Vaishno devi Yatra Day 2 at navratri during covid-19

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After waiting in line for about 2-3 hours, I got a chance to enter ardhquari mata’s cave. There were army guards around, and I entered the cave to imitate Pandit and remember my vaishno mata’s name. You may not believe, When I enter ardhquari mata’s cave my body,I got a glimpse of divine feeling. I went out of that very small cave very easily saying Jay Mata Di. some people said Vaishno mata was here for 9 months just like a baby is in its mother’s womb. And who comes to this cave,who will never go into the womb. And if for some reason he is born, then he/she will be very lucky.

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vaishno mata
jai mata di

2)MONKEY SNACHED PRASAD at Vaishno devi Yatra :

There are two roads from the temple to Vishnomata darbar, the old road which used to be very high and steep,so a new road has been built which is also very beautiful and attractive, I decide to go to the new road. After a while I met a boy who came to visit from Haryana.

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The boy was buying prasad from below. When we were leaving, suddenly a monkey came down from the top and snatched the prashad from the boy’s hand and ran away. I was smiling at that time. And I was scared of those monkeys because I had a bag too, and after a while a monkey came and tried to grab my bag,but I never left the bag. If you are coming here, be very careful of the monkeys and always have one stick with you. If I had known earlier, I would have bought a stick too.

vaishno mata darbar


After that I was walking a long way and I was very hungry. I saw a beautiful restaurant and went inside, they were selling lot of variety food there. For example, idli 40 rupees(0.6$), DOSHA 40 rupees(0.6$), MASAL ADOSHA 60 rupees(0.8$), curry rice 40 rupees(0.6$)Rajma rice 40 rupees(0.6$) I eat Rajma rice for 40 rupees, they charge for free pickles. I ate very well.From here, there is only 3 kilometers left for vaishno mata’s temple The closer I get, the more energy I feel. And in 2 hours I reached near the darbar(temple).

rajma chawal at jammu
rajma rice at katra
vaishno mata darbar
meet two friends at vaishnomata temple

4)MEET WITH NEW FRIENDS during Vaishno devi Yatra:

When I reach the temple, I see a long waiting line. And before standing in line, my bags and all my leather goods will be Deposite in the locker room.Then I stood in that line, there I met two friends. They were coming from Haryana to visit their mother in this oldest temple of Hindu religion,They forgot to deposit their belongings, One of them hurriedly go and deposited there goods,and we entered the temple together.

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jai mata di

5)VISITING Vaishno devi darbar:

We entered the cave together saying Jaimatadi. After visiting our mother inside this 98 feet long cave, we got rid of all the sins.

vaishnomata in navratri
Vaishno devi Yatra at navratri

The temple is located in a town called Katra in Jammu district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the most revered holy places in northern India. The temple is 5200 feet high and about 12 kilometers above the town of Katra.It is the second largest holy tourist destination in India after Trimalvainkot temple.

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There is a train service from Udhampur to Katra for the convenience of the pilgrims.Let’s get to know some of the secrets of vaishno matar cave. to visit the temple through an ancient cave, the holy cave is 98 feet long.

There is another ancient cave entrance that is always closed. When mother killed vairo his body fell here and his head was after going 3 km up the hill, so there is a vairobaba temple at the top.It is said that after killing, Vairob realizes his mistake and he apologizes to vaishno devi. And does the mother say that,”my visit will not be complete” until the devotees visit you,after me.So all the devotees visit vairo dham after visiting vaishno mata.

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vaironath temple


After visiting vaishno mata And we went out with prasad in the temple. But if you go to vaishnodevi, you will mostly take prasad.and then we were going to visit vairo 3 more kilometers up, At 8:30 pm we were very tired. But we have to visit vairo. Otherwice our visit will not be complete.Then at 12 o’clock at night when we reach Vairo Dham. This temple is located at the highest point of the hill. It is not possible to say how beautiful the city of Katra looked from high up.

IMG 20210417 233826 317 scaled
vaironath temple
vaishnomata darbar
vaishnomata darber view from vaironath temple
katra city
amazing night view from vaironath hills


Then after eating curry rice from one of the restaurants, we started to go down. The whole night we 3 people kept going down without stopping anywhere. The whole road was empty, only a few people and some monkey were our companions at that time.Almost when we came down we felt severe pain in our legs.

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We did not rest for a while and saw a massage parlor downstairs, The number of chairs there was called massage chair.I sat in that chair and massaged for 30 minutes, for which I had to pay 50 rupees. I got a lot of comfort. And my pain went away.

8) complete Vaishno devi Yatra:

After complete Vaishno devi Yatra we slowly walk & reached ban Ganga,Then at 4 o’clock in the morning. We ate some sweets from a sweet shop there. My hotel was near the bus stand and my friends’ hotel was far away. We sat for a while and got into the auto rickshaw.He demanded 300 rupees to take us only 3 kilometers,We bargained and fixed it at 200 rupees. And the rain had started again. I got down at the bus stand and entered the hotel soaking wet. I went to the hotel first get to take bath and then fell asleep.

Vaishno devi Yatra at navratri tips:

1.Don’t buy prasad from below when you start the journey, because you have to go up and buy again from official shop.

2.At the beginning of the journey, buy a stick from below. It will help you from chase away the monkey.

3.If you are going in summer, still keep the sweater, because going upstairs will make you feel very cold.’nt overeating during journey,Mostly eat fruits,Then your body will have energy. And you can walk easily.

5.always wear sports shoo during journey.and carry a small bag.

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