Yellowstone Lake is the largest body of water in Yellowstone National Park.

To the south, these promontories project a great deal into the lake, dividing it into bays and channels.

A low bluff wooded hill to the west, a sandy beach in front along the water's edge.

The maximum width of open water in any direction is about eighteen miles.

Several islands are seen, one of which is opposite the channel of the river and five miles from the eastern shore

the other ten miles to the south, and two miles from the shore a rocky island surrounded by bold bluffs at the water's edge.

Undoubtedly these islands have never been trodden by the footsteps of man and still belong to the unexplored regions.

We built a raft for the purpose of trying to visit them, but the strong waves of the lake .

Numerous steam jets pour from the bluffs on the shore at various points.

The lake water reflects a deep blue color, crystal clear and undeniably deep near the center

Place Mount Washington, the pride of New England, with its base at sea level, lies at the bottom of the lake,

and the clear waters of the latter rise 2,214 feet above its summit.

With the single exception of Lake Titicaca in Peru, it is the highest body of water on Earth.