Delhi to Manali distance by volvo bus,train,or flight


distance between Delhi to Manali is about 536 kms, There are 3 ways to reach Manali from delhi, the first of them is Delhi to Manali by Bus. This is the easiest and cheapest way to reach Manali from Delhi and if you want, you can also go to Manali by train and flight from Delhi.

But friends, here I will tell you the total five ways to reach Manali. You can do it whichever way you like,  I will always recommend you to travel from Delhi to Manali by Volvo bus,

Delhi to Manali
Delhi to Manali

In this blog, I am going to give complete information that how you can reach Manali from Delhi in a very cheap and easy way, I will tell you all three ways, one is flight, another train and bus, If you read my blog, then you will know that I always recommend you to travel by train and don’t recommend travel  on the bus much.

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Because friends train journey is more comfortable than Bus, But here the situation is different You will get a direct bus from Delhi to Manali but from here no direct train goes till Manali.

And you also have a different option, you can also reach Manali by flight, This is also a great option for you.

manali Himachal Pradesh
manali Himachal Pradesh

Friends Manali is a very beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh. And every moment millions of tourists come here to visit, and Manali is about 540 kilometers away from Delhi, Because of this, most of the people come to Delhi first and take a direct bus from Delhi and go to Manali.

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Delhi to Manali distance by Volvo intercity Bus:

Friends, the easiest and cheapest way to go from Delhi to Manali is by Bus. There are many agencies in Delhi that provide Delhi to Manali bus service. One of them is the agency Lakshmi Holidays, It is a very good agency, if you go to it, you get a lot of facilities, Friends this is not a sponsor post I am telling you my experience.

If you go through this agency then you are going to get two pick up points, one is Majnu Tila in Delhi and the other is near Kashmiri Gate metro station, And friends, different agencies may have different pickup points here.

manali trip

but most of the buses leave in front of Kashmiri Gate to manali bus, New Delhi. After leaving the gate number 4 of the metro station, there is a petrol pump All the buses go from there.

you can book your buses from here: from delhi to manali volvo bus hub


You get a lot of facilities inside a Volvo bus,like it’s totally air condition. they Also provide water bottle and band-aid, If you have a problem with vomiting on the bus, Still do not take tension, they’re giving plastic polythene along with them and also there is blanket.

delhi to manai
delhi to manai

Volvo bus leave to Manali after every 1 hour Near Kishmiri Gate Metro Station. There are two stops in the middle, one is Morthalla, the other is near Bilaspur where you can eat and drink. It will take you about 14 hours to go from Delhi to Manali by bus. And if there is no jam on the way, then you will reach only in 12 hours.

How to book Delhi to Manali Volvo buses:

If you book a Volvo bus through Lakshmi Holiday Agency, then these travel agency have their own application where you can book, And if you want, you can book from Red Bus. if you book through any other agency then all types of buses is available in Red Bus fromi Delhi to Manal.

If you want, you can also book these buses from offline. For that you will have to come near the Kashmiri Gate metro station and after coming out of gate no 4, You will see a bus stand near the petrol pump and from there, maximum buses go to Manali.

delhi to manali by bus

And friends if we talk about fare then Delhi to Manali bus fare is only 800 to 1000 per person. If you book in offline also, then you will pay almost same price, So it would be better if you book online.

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manali trip

Delhi to Manali distance by train:

If you want to go from Delhi to Manali by Train then you can go via 2 ways, first is via pathankot and second is via Joginder Nagar, Not all trains arrive till Joginder Nagar Railway Station.

So it would be better if you have come Pathankot by train and then take a direct bus from Pathankot to Manali, The distance from Pathankot to Manali will be just 290 kms. And if you go from Joginder Nagar to Manali, then distance will be 143 km only.

manali trip

There are many trains from New Delhi to Pathankot. All Delhi to Jammu trains stop at Pathankot, so you won’t have any problem getting there, And when you go from Pathankot to Manali by bus then you have to go via Dharamsala,

If you want, you can spend two-three days staying in Dharamsala. Dharamshala is also a very beautiful place, Nestled between the mountains, this hill station is very famous also.But friends, this path is very winding, so I will never suggest it to you. It would be better if you take a direct bus from Delhi and go to Manali.

delhi to manali by bus

how to book Delhi to Manali train:

Like I told, to go from Delhi to Manali, you have to go to Pathankot first. And there will be a direct bus from Pathankot, You can book any train going from Delhi to Pathankot through IRCTC , its 2nd sitting fare will be only 150 rupees,

And then you will have to book a bus from Pathankot to Manali, it will cost you around ₹ 600. You can also book this bus through Red Bus online or it is also available in offline.

Delhi to Manali distance by flight:

delhi to srinagar flight
delhi to Manali flight

If you want to go from Delhi to Manali by flight, then you will have to go from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport to Kullu Airport, Kullu airport is closest to Manali. And after that you will get many taxis or buses from near Kullu airport to go to Manali

But friends, there are many rules and regulations for going to the flight, you will have to follow them all, For example, if you cannot carry heavy luggage. or if you take heavy luggage, then you have to pay for it separately, and do not keep a knife or nail cutter with you.

how to book flight from Delhi to Manali:

Friends, there are many online applications through which you can book online flight from Delhi to Manali, Like (click here to book your flight) is a website, through this you can book flights very easily It compares other websites to show you the cheapest flights, And if you book the flight at least 2 months before the day of journey, you will find it much cheaper.

best time to visit Manali road trip:

If you are confused to come to Manali or are wondering when to come to Kullu Manali, So friends, here I will tell category-wise which month will be the best to visit Manali, so let’s start.

Manali Visit in January to March :


Friends, if you are a snow lover or you like snowfall very much. so January two months is the best month for you. So you will get a lot of slow here and you will be able to enjoy the snowfall as well as, if you go at this time, then you can also do many snow activities.

Manali snow activities:

delhi to manali by bus
  • Skin: The first option you have is to do skin in the snow.
  • Tuberide: next is that tuberide, you can enjoy it too, it is one of my personal favorite activity, Even if you are two people, you can also do this activity together.
  • Snow scooter: The third activity is snow scooter, The snow-riders here drives very fast scooter, you’re going to enjoy it too.
  • zobbing: it’s like a big ball, Putting you inside it then gets pushed up from the mountain, Don’t do this if you feel dizzy due to circular motion.

Along with all these activities, you can also do Rafting and Paragliding here. But on July to September the Rafting and paragliding totally are closed.

All these activities take place in Solang Valley, just 40 km from Manali. So friends, the best time to visit Manali is January to March.

places to visit during Delhi to Manali Highway:

when you go to from Delhi to Manali, you will crossing many beautiful places. And if you want, you can stop those places for a while, If you take your own car then it is possible.

delhi to manali by bus
  • panipat: Panipat is a historical battle site as you all would know.there is a museum here, where many items of war are kept.
  • kurukshetra: The Mahabharata war took place at this place, and this place has a special recognition in Hinduism.If you are going from here, then definitely stay here for a while and enjoy this place.
  • Chandigarh: chandigarh to manali distance is about 305 kms. If you have some time you can explore Chandigarh, there very beautiful place in chandigarh and this hill city is very beautiful.
  • Bilaspur: Bilaspur is a very beautiful place and all the buses going to Manali stop here. There is a very famous food and drink shop here, where you can eat and drink.
  • Mandi: prashar lake is most beautiful a famous lake in Mandi. It is situated at a distance of about 50 kms from Mandi. There is a Shiva temple near the lake. Most of the people going to Manali stay here, There are many other places to visit in Mandi such as Bhoothnath Temple, rewalsar lake, barot valley and kamrunag lake.
  • Kullu: Kullu is very near to Manali and it is also a very beautiful place. The Great Himalayan National Park is present here which is very nice,If you are coming to Manali then it has been 2 days on Kullu too, it would be very nice.
  • naggar village: The naggar village is just a short distance away from Kullu. It is a very beautiful village and is surrounded by hills on all sides. If you are a nature lover then you must visit this village.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Is road safe from Delhi to Manali?

Yes, the road from Delhi to Manali is absolutely safe and the road condition is much better than before

How can I go to Manali by flight?

To go to Manali, you will get a direct flight from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport to Kullu airport. After that you will take many taxis and cabs from Kullu to reach Manali.

What is the cheapest way to reach Manali from Delhi?

You can take a direct Volvo bus from Delhi to go to Manali. and it is the easiest and cheapest way to reach Manali from Delhi.

Which route is better from Delhi to Manali?

from Delhi to Manali via NH 44 is the best route, This road goes towards Manali via Kurukshetra,Chandigarh, Mandi, Bilaspur.

Is Shimla better or Manali?

Shimla and Manali both have very beautiful place, But I personally find Manali is very beautiful.

Is Manali safe at night?

Yes, Manali is completely safe in the night and although Many tourists do shopping here even at night.

which is the best Volvo bus service from Delhi to Manali?

When I went to Manali, I went by Laxmi Holidays’ bus, and i like their service very much, so i can say it is a better Volvo bus service from Delhi to Manali.

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