The Kennedy Space Center offers several guided tours that take you behind the scenes of NASA's space program

Check the schedule and try to plan your visit around a rocket launch. Seeing a launch in person is an unforgettable experience

Visit the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit - This exhibit features the actual Atlantis Space Shuttle and offers a hands-on, interactive experience

Explore the Apollo/Saturn V Center - This exhibit features the Saturn V rocket, the largest rocket ever built, and offers a detailed look at the Apollo missions

Experience what it's like to train for a space mission with the Space Shuttle Launch Experience and the Shuttle Training Experience

Visit the Mars Base 1 - This exhibit offers a simulated experience of life on Mars and is a must-see for space enthusiasts

Watch an IMAX movie - The IMAX theater at Kennedy Space Center offers a variety of space-themed movies on a massive screen

Take a bus tour to see launch pads and other historic sites - The bus tour takes you to see the launch pads, the Vehicle Assembly Building, and other historic sites

The Kennedy Space Center offers astronaut meet-and-greet opportunities where you can ask questions and take photos

Visit the gift shop - The gift shop offers a wide variety of space-themed souvenirs, including astronaut ice cream and space-themed clothing