Navy Pier Park has many outdoor attractions, such as the Pepsi Wave Swinger, Light Tower Ride, Remote Control Boat

Teacups, and the Carousel.  New for 2021 is Drop Tower, an S&S double shot relocated from Pleasure Island.

navy pier tourist attractions

 The amazing Chicago Funhouse Maze is on the pier.  It is a self-paced, fully sensory maze experience 

 where a person navigates their way through 4,000 square feet (370 m2) of tunnels and mazes.

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The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, a theater that produces Shakespeare, is located there.

The Chicago Children's Museum is part of the Pier, with a variety of exhibits and activities for both children and adults to enjoy

The pier also has an IMAX theater that opened in 1995, with a 60 by 80 foot screen in an auditorium with 395 seats

 although operator AMC Theaters announced in March 2021 that the theater was permanently closed