There is no wrong way to visit Lake Powell until you go at least once!

It really has a lot to offer so it's the perfect destination for an adventure with the family.

Lake Powell was named in honor of Civil War veteran John Wesley Powell

who led an expedition in 1869 in wooden boats down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon

Rainbow Bridge National Monument, the largest natural bridge in the world

is the most famous landmark on the lake. Powell

Holiday weekends, spring break and summer are the busiest times to visit Lake Powell.

Swimming is a popular activity in Lake Powell, especially in the summer

there are no life guards or designated swimming beaches at Lake Powell or the Colorado River.

The past 20 years suggest that Lake Mead and Lake Powell are unlikely to refill once drained.

the Colorado River has shed less than 10 million acre-feet since 2000, more than twice as much as last century.