Bolder Adventure Park is located Grand prairie in texus, It is a family amusement park, my friend John who lives in Texas visited this bolder adventure park with some of his friends a few days back and he shared his experience with me and based on his opinion I am writing the article today.

As such, Adventure Park can be a special weekend destination for you, offering you almost all kinds of adventure activities that you can do in a national park or mountain. Like rock climbing, paragliding, jeep lining and many more, I will slowly highlight each activity and attraction in this article below.

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Moreover, you can celebrate your child’s birthday in this park, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to celebrate a birthday here, at least between 400 and 1000 dollars, you can celebrate the birthday of any child of your family very nicely. Moreover, this park is a great place for people of all ages whether you are 20 years old or 40 years old you can come here and have great fun.

Bolder Adventure Park

Facts about bolder adventure park:

Bolder Adventure Park is set to open in late 2022. The park took about four years to build. The founder of this park, Paul Fontinelli, has thoughtfully established this party, this park is one of the largest parks in Texas, covering an area of ​​about 66,000 square feet. He founded this park keeping in mind the common people of Tex. But now this park has become a big attraction in Texas. And a lot of people come here to travel not only from Texas but also from other providences in America.

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Bolder Adventure Park Activities are the main attraction here Adventure activities and attractions here have managed to make it one of the adventure parks in America but still many people don’t know about this park if you live near Texas. or even if you are far away I am yours. Request you to visit this park once and enjoy the activities here.

Bolder Adventure Park

Travel experience in bolder adventure park:

John visited Bolder Adventure Park in April and according to him the park is about 10 times bigger than other adventure candidates in the vicinity. And those who attended and saw the Adventure Activities and Adventures were a little surprised that despite having such a big park so close to it, they would go elsewhere.

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Moreover, he shared with me that he saw birthday celebrations here, the park is open seven days a week, they planned to visit Bolder Adventure Park on Tuesday and that morning they booked a car and left for Adventure Park, they reached the park by 9:30 AM. Arriving in front of the main gate and taking the park ticket they enter.

Bolder Adventure Park

There is a list of activities and prices. They try rock climbing first, John is an adventure loving boy so this Bolder Adventure Park has a special significance for him. If you are an adventure lover like him then Bolder Adventure Park is a great place to visit for you too.

There are different activities shared here for people of all ages. John is about 24 to 25 years old so he did an activity called black diamond and he said he had to pay a bit more for this activity around 40 dollars, (other activities are cheaper) he went on tuesday and it cost him 40 dollars but if If he went to the park between Friday and Sunday i.e. on any holiday, he would have to pay about 50 dollars for the black diamond activity.

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Apart from rock climbing, many activities for adults are included in this ticket like Synthetic Ice Skating, Tree house adventure nets, exploration play area etc. After rock climbing they tried ziplining, and according to him, ziplining is also done from the top of the mountain. And he liked it very much and I recommend you also to do all these activities with this black diamond pass. Now let’s know about all the attractions and activities of this park in detail.

Bolder Adventure Park

Attraction & Activities in Bolder Adventure Park :

This Adventure Park is famous for its attractions and activities and there are plenty of activities here. There are different types of activities/attractions for people of almost all age groups such as green activities/attractions for small children, blue activities/attractions for older children of 10 to 15 years of age and AERIAL ATTRACTIONS/activities for adults. Some family activities are also planned here. For example, there are A LA CARTE ATTRACTIONS if you want to do activities with your whole family.

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1. Green Attraction (specially for children)

attraction in bolder adventure park

1. EXPLORATION PLAY AREA : The Exploration Play Area is a children’s play area spread over a large area, with a variety of nature-based toddler games. Like seesaw, sleeper and many more if you have a kid with you then you can take your kid to this exploration play area. I guarantee he will love this place, there are about twenty different games here.

attraction in bolder adventure park

2. Adventure nets : Adventure Net is a special type of game that kids like a lot. There is a big net. Children have to park on that net and go to their destination. When John went to this park, this net adventure has not started, but the official website of the park has announced this adventure coming soon. I hope Net activities will also be included in this park soon.

Entrance charges : It will cost you around $25 per child to take your child to these green attraction.

2. Blue Attraction (specially for teenager)

I have mentioned teenagers here but if you are an adult then you can also visit this blue attraction area, There are mainly three types of activities.

attraction in bolder adventure park

1. TUBING SLIDES : These activities are mainly done in the water park where you will be placed in a big tube and pushed from a high place and you will slide down the tube with great fun. You need to be 42 inches tall and weigh 265 lbs to do this activity. and people of any age can do this.

attraction in bolder adventure park

2. BLASTER ARENA : It is a type of shooting games where you have to shoot several balls through a gun to do this activity you need to be at least five years old and your height is at least 42inch, John played this game and his experience was great If you are a shooting lover then This shooting game is for you, go there shoot and enjoy.

3. SPIN ZONE BUMPER CARS : This is a very special type of activity that you might have done before in any other big amusement park. There are many cars arranged in a rose pattern across a large area and those cars move at high speeds among themselves. and moves in such a way but that too without touching any vehicle.

I mean there is no impact so there is no fear of accidents but apart from that many restrictions are used to do this activity like if you are driving then your height should be at least 60 inches and your weight should not be more than 365 Ibs.

Entrance charges and passes : You will need a pass to enter this blue attraction. The cost of the pass is around $35 per person, but on Sundays, Saturdays and Fridays (including Holidays) the ticket price increases to $40.


All the activities included in this attraction are generally for a fit and athletic type of people, and there are a lot of safety requirements for these activities. If you can fulfill all the safety requirements, you can do all these activities. Let’s take a look at what you can do in this attraction.

1. CLIMBING ADVENTURES : As you all know this Bolder Adventure Park is located near the mountains and among these activities you have to rock climb all these mountains, all kinds of safety equipments are provided by the park.

John first went to Bolder Adventure Park and tried this rock climbing activity time, and according to him the activity has a lot of guidelines but yes if you fit all the criteria then surely you can do this activity and you will have a lot of fun doing it.

attraction in bolder adventure park

Here you will feel exactly like you are rock climbing in any national park or mountain range. John went to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming a few days ago and told me he had as much fun rock climbing there as he had here.

2. ROPES COURSES & ZIP LINES : This activity is for the fit and daring only, zip lining requires you to be physically fit and weight no more than 265 lbs, be at least 48 inches tall, and if you are afraid of heights, this activity not for you,

attraction in bolder adventure park

This activity, which you might do in a national park or a mountain range, requires you to carry yourself from one side of the mountain to another on a rope and the entire balance is on your feet and hands. This is my favorite. I try zip lining every time I’m in a national park or mountain range and I’d say if you’re physically fit, try these activities.

3. VIA FERRATA : This activity requires you to climb the mountain with the help of a rope, you need some safety requirements to do it. For example, you can do this only if your height is more than 48 inches and your weight is between 88 IBS and 220 IBS.

attraction in bolder adventure park

Here you will enjoy a complete mountain climbing, you will know how to climb mountains very easily and feel the experience of mountain climbing. John had a Black Diamond pass so tried all those activities and he requested me to try these activities in particular.

4. FREE FALL EXPERIENCE : This freefall experience is a type of bungee jumping, where you are thrown from a very high place with a rope attached to your waist and when you come down you can see the whole view and make sure you don’t get hurt.

attraction in bolder adventure park

To do this activity you need to be physically fit and your height needs to be more than 48 inches and your weight needs to be between 88 Ibs and 250 ibs. I have tried bungee jumping in different places but according to John the free fall experience here is better than anywhere else.

Entrance charges : The entry fee for this Aerial attraction is only $40 for Sunday through Thursday, but if you come here on Friday to Sunday or any holiday, your entry fee for this aerial attraction will be $50 per person.


This attraction is specially developed keeping families in mind, if you come to travel to this adventure park with your family then this attraction is a great place for you there are about three types of activities that you can do Mining, Arcade Gaming and Archery. There are different charges for different activities, I will mention their charges next to each activity below.

1. MINING : This is a special and unique activity that I don’t often see in any other amusement park, through these activities you can enjoy real life mining. Kids like this activity with your family. If you have kids with you then you take them here and give them some knowledge about mining.

Pay Dirt – $5.99

Emerald Strike – $9.99

Mother Lode – $18.99

2. ARCADE : This is a huge arcade where more than 50 arcade and craft games are located. If you are a video game lover then this is a great place for you. Kids also love to play all these games.

Game cards available for purchase, You can purchase the game pass here by visiting the official website of Bolder Adventure Park.

3.ARCHERY : There are many of us who are very fond of archery and I am one of them who loved to play it since childhood so if I see this activity in any park I would definitely do it, you can also do archery here if you want and you can do it with your family and kids. I will like it very much.

Lane Rental $35.00 per hour.

Where is Bolder adventure park located and how to reach :

Bolder Adventure Park is located in Dallas, Grand Prairie, Texas, You can easily get here from any city in Texas and it will be your favorite weekend destination if you are coming here from Houston, the distance from Houston is about 250 miles. And you can easily reach here by driving for about three and a half hours.

And if you want to come to this Bolder Adventure Park from San Antonio, the distance from San Antonio to Bolder Adventure Park is about 280 miles, you can easily reach here by driving for 4 hours.

who owns bolder adventure park?

In late 2022, Paul fontinelli established and owns Boulder Adventure Park

where is bolder adventure park?

Bolder Adventure Park is located in the Epic Central district of Grand Prairie, TX.

when is bolder adventure park opening?

This park is open around the month of November 2022 now this park is open for you and all visitors you can visit this park any day of the week

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