Konark Sun Temple is most heritage and One of the oldest temples in India,

Millions of visitors who visit Puri and Bhubaneswar every year must visit here.

Another surprising thing is that there is no puja in this temple. You can enter here with shoes on.

About 800 years ago this Konark Sun Temple was built by King Sri Narasimhadeva 1

This temple is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a pride of India. Dedicated to the Hindu sun god Surya,

the remains of the temple complex feature a 100-foot (30 m) high chariot with giant wheels and horses, all carved into the rock

The structure of the grand temple is like that of a chariot

you will be mesmerized by the ancient historical craftsmanship carved on the walls of the temple.

Konark is formed from the combination of 2 words kon and ark

ark means sun This temple is dedicated to the Sun, In this temple the sun is riding on a huge chariot.