Dubai’s Outdoor Adventures Redefined

As the majority is familiar with, Dubai is a contemporary, posh metropolis which entices travelers with its fancy restaurants, opulent hotels, top-notch shopping, & soaring skyscrapers. Nonetheless, are you alert that this high-tech, sparkling metropolis can also offer you untold fun and excitement? Dubai is undoubtedly a heavenly adventure playground which will blow your mind away with an amazing array of exhilarating outdoor experiences, from skydiving to desert safaris Dubai, and more.


Must-Try Outdoor Activities

Outdoor adventures in Dubai abound. Of these, some must-try include,

  • A hot Air Ballooning-10 meter was the maximum you could go, if you were thinking! Wait till you experience Dubai’s “Hot Air Balloon” trip. The tourist attraction lifts visitors up to a height of nearly 4,000 meters and provides a bird’s-eye perspective of both contemporary Dubai and the Persian Gulf. You can expect dramatic scenery, beautiful vistas, and an excellent ride. One of Dubai’s top interactive attractions is created by this for its visitors.

hot air balloon ride

  • Desert Safari- A desert safari is one activity that should absolutely not be missed on the Dubai visitor’s to-do list. Numerous businesses provide this excursion into the bush, and it comes in many forms with a wide range of activities. However, dune-bashing is essential to a genuine desert adventure. A fun approach to clear your head is to drive your customized 44 up & down the sandy dunes. Once your heart has calmed down, go to one of the numerous camps where belly dance and mouthfuls of delectable local cuisine are on the menu to enjoy a classic dinner and show combination. Numerous excursions also include falconry shows and the opportunity to spend the night outside in a tent a la Bedouin. A camel ride in the morning and breakfast next to a lake are a tranquil way to round off your journey if you decide to spend the night in the desert. One amid the most unforgettable outdoor activities in Dubai is the open top 4×4 trip with Platinum Heritage, so if you want to make it extra special, give it a try.
Hatta Dubai

Hatta city welcoming sign written with large letters placed in Hajar mountains and UAE flag flying high in Hatta enclave of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Hiking at Hatta- Despite being a short drive from the City of Gold, many people are unaware that the quaint village of Hatta is an exquisite part of Dubai. However, those of you who are adventurous will find much to enjoy in this captivating exclave. A couple of the most admired methods to explore the rough terrain are hiking and mountain riding. But if you would rather go on an aquatic adventure, you may rent a kayak and go on a tour of the breathtaking Hatta Dam. If all the paddling has not already taken your breath away from the gorgeous mountain backdrop, this is one of the top outdoor sports in Dubai.
  • Speedboat Rides- Taking a speedboat trip to explore Dubai’s monuments and stunning coastline is one of the top outdoor activities in the city. To escape the desert heat, the speedboat trip is only offered in the early morning and late evening, so make sure to reserve your riding times in advance. From the deck of your speedboat, take in the breathtaking views of the Atlantis, the Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Al Arab, and the Dubai Marina. Take some fantastic photos with your camera while you pass through areas that highlight Dubai’s history and culture. Buckle up for the journey that will provide you an adrenaline rush, and make sure you adhere to all safety procedures.
Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise

  • Dhow Cruise- Adventure need not be the focus of every outdoor activity. The purpose of the dhow trip is leisure and fun. Old fishing vessels known as “dhows” have been converted for use in cruises in the Dubai Marina, the Dubai Creek, & the Dubai Canal. On these cruises, you may take advantage of a buffet supper with international, Middle Eastern, and Indian dishes as well as entertainment like Tanoura dance & magic performances. After dinner, you may ascend to the upper deck to take in the city of Dubai at night when it is completely illuminated.
Helicopter tour Dubai

Helicopter tour Dubai

  • Helicopter Ride- Want to avoid participating in any of the extreme activities associated with skydiving yet still experience the heights? Taking a helicopter tour Dubai is the ideal substitute. It enables you to marvel at Dubai’s incredibly beautiful architectural feat from a position of complete astonishment and magic. So be ready to explore Dubai’s finest attractions from an inconceivable vantage point, including the Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah, Palm Islands, Burj Al Arab, World Island, and Dubai Creek.


  • Parasailing- This extraordinary experience, which is both an aerial and a water sport, captivates you with breathtaking views of Dubai’s stunning shoreline. Your specially designed boat or speedboat will take you out in the midst of Dubai’s water before the actual adventure starts. From there, gradually you will climb roughly 400 feet height prior to eventually flying as a bird over the calm water. Despite it just lasts merely for 15 minutes, yet you will enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure. What is even more breathtaking is that you can take part in triple/tandem parasailing excursions in the company of friends, family, & even children.
Ziplining Dubai

Ziplining Dubai

  • Ziplining- Due to the stunning buildings which rise along the walkway on both parts of the harbor, giving the ideal photo opportunity, Dubai harbor is a must-visit on the majority of itineraries. The world’s longest urban zipline is a great option if you want more thrill than leisure, but boat trips are also a great way to take it easy here. You will launch from a tower at a 560 feet height, travel.6 miles at speeds of up to 50 mph, soar over opulent boats and a busy promenade, and land at the Dubai Marina Mall’s ground level. A second zipline provides the opportunity to experience the venture with a friend or partner.
Seaplane Dubai

Seaplane Dubai

  • Seaplane- With the “Seaplane” rides Dubai has to offer, you are asking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Tourists see the most extraordinary takeoffs when their aircraft rises directly from the ocean. The aerial vistas of Dubai’s skyscrapers and beaches are magnificent in and of themselves. You might take advantage of a seaplane activity if you are taking part in special events like a company event or a family gathering.



Dubai is undoubtedly a fantastic adventure playground that will enthrall your imagination with an astounding array of outdoor experiences, from skydiving to desert safaris. Try these wonderful Dubai outdoor activities and you are sure to ask for more.


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