US Route 163, located in Monument Valley, Utah, is a stunning scenic highway that offers incredible views of mountains and rivers

Scenic Drive: Highway offers a beautiful scenic Drive along Route 163 through Monument Valley.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park: Enter the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park and explore the beautiful landscape

Consider taking a guided tour with a Navajo guide to gain deeper insights into the history, culture

Stay at The View Hotel, the only hotel located within Monument Valley Tribal Park.

Although hiking is limited within the Tribal Park itself, there are nearby trails to explore, such as the Wildcat Trail

Monument Valley is a photographer's dream. Capture the mesmerizing landscapes, dramatic lighting

The dark skies of Monument Valley offer exceptional stargazing opportunities.

Don't miss the stunning sunrises and sunsets over Monument Valley.

Treat yourself to a Navajo taco, a delicious dish made with frybread topped with beans, ground beef, lettuce, cheese