Distance between Kolkata to Digha is About 185 km. New Digha Sea Beach is one of the most famous sea beaches in West Bengal, Apart from Digha Beach, there are several other Sea Beaches in West Bengal such as Bakkhali and Mausini Island Sea Beach but the most famous of them all is New Digha Sea Beach. Some of us friends planned to visit New Digha and traveled to Digha from Kolkata. We spend about four days in New Digha and we all had a great experience.

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A lot of tourists come to Dighat from other states like West Bengal and Odisha state. Because Digha is very close to Odisha and also I have seen people from Delhi Maharashtra and even Punjab here. They also came here to visit. If you come here once, Digha will entice you to come back for a second time. I write travel articles, so I have to travel a lot and I have been to many sea beaches in India. I won’t say that Digha is the most beautiful but I can say that Digha is much cheaper than other sea beaches. The water here is very clean.

New Digha Sea Beach

I have been to Digha three times before twice with my family and once alone. Foods here is very cheap and also hygienic. There are many other beaches around New Digha Sea Beach where you can travel very easily. But what I liked most was when I went out with my friends. Actually the fun of visiting with friends is different. Today I will share with you my experience of visiting Digha and also I will tell you how long it takes to visit here, what time is best to visit New Digha and what things to do in digha.

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How to reach Digha from kolkata :

If you are from outside West Bengal then you should first come to Kolkata because it is very easy to reach Digha from Kolkata and if not you can reach Digha by another way that is from Puri in Orissa you will get a lot of buses which leave for Digha. The bus fare is around 400 rupees, the buses are serviced very well and it takes about eight hours to reach Digha from Puri.

There are many ways to reach Digha from Kolkata like if you are thinking of going by train then you can easily reach Digha from Kolkata by train in just four hours and also there are many buses departing from Kolkata to Digha every day. Distance from Kolkata to Digha is about 210 km if you have your own car then you can drive to Digha. We have many friends who mostly travel Kolkata to digha with their own cars.

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Digha Railway Station

Kolkata to digha Distance by train:

Most of the people prefer to go to Digha by train from Calcutta, I will also promote you that. Because if you travel from Kolkata to Digha by bus, it will take you around six hours, and many people find it difficult to travel by bus. AC buses are also tolerable but your fare will go up a lot. There are about four trains from Kolkata that depart for Digha, I am giving the details of the trains below.

1. Tamralipta Express: Tamralipta Express is the most famous train from Kolkata to Digha. This train has been running for many years, connecting Kolkata to Digha. And it is very crowded so I would suggest you to book tickets if you are traveling. Tamralipta Express which departs from Kolkata’s Howrah station at 6:50 am and reaches Digha railway station right on time by 10:30 am.

Usually this train is not late and is a very good train. By taking this train you will reach very early i mean by 10:30 it will be very convenient to pick up your hotel and you can enjoy the whole day well then my recommendation is try to take this train so that you can reach Digha. General compartment fare in this train is only 90 rupees, second seating reservation coach fare is only rupees 105. There is no sleeper coaches in this train.

Hotel Around Digha Railway station

Hotel Around New Digha Sea Beach

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2. Paharia Express: This train also departs from Howrah at 7:30 AM and reaches Digha at 11:55 AM. But this train does not run regularly like Tamralipta Express. You will get this train only on Saturday. This train is also fairly good. It will take you to Digha in about four hours.

reservation coach fare is only rupees, The fare of this train may be slightly less compared to Tamralipta Express. The general compartment fare of this train is only 75 taka. And the reservation fee is only 90 taka.

3. Kandari Express: This train departs from Howrah for Digha at 2:25, and reaches Digha at five fifty according to its own time. This train departs from Howrah station for Digha almost daily. This train is a good train but since the timing of this train is in the afternoon so it will be afternoon by the time you reach Digha.

If you have not got the reservation of Tamralipta Express then book this train. General compartment fare is only 90 rupees and reservation fare is 105 rupees.

Apart from these three trains, one more train departs from Santaragachi railway station in Kolkata for Digha but that train runs only 2 days in a week, on Saturday at 9:00 am and on Sunday at 8:00 am the train departs from Santragachi railway station for Digha.

new digha sea beach

Kolkata to digha by Bus :

If you don’t get Digha train reservation and wondering how to reach Digha from Kolkata then don’t despair, another easy way to reach Digha from Kolkata is by bus. Sometime l discourage you to take buses, because I know many people have trouble traveling by bus like many others Vomiting on bus. I also used to vomit on bus when I was child but not now.

Anyway, you will get many buses to Digha from various bus stands in Kolkata. There are two types of AC and non AC buses from Kolkata, you can take any bus according to your budget. A large number of buses depart for Digha daily from Babughat Bus Stand and Dharmatala Bus Stand in Kolkata.

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New Digha Sea Beach

Things to Do in New Digha Sea Beach :

New digha beach has many things to do when i visited i did many things like boating biking horse riding, Football playing and many more.

1. boating: At New Digha beach you will find lots of voting places there are many companies who charge about 300 rupees per person and take you in the boat with live jacket almost far to the sea and this boarding is about half an hour you will have a lot of fun doing it. We tried it when six of us friends went.

2. Bike Riding: New Digha beach lot of people come there with their own bikes and they rent bikes for beach riding, from them you can rent bikes for about an hour for just 200 rupees the joy of beach biking is different.


3. Horse Riding : At New Digha beach you will find lots of people who come here with their own horses, you can rent horses from them and you can go here on horseback and tour the beach, We tried it and loved it.

4. Football Plying: If you bring your own soccer ball, you can play soccer here, and you can have fun playing soccer on the beach.

Street Food in digha

Street Food at New Digha Beach :

There is a lot of street food in Media, and most of it is seafood. You can easily find fresh sea fish like crab and octopus here. We used to go out every afternoon to enjoy the street food here and spend the whole afternoon trying the street food here.


I liked the lobsters and crabs here, if you want you can get different kinds of sea food here and in those shops they give you the fish with spices and fried. If you are coming to New Digha, then you must eat the street food here.

Frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to reach New Digha from Kolkata?

It doesn’t take much time to reach Digha from Kolkata, if you travel by train you will reach Digha in just four hours and if you travel by bus it will take you around 5 hours.

Approximately how long does it take to travel the entire Digha?

There are many sightseeing places around Digha like Udaipur and others if you want to visit Digha completely it will take you around three to four days.


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