Mount Rainier National Park, located in Washington state, is renowned for its iconic volcano, glaciers, and diverse ecosystem

Hiking: Explore the park's extensive trail system. Some popular hikes include the Skyline Trail, Wonderland Trail

Wildflower Viewing: Visit during late summer to witness the park's vibrant wildflower displays.

Mount Rainier Summit: For experienced climbers, consider attempting to reach the summit of Mount Rainier.

Snowshoeing and Winter Sports: During the winter, engage in snowshoeing and cross-country skiing on designated trails.

Visiting Waterfalls: Enjoy the park's stunning waterfalls, including Comet Falls, Christine Falls, and Narada Falls.

Scenic Drives: Drive along the park's scenic roads, including the Paradise Valley Road and Sunrise Road

Camping: Stay overnight in one of the park's campgrounds. Plan ahead, as campgrounds can fill up quickly, especially during the summer months.

Ranger Programs: Join ranger-led programs and guided walks to learn about the park's geology, flora, fauna, and cultural history

Star Gazing: Due to its remote location, Mount Rainier National Park is an excellent place for stargazing.