Daniel Chester French was selected by the Lincoln Memorial Committee in 1914 

tcreate the Lincoln statue as part of the memorial designed by architect Henry Bacon (1866–1924)

 French was already famous for other works such as his 1874 statue of The Minute Man in Concord, Massachusetts

design and construction of the memorial—and began work in December.

The French had already (1909-1912) created a major memorial statue of Lincoln

Three plaster models of the Lincoln statue are in the French Chesterwood Studio, a National Trust Historic Site in Stockbridge, Massachusetts

 For the National Monument, he and Bacon decided that a large seated figure would be most appropriate

 a Roman symbol of authority, to convey that the subject was one for all ages.

It took a full year for the French design to be transferred to the huge marble blocks. After the statue was assembled on the National Mall memorial

The work was unveiled at the official dedication of the memorial on May 30, 1922