The bridge was opened in 1937 and has a main span of approximately 4,200ft and total length of 8,980ft 

It has a 1,280m long bridge span and connects San Francisco and Marin County.

The bridge was painted with an orange vermilion colour chosen based on its suitability to the nature

The final permit for bridge construction was given by the War Department in 1930.

A suicide deterrent system is due to be built on the bridge with an estimated investment of $50m

The final design of the system is targeted for completion by end of 2013.

The 776ft suspension towers of the Golden Gate Bridge were the tallest towers in the world until 1998.

Constructing America’s second longest suspension bridge

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The Golden Gate bridge construction began on 5 January 1933

The bridge construction was completed in April 1937 at a cost of approximately $35m. 

It was opened for vehicular traffic on 28 May 1937.