California State Route 120, also known as Tioga Road, is a scenic highway that passes through Tioga Pass

Begin your adventure by visiting Yosemite National Park. Explore iconic landmarks like tioga pass.

Drive along Tioga Pass, which is part of State Route 120, and experience the snowing mountain.

Visit Mono Lake, a unique and otherworldly natural wonder. Explore the tufa formation

 Take a detour to Bodie State Historic Park, an authentic ghost town preserved in a state of arrested decay

Embark on a hiking trils or backpacking adventure in the surrounding wilderness areas.

With its scenic landscapes, Tioga Pass provides ample opportunities for photography.

Try your luck in the nearby lakes and streams. Convict Lake and June Lake are popular fishing destination

The granite cliffs in the area attract rock climbers from around the world, for climbing.

Remember to check for any road closures or restrictions before traveling