Hike to Hanging Lake: Embark on the scenic hike to Hanging Lake, a stunning turquoise gem nestled in Glenwood Canyon 

Photograph Spouting Rock: Capture the beauty of Spouting Rock, a natural rock formation at Hanging Lake 

Explore Glenwood Canyon: Take the time to explore the natural wonders of Glenwood Canyon, 

Enjoy a Picnic: Bring along a picnic and savor a meal in the peaceful surroundings of Hanging Lake.  

Discover the Flora and Fauna: Observe the unique plant life and wildlife that thrive in the Hanging Lake area 

Visit Spouting Rock Falls: Venture beyond Hanging Lake to visit nearby Spouting Rock Falls. 

Ride the Glenwood Canyon Bike Path: If you enjoy cycling, take a ride on the Glenwood Canyon Bike Path 

Learn about the Ecosystem: Take part in ranger-led programs or educational materials to learn about the delicate ecosystem 

Relax at Hanging Lake Rest Area: After your hike, relax at the Hanging Lake Rest Area, where you can enjoy the scenery