Tarapith Temple Tarapith (mandir) is one of the 51 shakti pithas of Mata Sati where the eye string of Maa Sati fell hence the name Tarapith. It is located in Birbhum district of West Bengal state. Every day thousands of people come here to visit the Tarapith temple and seek blessings from maa tara.

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The Tarapith temple tarapith carries with it a traditional history. Through this article I will tell you everything about the Tarapith Temple, the history of the temple, what is the best time to visit the Tarapith and what prasads are offered in the Tarapith.

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People believe that if you take any wish to Tarapith temple tarapith and if you have any wish from mother it will surely be fulfilled, my house is in Kolkata and the distance from my house to Tarapeeth is 250 km. Despite being so close, I haven’t had the chance to visit tarapith for so long. But suddenly I wanted to say to all my friends let’s all go and visit Tarapith temple. And everyone agreed so we packed our backpacks and went out to visit Tarapith.

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But I truly said it was very great experience to visit tarapith, and I say if I got another chance to visit definitely I do. Another thing that I liked very much in Tarapeeth is that the food there is very tasty food available at a sum standard price. I wouldn’t say where the food is very cheap, Or too much higher. but yes you will get very good food there.

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History of Tarapith temple tarapith:

tarapith temple

Located on the banks of river Daroka near Bakreshwar in Birbhum district is the Siddha Peeth of Rishi vashishth Mansaputra of Brahma, which we know as Tarapith temple tarapith. And besides, Tarapith is also famous for the sanyasi Bamakshyapa, He was a great devotee of Maa Kali. Bamakshyapa used to call Maa Kali Tara Maa and sang Jai Tara Jai Tara Jai in front of Mahasmashana and performed Sadhana, Since then Kalima here came to be known as Tara Ma and village Chandipur came to be known as Tarapeeth.

History of Tarapith temple tarapith construction :

At the time of human creation, Lord Brahma first gave birth to ten sages, namely Marichi, Pulasto, Bulah, Atri, Narada, Angira, Kratu, Daksha, Vigu and Vishishta Deva. After the birth, Rishi vashishth dev asked where is my mother, and Brahma told Vishishta Deva that she is Jagat Janani Tara Ma, If you practice, you will see her.

tarapith maha samshan

Brahma sent him to the Himalayas and said that there you will meet a sage named Janardana. Rishi Vasishta Dev went there and learned the method of worshiping tara maa and then Brahma sent him to Chandipur in West Bengal and told him to go there and worship Tara Maa. After many years of sadhana, Rishi Vasishta got the mother’s darshan there.

Reconstruction of the Tarapith temple is the first time :

About 700 AD, a famous businessman of Ratnagar, Sainthia in Birbhum district was returning to his home town Ratnagar from the dwarka river route along with his son and Majhi Mullah after completing his business in North India. As it was too late for their return, they halted their boat at the Chandigarh crematorium and proceeded towards Chandi Maa’s temple. And at that time an old woman came to him to beg and he drove her away without giving anything, the mother came to him in the form of that old woman. Then on his way to the temple, the businessman’s son was bitten by a snake and his son died instantly.

tarapith maha samshan

And when he went to mother’s temple in despair, in a pond in front of mother’s temple, which is called Pranapukur, a fisherman was immersing dead fish in that pond and those fishes were coming alive, then the merchant brought water from that pond and fed his son, and surprisingly, by the tara maa’s grace, his son was alive, becomes. And then businessman Jayadatta got a dream from Maa, I am present as Rock idol of Chandipur Mahasmashana. You, my devotee, bring my rock idol and set up a temple. And then Jayadatta brought the mother’s stone idol and established the Tarapith temple tarapith in her honour.

Reconstruction of the Tarapith temple tarapith is the 2nd time :

About 400 years after the construction of the mother’s temple, in the 11th century when the mother’s temple was destroyed due to flooding in the river Dwarka, and then the kings of the Sur dynasty Sangad built the mother’s temple for the second time, and installed the mother’s Rock idol there for the second time.

samadhi of bamakhepa tarapith  temple tarapith

Reconstruction of the Tarapith temple is the 3rd time :

500 years after the construction of the temple by king Sangad of the Sur dynasty, the temple was again damaged by the floods of the Dwarka river and destroyed. Then in 1695 AD, the contractual king of Birbhum district, Ramjivan Chowdhury, established a new temple some distance from the cremation ground. And re-established the mother in the form of rock in that temple.

tarapith maha samshan

And some years after about 1775 AD Ramakrishna Roy, adopted son of Rani Bhavani of Natore, renovated the temple in a new form and Chandipur Mauja took charge of the temple, This is today’s Tarapith temple tarapith.

How to reach tarapith temple tarapith:

The nearest railway station to Tarapith is Tarapeeth railway station but not all trains stop there so most people go to Rampurhat station. If you are going to Tarapith temple tarapith from Kolkata then you will get many trains from Kolkata which will take you to Rampurhat station. Many trains leave for Tarapeeth daily from Sealda Howrah and Kolkata station you can take any train between them as per your timing to reach Tarapith or Rampurhat railway station.

rampurhat jn. railway station

I would recommend you to take the 7:20 am Ma Tara Express from Sealdah to Tarapith temple tarapith this train always arrives on time. About 6 of us friends went to Tarapeeth and we also went to Rampurhat by Matara Express at 7:20 from Sealdah. If your Howrah station is nearby then Ganadevta Express leaves for Rampurhat at 6:35 from Howrah. That train is also very good if you want you can come to Rampurhat by that train.

tarapith temple

How to do puja in Tarapith temple tarapith:

Tarapith Temple tarapith is very crowded every week on Tuesday and Saturday, if you want to do puja on Shuni or Tuesday you may have to stand in a long queue so if you want you can do puja on any other day of the week to avoid veer. And besides, there are three types of lines where puja is offered.

tarapith temple

If you find a line of thousand rupees, then you don’t need to stand in a long line, then there is a line of 500 rupees, and also 300 rupees. And if you want, you can stand in a straight line and worship the mother without paying any money.

tarapith temple

If you go to do mother’s pooja first of all you have to talk to a priest there you will find many priest and in little pay they do pooja. Buy puja items like flowers, prasad from one of the shops ahead, They also will fix you priest.And then go straight to the pooja line, when you get close to the mother temple the priest will come right up to you and complete your pooja.

What is the cheapest and easiest way from Kolkata to Tarapith ?

The cheapest and easiest way to reach Tarapeeth from Kolkata is by train, for just 90 rupees you can travel in general compartment and only 250 rupees for sleeper compartment.

Tarapith Maa’s Temple was built first by whom?

About 700 AD, a famous businessman of Ratnagar jaydutta The first temple was built here. kings of the Sur dynasty Sangad built the mother’s temple for the second time.


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