Yellow Stone National Park is the most famous national park in the world, yellowstone mainly famous because it’s Old Faithful Geyser and grand prismatic spring. Yellow Stone National Park which is the first and largest national park in the world. This National Park is spread over 3 providence of America Wyoming Montana and idaho.

There are not only volcanic places to visit in the National Park, but there are also waterfalls, mountains and beautiful animals and very beautiful rivers here. This natural beauty makes Yellowstone National Park even more beautiful and famous.

yellowstone national park

yellowstone national park, image source wikimedia commons

How to reach yellowstone national park: 

You can easily reach Yellowstone from any city in America, the closest and largest airport to Yellowstone National Park is the Bozman Yellowstone International Airport. Below I am giving the distance of yellowstone National Park from some of the American cities and flight booking links below, you can easily book your flight from here.

  1. how to get to yellowstone national park from los angeles: The distance between Los Angeles to Yellowstone is about 1171 miles and if you go there by car it will take you about 17:30 hours, you can also go to Yellowstone from Los Angeles by flight, I am giving the link to book the flight. You can book flights to Yellowstone from here
  2. how to get to yellowstone national park from nyc: The distance from New York City to Yellowstone National Park is about 2204 miles. If you go there by car it will take around 32 hours. Also you can go by flight very easily. You can book your flight from here.

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yellowstone national park

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yellowstone supervolcano chances of eruption:

Yellowstone National Park was discovered at the end of the 19th century, But in 1972 the area was given the status of a protected national park. The Yellowstone is not a common volcano like other volcanoes in the world, Which is a super volcano. If it ever erupts, it can destroy the whole world, it is believed that this volcano has erupted three times in 2 million years.


image source: flickr

Scientists believe that the time interval of Yellowstone super volcano eruption is about 0.75 Million years. This super volcano first erupted 2 million years ago and then it erupted 1.3 million years ago. And for the third time it erupted 640,000 years ago, and it is estimated that it will erupt after the coming 100,000 years, but this is only an estimate, And it is very dangerous. Actually this is just an imagination and no one can knows when yellowstone volcano will erupt. This is also a special reason why YellowStone National Park is famous.

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Why Yellowstone National park is dangerous :

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image source: needpix

YellowStone National Park is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Because there are active volcano points where there is a danger of volcanic eruption anytime. Still, millions of people come here every year to visit, due to which the US government earns a lot. This area is spread over total 22000000 acres.

Why Yellowstone is best National park:

This national park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the world and there are many beautiful and spectacular things to see here.

This is the largest volcano point in Yellowstone National Park, It is called Grand Prismatic Spring. The terrible hole that is visible inside it is actually due to the eruption of the volcano.

yellowstone national park wildlife

image source: pix4free

After this, Old Faithful Geyser is the most popular place here. Which brings water from the depths of the earth and throws it towards the sky like a water pump. Which looks very beautiful to see and it can spew water from the earth after 90 minutes and people wait here for a long time to see this geyser. this Old Faithful geyser and Grand Prismatic spring also a special reason why Yellow Stone National Park is famous.

The height of this geyser is around 130 to 140 feet. Its height has been measured up to the highest 185 ft. Along with the high height, its hot water fountain spreads very far, That’s why visitors are also instructed to stay far away from this fountain.

Most famous geysers in yellowstone national park :

old faithful gyser

image source wikimedia commons

There are about 4000 geysers and hot springs in Yellowstone National Park, and the most spectacular and most famous are Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful Geyser. The Beehive geyser is the most famous after the Old Faithful geyser. This fountain does not come out on time like Old Faithful, but it always keeps coming out, but it does not go down to the height like Old Faithful Geyser, this fountain is a little smaller and its height is about 50 to 60 feet.

Volcanic activity in yellowstone national park:

volcano yellowstone

image source wikimedia commons

All volcanic activity that Yellowstone has on this area is due to the active volcano here, The temperature inside the Yellowsin volcano is so hot that it is throbbing inside. And an explosion could happen at any time, Earthquakes keep coming at this place regularly.

And when there is a possibility of those earthquake tremors, then visitors are banned from coming here. This is the only volcano in the world which has been active for millions of years, but is calm, But the land here always boils. And because of these, thousands of hot water fountains emerge here, People come here to see and enjoy.

How to see wildlife at yellowstone national park:


image source needpix

In addition to hot springs and geysers, Yellowstone National Park has many other great places to see. This National Park is home to various species of fauna of America. Where large animals can be seen roaming freely. Where you can also see bison, alligators, golden eagles, bears, grey Hyena And many other species of animals can be seen here.

Apart from this, there is also a natural waterfall called Grand Canyon, And this waterfall is very beautiful, Grand Canyon waterfall is so awe inspiring, It is also called artistic point. This is a major reason why Yellow Stone National Park is very famous.

What is best time to visit yellowstone national park:

The best time to visit yellowstone national Park is from March to April and September to October. At this time there is no crowd here. Because of this, you can see the amazing views and wildlife here in a very spectacular way, this is the best time to visit yellowstone national park to avoid crowds.

And you can capture this spectacular sight on your camera. June to August is considered to be the pick season here and there is a lot of crowd here. This is the best time to visit yellowstone in summer. Now it completely depends on you how would you like to see it.

How much is the entrance fee for yellowstone national park:

Entry fee for Yellow Stone National Park is $30 per vehicle(non commercial)and $25 per bike, And the per person entry fee is $15.

Frequently asked questins:

What is the most popular part of Yellowstone National Park?

Old Faithful Geyser and grand prismatic spring, It is considered one of the most beautiful and popular places in Yellowstone National Park and thousands of tourists visit Yellowstone National Park just to see both the beautiful geysers and the spring.

What is the best way to see yellowstone national park?

The best way to visit this National Park is to go inside this National Park with your car or bike and tour well because this National Park is very big, so you may need your own car and bike.

can i take my dog to yellowstone national park?

Yes, of course you can take your dog inside the National Park, but for this you will have to pay separately.


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