The Will Rogers Highway, also known as Route 66, is an iconic road that stretches from Chicago, Illinois.

Start your Amezing journey from  the Route 66 Museum, located in Clinton, Oklahoma

Drive the Route 66 Scenic Byway: Experience the nostalgia of driving on Route 66, it is really great experence for you.

Stand on the Midpoint of Route 66: Make a stop in Adrian, Texas, which marks the midpoint of Route 66 Scenic Byway.

 Visit the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, which Route 66 passes through the petrified forest.

Cadillac Ranch: Make a detour to Amarillo, Texas, to see the famous Cadillac Ranch.

Neon Signs: Keep an eye out for the vintage neon signs that line Route 66.

 Indulge in classic American diner cuisine at various eateries along the way.

Grand Canyon: Take a side trip to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

These are just a few highlights along the Will Rogers Highway. As you travel the route