Hi friends my name is sourav Chowdhury, a travel loving person and travel blogger. Ever since I was little, I used to love going out somewhere. But the financial condition of my house was not so good that I can go somewhere, my father had a small tailor’s shop And they didn’t have much income from there.

All my friends used to go for a travel in childhood but I can’t go anywhere, From that day I had decided that the day I start earning money, I will start travelling and meet new people. It is important to tell you that I work in a private company and after saving a little money from them, for travel

my first solo journey:

chitrakoot dham

allahabad and chitrakoot:

After that I took my 2-3 month salary i started my first trip, And I have covered meny states of North India in my first trip. I start my solo journey from Kolkata and first I go to Allahabad, After a spending 2 days in Allahabad, I again go to Chitrakoot from there,

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Chitrakoot is a very beautiful place and there are many places to visit like 1. Hanuman Dhara, 2.ram ghat, 3.kamadgiri temple, 4. sati ahilya and meny more I Stayed in Chitrakoot for 3 days, After a good tour of Chitrakoot, I left for Delhi from there

Was in Delhi for about 4 days in and Travel around Delhi in the best way possible, For me, traveling alone was very scary at first but later I got used to it. From Delhi I went to Jammu and from Jammu to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra.


vaishnodevi and Kashmir



I stayed in Katra for 3 days and after seeing Vaishno Mata I left for Kashmir.Visiting Mata Vaishno was a wonderful experience for me.With the blessings mata Vaishno Devi, I had changed completely, a different spirit had come in me.

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From Katra I went to Kashmir and I was in Kashmir for about 7 days, And what should I tell you, it was a different experience for me, I liked it so much. For the first time in my life I was seeing heaven in front of me on such a high mountain.

and then after that i went home, and i made this website, For those people who think that traveling is very costly but friends it is not so, if you travel properly then you do not have to spend so much.

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how I become a travel blogger:

When I went to Kashmir, I found a couples there. And those people used to do travel blogging And to take out his traveling expenses from that website. So I asked them how do you do, those people have helped me a lot and because of those people, today I am a travel blogger. And if you also want to become a travel blogger, then contact with me, I will help you as much as I can.

travel smartly

Wherever I travel, I share my experience on this website, And tell you all how we can travel cheaply in a very good way. So friends if you all like traveling then stay connected with me. And if you want to become a travel blogger then contact with me I will help you as possible.

And friends, if you want to share your travel experience with me, then you can do that too, you are always welcome, you write your travel experience and send it to me in email, I will publish it in my website Thank you.


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