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Friends, you must have gone to many cities of India.But if we talk about cheap city, then Kolkata is the cheapest city in India And there are many unique places to visit in kolkata. I live in Kolkata but I travel to other cities of India, you have come to know that the rates of other cities are very high compared to Kolkata, say hotel or even the cost of food and drink is high.

That’s why I would say that if You are a budget traveler and want to travel somewhere cheap, then Kolkata is a good option for you. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and there are many places to visit.

If you are coming alone then it is also right, but if you come to visit Kolkata with your family, then it will be great because the Alipore Zoo here is the biggest zoo in India, children’s like it very much, now let’s start visiting Kolkata on a budget.

Book accommodation a short distance from the city :

hotel at kolkata

Although Kolkata is a very cheap city, but if you take hotels around the city, then you may have to pay a little more money. Inside the city, you will probably find hotels within 1000 to 10000, but at a distance from the city, you can easily get a hotel within 500 to 600.

If you are traveling alone, then a good solution for you is to book a hostel, there are many hostels available in Kolkata, whose price is only 200 or 250 per person. and here some yatri lodge has also been built by the government, whose price is only ₹ 80 per person but here you can only stay overnight. The time table of this lodge is from 6:00 pm checkin and checkout 10:00 am, this is the best way to visiting Kolkata on a budget.

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Do not book accommodation in advance :

If you search for hotels online, then you will get to see that the price of each hotel here is around 1000 to 5000 and if you come here and book a hotel, then you can be very cheap. and Don’t be fooled by any broker to book hotels, Search hotel on google and talk to hotel manager directly.

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Transportation cost in Kolkata:

kolkata transport

See there are basically three types of expenses in traveling, one is accommodation, second transportation and third fooding. Here we will talk about transportation, if you want to travel cheaply, then use most of the public transport. While traveling in Kolkata, if you use the government bus here, then you can go from one place to another very cheaply,

as an example, if you go from Sealdah station to Victoria, it will cost you only ₹ 10 in the bus but if you go by taxi then it will cost you about ₹ 100. where if you use taxi or cab then you have to pay very high fare.

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Kolkata’s metro rail:

kolkata metro

Another best way to travel in Kolkata is metro rail, Perhaps the cheapest metro in the whole world runs on Kolkata only, If you want to enjoy Kolkata’s metro Rail, then you will have to spend only ₹ 10. You can go from one place to another place in Calcutta for just Rs 10 by metro.

Travel on local train in Kolkata :

kolklata local railway

Also a best way to visiting Kolkata on a budget is by local train. In the local train here, you can cover a distance of up to 20 kilometers in just ₹ 5, Yes, the local train here is a bit crowded, but if you travel at office time, you may get a little more crowded but the crowd is less at normal time.

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Best time to visit in Kolkata :

winter season is the right time to visit Kolkata, For information, let us tell you that here it is very hot in summer And a lot of rain on rainy days. And you won’t have as much fun during travel, in winter, many tourists also come here from abroad. So it will be right for you that you come to Kolkata except summer and monsoon.

How much does food cost in Kolkata:

street food of kolkata
street food of kolkata

I have already told you that Kolkata is very cheap compared to other cities of India. Similarly, the food here also comes very cheap You may not believe but you can easily eat one time meal here for just ₹ 20.

But if you come here, then definitely try eating some of the famous food items in Kolkata The street food here is also very famous. And sweets If you have been to Kolkata and you have not eaten sweets then you missed a lot.

sweets of kolkata
sweets of kolkata

Kolkata’s famous sweet is rasgulla But there are many other sweets available here like Chana Jilipi, rasmalai lord cham cham. and you get all this very cheap too.

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Cheap and unique places to visit in Kolkata :

There are many such places in Kolkata, parks and monuments where you can travel very cheaply. And I will tell you about the place from them which is inside Kolkata city.

1. Victoria memorial hall:


This palace is built near the Hooghly and it is a major landmark Kolkata. It was built by the Prince of Wales in memory of Queen Victoria. The Taj Mahal which is made of white marble, in the same way Victoria is also made of white marble there are 25 galleries inside in which you will get the history of entire British India. If you are interested in history then this can prove to be the best place for you. this is most iconic place and defenatly including your cheap and unique places to visit in kolkata bucket list.

how to reach: It is present at a distance of only 4 kilometers from Sealdah station, bus fare will be only ₹ 10.

entry fee: The entry price in Victoria is only  ₹ 30 for Indians but up to ₹ 500 for foreigners.

Princep Ghat :

princep ghat kolkata
princep ghat kolkata

Prinsep Ghat is a very iconic and unique tourist attraction of Kolkata. It was built by the people of Kolkata in 1883 after the death of the historic James Prinsep. He was a very great historical who discovers Ashoka’s inscription and introduced us to great emperor Ashoka. On weekend many people go here for picnic with their family and friends. this is a very good place in Kolkata for couples and this is including your cheap and unique places to visit in kolkata bucket list.

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How to reach:

You can go here by train or bus, if you want to go by train, then you will reach here from Dum Dum station and if you want to go by bus then from Sealdah station the bus goes here directly.

entry fee : There is no entry of Prinsep Ghat, you can come here anytime absolutely for free.

Alipore Zoo :

alipore zoo kolkata

Alipore zoo is one of the largest zoo in west bengal and india as well. You will also get to see the famous Bengal tiger here and there are 1266 animals of 108 species.This zoo was built in 1876 and it is spread over 48.46 acres of land. If you have come with family, then definitely come here, children will like this place very much and If you want to visit Kolkata at low cost then this is the most cheap and unique place to visit in kolkata.

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how to reach: The entry price in Alipore Zoo is only ₹30 per person.

There are many other places to visit in Kolkata, for more information, read my another article best places to visit in kolkata

Dakshineswar Kali temple:

dakhineshwer kali temple

Dakshineswar Kali Temple is one of the famous temples in Kolkata.This temple was built by Rani rashmoni in 1855.This temple is a very ancient temple built near the Hooghly river in Kolkata.All the devotees who come to Kolkata definitely come here. and this is most unique place to visit in kolkata.

Due to Coronavirus this temple was closed for a few days but now it has been opened. Opens the door of this temple at 7:00 in the morning, which is where worship goes on till 8:00 in the night.

how to reach: You can also come here by metro and then by train. Direct train is available from Sealdah to Dakshineswar.

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How To Do Your Backpacking To Visit Kolkata :

To go anywhere, it is very important for us to backpack properly because most of it happens that we carry more luggage than expected and keep moving around with heavy luggage.

Backpack depends on what time you are coming to Kolkata If you come in summer you don’t need to carry much luggage, 2 pairs of clothes and a water bottle is enough.

But if you come in winter you may need to bring a little more stuff. It is not that much cold in Kolkata, so do not take much stuff, just take one or two sweaters that’s enough.

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