whenever it’s about to Kedarnath travel, one thing comes to our mind that what is the best time to visit Kedarnath? The best time to visit Kedarnath in 2023 is May to June and September to October.

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you should avoid July and August during Monsoon as many landslides are seen during this time. Kedarnath is very important religious and sightseeing place for all Indians like us, And all Indians like me dream to visit Kedarnath at least once in their lifetime, Kedarnath is located on the hills of Uttarakhand.

best time to visit kedrnath

Best time to visit Kedarnath in 2023

I went to Kedarnath in 2022, and four of my friends went to Kedarnath at different times. Based on my own experience in 2022 and their agreement, I can confidently say what is the best time to visit Kedarnath in 2023. Many people go to visit Kedarnath. But they want to enjoy the snowfall along with this trip, while some people go here to enjoy the natural beauty. Let me tell you one thing whether it is snowfall or not the natural beauty here is nothing less than heaven.

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kedarnath yatra

Through this article I will show you which month is most suitable for Kedarnath travel and also describe the weather of Kedarnath in each month. So that you can choose the suitable month for your visit. So let’s get started.

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Kedarnath weather and temperature by month:

Month Seasons Temprature
Mey summer 17 to 25 degree Celsius
June summer 15 to 25 degree Celsius
July monsoon 12 to 20 degree Celsius
Augest monsoon 10 to 20 degree Celsius
September After monsoon 05 to 15 degree Celsius
October winter 0 to 10 degree Celsius

Visit Kedarnath in month of Mey(summer):

kedarnath weather

Can we visit Kedarnath in mey? You must be thinking because Kedarnath temple is a temple which is closed for 6 months(due to heavy snow fall) and open for 6 months. The six months in which this temple is open are May, June, July, August, September and October. Then you have no worries you can visit Kedarnath in May. and experts say that May month is the best time to visit Kedarnath.

But I think the month of May is not suitable to visit Kedarnath, because during this time you will see a lot of natural beauty. But this time the temple opens that’s why many people from all over India go to visit Kedarnath and it gets crowded. I have experience last year I went in May and faced huge crowd. So I tell you it totally depends on you which month you will travel. But during this time it is very crowded and the price of things is very high.

Festival celebrated kedarnath in may:

This time the Kedarnath temple was opened after six months, on the day of Akshay Tritiya Lord Shiva was taken from Gouripur to the Kedarnath temple with respect. And all the pilgrims complete this journey with Shiva. And the temple is very beautifully decorated during this time. Many YouTubers and celebrities visit Kedarnath during this time.


Can we visit Kedarnath in June(summer):

Yes you can safely visit Kedarnath in June. June is an auspicious time to visit Kedarnath, during which many visitors come to visit Kedarnath. It’s summer here, the temperature here is around 8 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius, so you won’t have much trouble due to winter, At this time, the ice accumulated here begins to melt. And you can notice a flow between the arid rivers here.

gaurikund kedarnath

A friend of mine went in June. And he told me that during this time it doesn’t rain much here, so when you go to Kedarnath you have to face rain. But during this time it rains very less, he told me that the hotel prices are a little lower than usual during this time. Because at this time people’s hopes are slightly reduced here.

gaurikund kedarnath

Festival celebrated kedarnath in June:

Kedar Badri festival is celebrated in Kedarnath in June. It is a musical and cultural festival, during which Kedarnath dances and songs are arranged. And artists from different places come, and exhibit their art. This festival is celebrated in Kedarnath with much fanfare. And Kedarnath temple is very beautifully decorated with flowers.

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best time to visit in kedarnath

Can we visit Kedarnath in July (monsoon):

Yes you can visit Kedarnath in July but I would not recommend you to visit this time. Because this is the rainy season for Kedarnath, Kedarnath gets a lot of rain during this time. It rains in Kedarnath throughout the year but this time it rains almost every day in Kedarnath. And landslides are seen in different places. So it is better not to go at this time.

best time to visit kedarnath

Traveling to Kedarnath in July has its pros and cons as well as its cons. As the number of travelers to Kedarnath is very low during this time, you will find cheap hotels and accommodation camps here. I can give an idea that you can get a hotel very close to the temple in just 3000 rupees. And in just 300 rupees you will get the camp. Moreover, during this time, the food prices here are very cheap compared to other months.

kedarnath yatra

Can we visit Kedarnath in August (monsoon):

August is the monsoon season for Kedarnath, you can visit Kedarnath during this time if you want. Many people travel during this time, I myself visited Kedarnath in August a year ago, and experienced heavy rains. But I didn’t have much trouble with it. Because I bought a raincoat before starting the journey and I had to face the rain almost all the way. Kedarnath passenger numbers are very less during this time also.

kedarnth yatra

And since the number of passengers here is very low, I got very cheap hotel and food. One drawback if you are traveling in this month is that the sky will not be very clear. That’s why you can’t get a good view of the beautiful hill behind the temple. And at this time the rivers here are in great flow, and at every spring you will see plenty of water flowing. And if you want you can drink water from there. All in all if you ask me then I will tell you that August is not a best month to visit Kedarnath.

best time to visit in kedarnath

Festival celebrated kedarnath in July and August:

Janmashtami festival is celebrated in July and August in Kedarnath with great fanfare. During this time, the number of people is very less as it is the rainy season. But during the festival many celebrities come here and Janmashtami is celebrated in a grand manner. If you want to visit Kedarnath during this time, the temple is very well decorated and looks very beautiful.

kedarnath temple

Is September good time to visit Kedarnath(after monsoon)?

September is the most suitable month to visit Kedarnath. I visited Kedarnath in September 2022 with my family. And had a great trip to Kedarnath. That’s why I would recommend you to choose the month of September if you want to travel to Kedarnath well and a little cheaper. This month is the period of short rains and winters. At this time the rainy season is passing from Kedarnath and winter is approaching. That’s why it won’t be too cold, and it won’t rain too much. If you are going to visit then end of September is the best time to visit Kedarnath.


Let me tell you some advantages of visiting Kedarnath in September. If you visit Kedarnath in this month, you will get less rainfall and you will avoid the huge crowds during this time. As not many people travel to Kedarnath during this time, hotel prices are relatively low. As I went with my family, and took a hotel near the temple that hotel was only 6000. And there were also many camp arrangements in the vicinity. The rent of those camps was only 500 rupees per person. But all other times like October or May, June these hotels charge around 12000 rupees.

Is October good time to visit Kedarnath (winter)?

October is a good month to visit Kedarnath. Because at this time the rainy season ends and a hint of winter sets in, As the number of tourists is relatively high during this time, the hotel and food prices increase a lot During this time, the weather in Kedarnath is very beautiful at this month, and the clear sky offers a wonderful view of the temple and the hills behind it. Because of that and since it is the last month to visit Kedarnath temple, a lot of visitors visit during this month.

kedarnath temple

A friend of mine took all the information from me and went to Kedarnath in October. As I went in September, he asked me what the cost of Kedarnath would be? I came up with an idea and told him that this amount could be spent. But by the time he left all his expenses had nearly doubled. I stayed in the hotel for 6000 rupees. In that hotel, the rent was Rs. 12,000. The price of Maggi which I ate for 50 rupees became 100 rupees. The price of almost everything goes up a lot.

bhim sila kedarnath

This is the final month of Kedarnath Darshan, every year around 22nd to 23rd October after Diwali, Kedarnath Temple is closed and Lord Shiva’s idol is brought down to Gaurikund again for six months. After that Kedarnath temple was closed for about six months. after six months exactly on the day of Akshaya Tritiya Kedarnath temple was opened from everyone . Then the idol of Lord Shiva was again taken from Gaurikund to Kedarnath temple.

kedarnath temple

Festival celebrated kedarnath in September and October:

Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali festivals are celebrated in a grand manner in September and October at Kedarnath. During this time there is a huge crowd of visitors and the Kedarnath temple is beautifully decorated with flowers. As the temple is closed during Diwali and Lord Shiva is taken down to the Gaudikund, a large number of pilgrims visit the temple during this time. And with Shiva they went down to Gaurikand.

kedarnath temple

Essential things to carry for kedarnath trek:

In Kedarnath Yatra you need to carry many essential things with you. If you travel without them then you may face many difficulties like no matter what month you are going to visit Kedarnath, you must always carry a raincoat with you and also carry some medicines during this journey. Medicines such as fever cold cough etc. and along with you put some camphor. If you have oxygen problem on the road then the smell of camphor will help you a lot.

You will take winter clothes with you and you need to have a good pair of shoes because a little shoe slip during this trekking will be a big problem for you. So keep the trekking shoes to yourself. And always carry a water bottle.

Frequently asked questions:

In which month Kedarnath is less crowded?

If compared it will be seen that relatively less people visit Kedarnath during August and September. And September is a good month for Kedarnath darshan. I would recommend you to visit Kedarnath in September. Because this is the end of the rainy season and everything from hotels is much cheaper.

How many days is enough for Kedarnath?

You need at least four days to visit Kedarnath completely. It will take you one day to reach Kedarnath temple from Shonprayag, and you will stay at Kedarnath for two days and on the 4th day you will come down from the temple to sonprayag.

How much does a Kedarnath trip cost?

See the cost of Kedarnath industry totally depends on which month you are doing this travel, as Kedarnath has different cost in different months and hotel price determines how much you can spend. If you are going to visit Kedarnath in May, then the hotel price in the temple premises will be around Rs.12000. But if you visit Kedarnath in September then that hotel will cost 6000 rupees. I went to Kedarnath in September with my family(3peson) and it cost me around 30k in 4 days.


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