under license CC-BY-SA 30

This Buddhist monastery located in Rumtek is 24 kms from away Gangtok.Situated at an altitude of about 6000 meters above sea level, this Buddhist monastery is a popular religious site of Tibetan Buddhism.This four-storeyed monastery is the largest monastery located in Sikkim,Where tourists can see religious texts and artifacts.

6)Tsomgo Lake:

tsomgo lake sikkim
tsomgo lake sikkim

Located in East Sikkim, the lake is 40 km away from Gangtok, it is also called chango Lake.Located at an altitude of about 3000 m above sea level, the lake saturated on the road to Nathula Pass.The China Border Crossing is only five kilometers away from here.In winter Lake goes on a blanket of snow and it looks very nice,It is considered one of the holy Lake of Sikkim.


The view from here is very beautiful during the winter season. Here the winter season from November to February and at this time an ice sheet is spread over this entire Lake. in winter the highest snow is found in the Tsomgo Lake and the surrounding mountains.During winter, the maximum temperature of the day is around 7 degrees and the temperature of the night remains around -6 degrees.This is also called frozen lake.

7)Tashi view point:


It is a very beautiful place located just 8 kilometers away from Gangtok,From here the surrounding hills and valleys can be seen very beautifully,To make the tourists more attractive, an observation tower has also been built here, Morning time is the best time to visit this place.

8) Hanuman tok:

nathula sikkim

Situated at a distance of 9 km from Gangtok, this is a very magnificent and holy temple of Lord Hanuman.The maintenance and arrangement of this temple is done by the Indian Army.It is completely pollution free place.A very beautiful view of Gangtok city and magnificent Kanchenjunga hills can be seen from this temple.

9)Nathula pass:


About 14000 meters above sea level, this is the most beautiful and popular spot in Gangtok,This place is located at a distance of 55 kms from Gangtok Central.The India-China International Border is also located a few meters away from here. it’s also one of the three routes of India-China land trade.

Only Indian citizens can go here and they also have to take permission in advance.You will see snow here for almost 12 months of the year.If you come to visit Sikkim, then must visit here…Here are some beautiful and tourist places in Gangtok.This is best places to visit sikkim in march.

10)Thakur Bari Temple:

thakurbari temple gangtok
thakurbari temple gangtok

it is one of the newest tourist attraction in Gangtok,It is located close to the MG road of Gangtok. You can reach this temple on little work from there. it is a Hindu temple in Tibetan architecture,It is a very sacred place for Hindus. This temple was established in 1935.There are many types of idols carved on the walls of this temple.

2) Sillery gaon:

homestays in sikkim
sillery gaon in sikkim

Sillery gaon is also your fast destination,If you go over Kalimpong the distance will be 91 kilometers and it will take four and a half hours.It is a very beautiful village in the surrounding mountains.You can stay here for one day and the cost of staying is around Rs. 800 per person You can see the view of Kanchenjunga hills from here.This is best places to visit sikkim in december.

3) Zuluk:

The Old Silk Route East Sikkim 48334 pixahive 1024x681 1
The Old Silk Route East Sikkim zuluk, under license CC0

You will go out in the morning to go to Zuluk because you have to take permission from Rongli.And for this permission, voter card and Aadhaar card are required,It takes 500 rupees to get a permit.When you reach Zuluk, you will rent a homestay there. The rent will be around 800 rupees per person, including three time meal.

Here you can see so much fog or clouds that your mind will be happy,You can’t even see the person standing in front of you for the fog.You can definitely see the snow here. Most of the snow falls here at night, this is the best places to visit in Sikkim in March.On the way between silarigaon to zuluk you can see many site scenes like Arital lake Rishi Khola and Siddhivinayak temple,This is best places to visit sikkim in march.

4) Aritar Lake:

1024px Aritar%2C Sikkim%2C India panoramio
Aritar, Sikkim, India,by Biswajit Majumdar,IMAGE SOURCE,under licenses CC-BY-SA30

Is very beautiful, surrounded by greenery and the water is also green,If you have one day, you must stay here,There is a temple next to this lake.To reach that temple, you have to trek five kilometers to get a beautiful view from there. You can do boating here and it costs 170 rupees per person.

5)Rishi khola:

The place is called Rishi Khola because it is located on the banks of the river Rishi,There is a very beautiful river And a fountain here It looks like Gangotri.There is also a small wooden bridge over the river which looks very beautiful.

6)Siddhivinayak Temple:

the temple is a huge statue of Lord Ganesha and it is forbidden to take pictures here.You can see far from this temple located on the top of the hills.

7)Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir:

1024px Baba Mandir View Outside
Baba Mandir – View Outside,by Indrajit Das,image source,under licenses CC-BY-SA 30

There are two Baba harbhajan temples here, one New Baba Temple and another Old Baba Temple.The temple is named after Harbhajan Singh, a martyr of the Indian Army.The Indian Army is in charge of maintaining the temple,During covid-19’s time, army personnel constantly sanitize the temple.From here the view of the memencho lake looks very beautiful,You must come here to visit East Sikkim.

8)Kupup Village:

Kupup is a small village that has developed into some homestays lately,Almost all the homestays here were closed when I went during covid 19.Here you have to enter the check post by showing the restricted area permit,The whole area is under the control of the Indian Army, There are very beautiful wooden house around the village you must come here.This is best places to visit sikkim in november.

9)Elephant Lake:

The Elephant Lake East Sikkim 83375 pixahive 1024x768 1 1
The Elephant Lake, East Sikkim, This photo under license CC0

This Lake is called Elephant Lake because it looks like an elephant from above,Tourists visiting Sikkim must be here,Sitting on the shores of this lake you can feel the beauty here.

10)Nathang valley:

homestays in sikkim
homestays in sikkim

On the way across Elephant Lake, a little further on, I can see a valley on the hillside. This is the nathang valley.The small town is about 14,000 feet high, There are also several homestays here,It is a beautiful place on the top of a hill,You will love to come here and talk to the local people here.


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