Beartooth Highway, located in southwest Montana, is a stunning scenic drive.

Scenic Drive: Enjoy the drive itself! Beartooth Highway is renowned for its scenic beauty.

Beartooth Pass: Reach the summit of Beartooth Pass, which sits at an elevation of over 10,000 feet

Hiking and Backpacking: Lace up your hiking boots and explore the numerous trails in the area.

Wildlife Viewing: Keep an eye out for the abundant wildlife in the area. You may spot elk, deer, moose and more

Camping: Set up camp in one of the designated campgrounds along Beartooth Highway. Wake up to the fresh mountain air

Photography: The Beartooth Mountains provide countless opportunities for stunning landscape photography

Red Lodge: Visit the charming town of Red Lodge, located at the northern end of the Beartooth Highway.

Rock Climbing: If you're an experienced rock climber, consider tackling some of the challenging rock formation

Remember to check weather conditions and road closures before embarking on your journey, as the highway is usually open