Skyline Drive: Drive or bike along the scenic Skyline Drive, a 105-mile road that offers breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Hiking: Explore the park's extensive network of hiking trails, ranging from easy strolls to challenging hikes

Waterfalls: Discover the park's picturesque waterfalls, including Dark Hollow Falls, Overall Run Falls, and Whiteoak Canyon Falls

Wildlife Viewing: Keep an eye out for the diverse wildlife in the park, such as white-tailed deer, black bears, wild turkeys

Stargazing: Shenandoah's clear skies make it a great spot for stargazing. Attend ranger-led night sky programs

Scenic Overlooks: Take advantage of numerous scenic overlooks along Skyline Drive to capture stunning vistas 

Picnicking: Enjoy a leisurely picnic amidst nature's beauty at one of the many designated picnic areas in the park.

Camping: Spend a night under the stars by camping at one of Shenandoah's well-maintained campgrounds

Ranger Programs: Participate in ranger-led programs, which include guided hikes, talks, and interactive experiences

Photography: Shenandoah is a photographer's paradise, with stunning views and abundant wildlife.