In Denali, we are privileged to share the stories of the human connection to a vast and wild landscape

Subsistence hunting, trapping and gathering occur today just as they did hundreds of years ago

Denali also serves as a barometer for change.

Denali has only one road, and only one road entrance.

Called the Denali Park Road (or simply "the park road"), it is 92 miles long and runs from east to west

 It is a scenic road made mostly of dirt and gravel. It starts in a low, forested area

The park entrance, where the Denali Park Road meets Alaska Highway 3

 is at the eastern end of the park. Like many rural roads and landmarks in Alaska,

Travel beyond Savage River is mainly limited to a variety of narrated and non-narrated buses

 and passengers must board their bus near the park entrance 

Bus trips are a great way to see the landscape and wildlife of the park.

Denali is home to wild lands and many wild animals

The park is now around 6 million acres