The distance between mumbai to goa is about 594 kms. Here I am going to tell you about my amazing journey from Mumbai to Goa by train, Earlier I went from Kalka to Shimla and from Banihal to Srinagar by train, But I was very excited to travel by train from Mumbai to Goa and I was watching a lot of youtube videos and reading a lot of blogs since long time. But you cannot understand the heavenly feeling of this vistadome train journey without doing it.

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Friends, every Indian definitely plans a trip to Goa at least once in his life, whether he goes alone or with friends, And there is no surprise in this because Goa is such a place that anyone gets impressed by seeing it, Goa is known for its beautiful beach Western Ghats and unforgettable nightlife, In Goa, you will feel that you have come to a different world, the invironmet here is something like this.

Apart from the beautiful beaches and nightlife here, the history and architecture of Goa is equally amazing, Due to the Portuguese rule in Goa, the architecture here has a slightly different like western. Apart from this, there are many fhorts in Goa which are still undiscovered and very few people go there.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal railway station,

Amezing journey from Mumbai to Goa by train:

As beautiful as Goa is, the journey to reach here is equally beautiful, Goa is located in the most beautiful mountain range of India, the Western Ghats, Hence if you are coming here from any city of Western Ghats then the journey is very beautiful. Mumbai to Goa journey is very famous but I would recommend you if you are coming from Mumbai to Goa by road or train instead of flight.

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That’s because you get to see great views on this journey, Mumbai to Goa train journey offers very beautiful views. In fact Mumbai to Goa train journey is counted among the best train journeys in India, And the vistadome coach of Janshatabdi Express makes this train journey more beautiful.

File:Lascar Interior of the Vistadome railway car (4548135651).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Vistadome railway car, Image source wikimwdia commons

Mumbai to Goa by Vistadome coaches:

In this coach you will get a unique experience of Mumbai to Goa journey which has no comparison. First let me give you some information about the vistadome coaches.

Vistadome is a special coach operated by Indian Railways that is installed at the back of the train at places where the number of tourists is high. Till date there are about 41 Vistadome coaches in India which have been introduced in Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Kalka Shimla Railway and Mumbai Goa train, And in some of the more famous places this coach has been added.

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Facilities of Vistadome coaches :

Large and beautiful glass has been installed here so that the tourists have no difficulty in seeing the mountain view outside, The seats in these coaches come with plenty of recline and 180 degree rotation, That means you can happily rotate the train seats and enjoy the very beautiful scenery of the journey. you also get the convenience of LCD TVs inside the train.

And besides this train has mini fridge, mili oven, separate luggage area and many other facilities, Even here you will get juicer grinder. This train runs from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Railway Station to Madgaon Railway Station 6 days a week. It’s about a 9 hour long train journey and you won’t know when the 9 hours will fly by with beautiful views.

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Friends a bad part of train journey is that we can see good view from the site but no chance to see front or back view. But there is a solution to this problem that vistadome coaches, it is installed at the back of the train because the tourists can see the view of the the back. From where you get a great view of the rear of the train. I strongly recommend you to take the Mumbai to Goa train journey at least once in your life.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal railway station,

How to Book Vistadome coaches:

If you are planning your trip in this coach then I suggest you to book your train about two months in advance because now this train has only one vistadome coach and only 44 seats are available in it.

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What is the best time to travel by train from Mumbai to Goa?

The best time to travel by train from Mumbai to Goa is during monsoon, The best experience of this journey is to enjoy the view here. If you come during or just after monsoon, you will enjoy the magnificent waterfalls and lush greenery here. At this time, the waterfalls here will blow at their own speed which will fascinate you.

rmumbai to goa train

So what are you waiting for, take a break from the office and head out on this amazing tour, Apart from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal railway station, many trains depart for Goa from other railway stations such as Dadar, Lokmanya Tilak terminal, and Panvel railway stations. And it goes to two railway stations in Goa, one is Karmali railway station and the other is Madgaon railway station.

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Mumbai to goa by train: (CSMT to KRMI)

Around four trains leave Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal for Karmali Railway Station in Goa every day.
A lot of people travel from Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway Station to Goa every day, so you should book your train about a month in advance. I have mentioned below some of the trains that travel from Mumbai(CSMT) to Goa(KRMI).

mumbai to goa vistadome train

  • 1. Madgaon Tejas express (22119). This train departs from Mumbai’s CSMT railway station at 5:50 AM and reaches Karmali Junction at 1:56 PM. The train is very good usually not much late and you will reach Goa on time and if you want to go till Madgaon then this train is very good. This train departs from Mumbai to Goa every day except Monday and Thursday. Another good thing about this train is that it stops at only six stations from Mumbai to Goa
  • 2. Mandovi Express (10103). This train departs from Mumbai’s CSMT Railway Station at 7:10 AM and reaches you at Goa’s Karmali Railway Station at 5:54 PM. This train takes slightly longer to reach you in Goa as compared to Tejas Express.
  • 3. Mangaluru junction SF express (12133). This train is also a very good one. It departs from Mumbai CSMT railway station at 10:02 PM and reaches you at Karmali Station in Goa at 6:28 AM. If you want to reach early in the morning then this is a good option for you but I would not suggest you to take this train because Mumbai to Goa train journey has a lot of scenic views from the train which you can’t enjoy in this train.
  • 4. Konkan Kanya express (10111). This train also departs from Mumbai CST railway station at 11 pm and reaches Karmli station in Goa at 8:30 am.

All these trains depart from CSMT Railway Station to Karmal Railway Station in Goa.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal railway station,

Mumbai to Goa train (CSMT to MAO)

Only two trains run from Mumbai’s CSMT railway station to Goa Madgaon railway station.

  • 1. Madgaon Tejas Express: This train reaches Madgaon from CSMT railway station via Karmali railway station, This train departs from CSMT railway station at 5:50 AM and reached Madgaon around 2:10 PM. The train runs daily except Mondays and Thursdays.
  • 2. Madgaon janshatabdi Express: This train leaves CSMT railway station at 5:10 AM and reaches Matgaon at 2:10 PM. This train runs daily between both stations. This train has vistadome coaches.

mumbai to goa by train

Mumbai to Goa train (PNVL to VSG)

  • 1.Vasco da Gama SF Express: Only this train runs from Panvel Railway Station in Mumbai to Vaskodagama Railway Station, The train runs only on Sundays.

Mumbai DR to MAO Goa

Only one train runs from Dadar Central Railway Station in Mumbai to Goa Madgaon Railway Station once a week.

  • 1.Tirunelveli SF Express: This train departs from Dadar Central Railway Station, Mumbai at 8:40 PM and reaches Madgaon Railway Station at 7:00 AM, And the train only runs on Thursday

Mumbai to goa vistadome train

2.Mumbai LTT to KRMI Goa

About four trains run from Lokmanya Tilak Railway Station in Mumbai to Goa’s Karmali Railway Station.

  • 1.Matsyagandha Express: This train departs from LLT station at 1:05 PM and reaches Goa Margao Railway Station at 1:05 AM.
  • 2.Kochuveli SF Express: this train is also depart from LLT railway station at 4:55 pm and reached MAO at 3am.
  • 3.Kochuveli Garib Rath Express: We all have heard the name of Garib Rath, Garib Rath is one of the most amazing trains, Only two days in a week, Monday and Thursday, the train departs from LLT station to MAO station. Timing is 5:55 pm to 3 am.
  • 4.Ernakulam duronto Express: It is a very good train train departs from LNT railway station 8:50 pm to MEO 5:40 am railway station only two days a week on Thursday and Saturday.

Mumbai to Goa (PNVL to KRMl)

About 6 trains depart from Panvel Junction in Mumbai to Karmani Railway Station in Goa. I am giving the name of some of them trains below.

  • 1. Goa sampark Kranti Express:
  • 2. Thiruvananthapuram SF Express:

Mumbai to Goa (PNVL to MAO)

About 21 weekly trains depart from Panvel Junction to Goa Madgaon Railway Station, some of them I have mentioned below.

  • 1. Okha-Ernakulam SF Express:
  • 2. Mangla Lakshadweep Express:
  • 3.Kochuveli weekly SF Express:
  • 4.Coimbatore SF-Special Fare special

Can we go Mumbai to Goa by train?

yes, lot’s of trains run between mumbai to goa, from mumbai’s CSMT, PNVL, LLT, DR to goa’s MAO,KRMI,VSG railway stations.

What is the cost of Tejas Express Mumbai to Goa?

the approx cost of tejas express vistadome is 2495 rupees, AC chair car is 990 and second sitting is only 285.

Which train Mumbai to Goa has Vistadome?

MAO JANSHATABDI (12051) and Tejas Express both train has vistadome.

How much does Vistadome train cost?

the approx cost of MAO JANSHATABDI (12051) vistadome is 2495 rupees only.


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