The dam's electricity generation capacity has almost halved – about 1,076 megawatts – as of June due to reduced water flow.

At 950 feet, Hoover Dam would be at its lowest point to be able to generate power, according to the US Bureau of Reclamation.

Lake Mead's water elevation is about 1,040 feet above sea level.

It was considered a great achievement at the time. But, as of nov 31, 2022, Lake Mead's water level had dropped to 1,040.92 feet

The retreating lake is revealing things that have been hidden underwater for decades.

If Lake Mead runs out of water, Hoover Dam will no longer be able to generate electricity or supply water to nearby towns and farms.

The Colorado River will essentially stop flowing and the Southwest will face a major water crisis.

If the Hoover Dam breaks, it will cause serious problems and damage.

The lake side of the Hoover Dam holds more than 10 trillion gallons of water.

If the dam breaks, the water will rush into the Colorado River at high speeds,

possibly destroying buildings and other objects in its path.