Kings Canyon Scenic Byway: Drive along the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway, also known as Highway 180, for breathtaking views of the canyon and surrounding landscapes

General Grant Tree: Visit the General Grant Tree, one of the largest and oldest sequoias in the world. This iconic tree is located in Grant Grove

Backpacking and Camping: Kings Canyon National Park offers a variety of backcountry camping and backpacking opportunities

Zumwalt Meadow: Take a leisurely stroll through Zumwalt Meadow, a picturesque meadow surrounded by granite cliffs and the Kings River

Rae Lakes Loop: For experienced backpackers, embark on the Rae Lakes Loop, a multi-day hike that takes you through some of the most scenic areas

Mist Falls Trail: Hike the Mist Falls Trail, a stunning trail that follows the South Fork of the Kings River. The trail leads to Mist Falls, a beautiful waterfall

Cedar Grove: Explore Cedar Grove, a secluded area within the park known for its giant sequoias and peaceful atmosphere

Roaring River Falls: Visit Roaring River Falls, a picturesque waterfall located near Cedar Grove. It's a short hike from the parking area

Remember to check trail conditions and obtain any necessary permits before embarking on hikes or backpacking trips in Kings Canyon National Park