Your first view of the park is a dramatic unveiling

Wind through a stand of pine trees until you reach the edge of Bryce Canyon National Park

revealing a panorama of goblins, towers, and fins of colors you can't quite name. 

It's easy to see why this trail is one of the park's most popular.  

It starts with a skyline-super view at Sunset Point, then moves past the Silent City 

 Wall Street, where the trail leads into a narrow slot canyon surrounded by sweeping sandstone walls.

a majestic and isolated hoodoo - and hours of bird watching fun. 

 Fairyland Loop: Nine out of 10 fairies agree: This windswept, mind-blowing place is the place to be.

 Head to Sunset Point, where you can visit the most amazing part of the park without moving a muscle

The vista overlooks the Silent City and gives you a 20/20 view of Thor's Hammer

If you want to stretch your legs, take the Navajo Loop Trail from the parking lot

 Bristlecone Loop Moss Cave View all hikes in Bryce Canyon.