9 Untold Facts about Golden Gate Bridge, CA

The Golden Gate Bridge, an iconic representation of human progre

Iconic Color Choice: The bridge's distinctive orange color, called "International Orange," was initially meant to be a sealant.

Record-Breaking Span: When completed in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge's main span of 4,200 feet.

Surviving Challenges: Despite its majestic appearance, constructing the bridge was no easy feat.

Maintenance Never Ends: A team of painters continuously repaints the bridge year-round to prevent corrosion caused by the salty air.

The Bridge's Famous Sway: The Golden Gate Bridge can sway approximately 27 feet laterally.

Suicide Prevention Efforts: Unfortunately, the bridge has been a site for many suicides.

Frequent Repainting: It requires continuous repainting due to the salt air that causes the paint to deteriorate faster.

World’s Most Photographed Bridge: The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges globally.

Symbol of Engineering and Beauty: The Golden Gate Bridge symbolizes the ingenuity of engineering.