Dwarka is considered a holy place in Hinduism and is one of the famous dhams among the chardhams

dwarkadhish Temple is most heritage and One of the best places to visit in dwarka

it is also called Jagat mandir and trilok Sundar, dwarkadhish temple is higher than all the buildings here

There is a pond near here which is called Gopi Pond, It is said that Lord Krishna performed rasalila with the gopis here

Nageshwar mahadev located is about 25 km away from Dwarka It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva

Before visiting the temple there is Gomti Ghat next to it, where the river Gomti meets the sea, you should bathing there,

the temple has undergone many external attacks and reconstructions over the millennia.

beyt dwarka is where Lord Krishna resided with his queen, So this place is inevitable to be on your bucket list.

Direct trains are available to reach Dwarka from various major cities of India,

How to reach dwarka

Beyt Dwarka which is also called as Golden Dwarka, it is surrounded by the sea and looks very mesmerizing.

Video and photography are not allowed inside the nageshwar temple i take this this picture from outside