Globalization has opened up the world and allowed people from different parts of the world to enjoy the offer of other cultures. People can learn different languages ​​and integrate different cultures around the world into their daily lives, thus creating a new way of working.

Different cultures around the world have specific ways of doing things that may seem strange to others. From a global perspective, there are traditional cultures that stand out because they have the roots of ancient civilizations.

different cultures around the world

different cultures around the world,source canva

here I tell you top 10 different culture around the world, and interesting culture around the world. you all knows about this famous cultures am I mention some of the most famous country and their cultures like United States, China, India and many more, I am an Indian so I love my culture and also I respect others peoples culture I like American culture and European culture because the behaviours of some western people is very good. we need daily practice diffrent cultures and learn the new languages, So, what is cultural practice? Cultural practices are routine behaviors and values ​​shared within a specific community. Examples of different cultures of the world that have fascinated many:

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List of different cultures around the world

  • Italian culture
  • French culture
  • Spanish culture
  • Chinese culture
  • American culture
  • Indian culture
  • British culture
  • Greek culture
  • Mexican culture
  • Swedish culture

1. Italian culture

Italian culture

Italian culture source canva

1st different cultures around the world is The country of Italy, Pizza and Gelto have held people captive for centuries. Known around the world for its Renaissance industry, the country receives an estimated 40 million tourists a year. The number of tourists has declined in 2020 due to the epidemic, but there are plans to expand the industry as more people take shots against the virus.

Italians have a rich culture in art, architecture and cuisine. A popular tradition in Italian culture includes incorporating music and dance into most of their activities, be it family celebrations, semi-formal events or community festivities, and it is most popular culture around the world.

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amazing facts about Italy:

The capital and largest city of Italy is rome, and the official language here is italian, The currency of Italy is Euro And the population here is close to 6 crore 6 lakhs, One of the oldest universities in the whole world is the University of Rome in Italy.

Built in 1303 by the Catholic Church,Today the university is the largest university in Europe with 1.5 million students.

Friends, there is only one country in which 2000 countries are included.In this, the first country is San Marino and the second country is Vatican City, which is the smallest country in the whole world, Which is also considered a religious center of Christianity. And both these countries are surrounded by Italy on all sides.

Italy is a very beautiful country in Europe and 80% of it is surrounded by mountains.Italy has the most earthquakes compared to other countries in Europe, And Italy has the largest number of Volcanoes than any other country in the world.

2. French culture 

French culture 

French culture source canva

second different cultures around the world is France and also most popular culture in the world. the French have been around for millennia and their influence can be traced back to history. To the world, French culture includes good food, great art and beautiful places. In second place in the most influential culture, the French are known for their romance.

On top of that, the French have established themselves as the capital of fashion with the names of many brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Mugler, Chanel, etc. In one year, France received 100 million tourists as of 2021, thus indicating a strong interest in the French way of life.

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amazing facts about France:

France, the 42nd largest country in the world and the largest country in Europe, is also known for its beauty and romance, You can guess the beauty of France from the fact that the number of travelers visiting here is more than the population here.

Paris, the capital of France, is considered to be the first choice of people in matters of travel.If you are fond of eating cheese, then in France you can get to eat more than 4500 dishes of cheese,France comes in those countries of Europe where it is farming in large quantities.

According to an estimate, it is believed that about 50% of the people of France do not belong to any religion, France is the second country after England in which the most ruled on this earth.

French people are very fond of food and drink, that is why every day a book of cooking recipe is published here, And the number of people who read them here is also enough.If you go France, then definitely try the amazing dishes here.

3. Spanish culture

spain cultures

spanish cultures source canva

Spain ranks third on the list of different cultures around the world, consisting of several independent countries. It is the fourth most visited country in the world and is also proud of its artistic heritage. Examples of Spanish cultural practices include love of religious festivals and other cultural festivals, it is most popular culture around the world.

The Spaniards enjoy a good party with enthusiasm because the whole community is involved. La Tomatina is a world-famous festival. Tourists love Spain and this is evident from the more than 80 million people who visited the county in 2021.

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amazing facts about Spain:

The largest city and capital of the Spain is Madrid, The total population here is around 47.5 million and 70% Roman Catholic people live here. 28% people do not believe in any religion and 2% people of other religions live here. The official language here is Spanish and here English is also spoken.

Spain is a very beautiful country to see and visit, And for this reason, every year about 6 crore tourists go to visit here. Spain is very famous for its bullfighting, although a sport is considered very dangerous, many countries have banned this game but it is completely legal to play in Spain.

The number of beaches in Spain is more than 8000. Every year there is a festival called La Tomatina where people can throw tomatoes on each other and enjoy a lot, It has also been featured in a Bollywood movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

4. Chinese Culture

Chinese Culture

Chinese Culture source canva

4th different cultures around the world is China. Chinese culture is one of the oldest cultures and most popular culture around the world, so it has a rich history and tradition. This fascinating culture thousands of years ago has had a huge impact on philosophy, etiquette, art and moral values. The Chinese present the world with a unique architectural, political and religious system that sets it apart from other cultures.

Among the unique qualities of the examples of Chinese cultural heritage are the emphasis on good family ties and the observation of classification. Even in old age children are expected to be loyal to their parents so that they get everything they need. In Chinese culture, people hold adults in high esteem, so there is no room for disrespect.

amazing facts about china:

By population, China is the biggest country in the world, And by area it is the fourth largest country in the world. its capital is Beijing and largest city is Shanghai, China’s official language is Chinese, but many regional languages ​​are also spoken here such as Mongolian,tibetian,Zohan etc.

Despite China being the world’s most populous country, 60% of its population lives in cities. China makes 90% of the Christmas trees and 80% of the toys used in the world.

The population of girls in China is much less than that of boys. Here the number of boys is about 3:30 million more than girls.That’s why the boys here may have to face a lot of problems in getting married.

And this country is very dangerous in terms of food because every year about 450,000 cats are eaten in China, it is a part of the culture here And at the same time 7500000 dogs are eaten here every year. It is said that every 4 leg things except wood are eaten in China.

Here people do not hesitate to eat anything. But perhaps this is the reason that most of the epidemics originate from China. also Coronavirus originated from China.

Don’t feel bad if any of my Chinese brothers/sister are reading this article. If I have said something wrong then you can also direct message me.

5. American culture

American culture

American culture source canva

5th different cultures around the world is America. The United States brings together people of different nationalities and economic backgrounds. It has a huge population and is the center of the film and entertainment industry. Hollywood movies and music reach even the most remote corners of the world, so it has an impact everywhere.

The people of the United States have different cultural beliefs, including examples that everyone has unique rights and should be respected regardless of religion or race it is most popular culture around the world.

amazing facts about America:

Like me, the favorite country of many people will probably be only one America. The people here, the language here, the lifestyle of the people here, I like the culture of America very much, Many people dream of living in America Because the lifestyle of the people living here is amezing.

The capital city of America is Washington DC and the largest city here is New York, which is considered to be the economic capital here. The official language here is English, but apart from English, Latin, Spanish, french, Chinese is also spoken here.

The currency of America is US Dollar which is very famous all over the world. $1 is equal to ₹77 in India, most of the people of America earn a lot of money, but despite this, people here are able to save only one percent of it,And apart from this, the people there also gamble 30 lakh crores every year.

And you all must know how advanced and technology the people of America are. And this is the reason why 80% of the people there spend their time at home. There are more animals than humans in America’s Monterey Providence.

Nowadays, most of the world’s largest companies belong from America, some of them are named Google Apple Facebook Microsoft, And people from all countries of the world dream of working in these multinational companies.

Indian culture:

Holi festivel in india

Holi festivel in india

india ranked 6th different cultures and the world, If there is any oldest culture in the world, it is the Indian culture. It is also most popular culture in the world, India’s Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization is introduced how old is indian culture, And by looking at the ancient temples of India, this can also be guessed. The people here are very religious and carry their traditions.

Many festivals are celebrated in India every year. which reflects the culture here Some of the famous festivals here will be named Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja. Along with this, Eid and Christmas are also celebrated with great pomp here.

People of all religions live together in India, Despite it being a Hindu majority country, the living conditions of all religions have been given freedom here. And an interesting thing about India is that almost 50% of Indians are vegetarian.

If I talk about clothes, then most of the girls here wear sarees and churidars.boys traditional dress is Panjabi dhoti etc. But with the passage of time the people here also changed to wear clothes. they also wear modern t-shirt jeans etc.

amazing facts about India:

After China, India is the most populous country with a population of over 1.3 billion. India is a diverse country with famous historical landmarks like Taj Mahal and many more landscapes. People of different religions coexist peacefully in the country and it receives an estimated 19 million tourists a year.

If you are coming to India then do not forget to see the beautiful temples here. Here are some such temples which were constructed 2000-3000 years ago. And Kashmir, which is called the heaven on earth, is also present on India.

The first thing you notice when you go to India, excluding the crowds, is how spiritual and polite the people are. Indians believe in deeds, which pay a person according to their deeds.

7. United Kingdom culture:

United Kingdom culture

United Kingdom culture source canva

7th different cultures around the world is Britain culture, People in the UK are proud of their work ethic, creativity and innovation because they like to bring something new to the table. The United Kingdom, like the United States, is a melting pot of culture and is known for lending English to the world, which has more than 2 billion speakers worldwide.

Not all of the UK is a drab, they have a rich art scene that includes orchestras, new technologies and media. People from all over the world are interested in visiting the country as it shows 9.7 million tourists by 2020. The number could have been higher had it not been for the Covid-19 epidemic.

amazing facts about England:

The country I am going to tell today about one time That country was to rule 88% of the whole earth, Yes the name of that country is the great Britain, The people of England are very fond of drinking tea. At least 300 different languages are spoken in the capital of this country, London.

Usually the name of this country is very big The full name of this country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This country formed by merging 4 countries, which also includes Wales, Scotland, northern Island and Britain.

The total population of England is about 5 crores 60 lakhs(56 million) and it comes in 21st number in terms of population in the whole world, 84% of the people of this country live in the city where 16% of the people still live in the village.

Friends, the currency of England is pound, which is considered to be the oldest currency in the world, England is a very rich country, here the per person income is $ 40000.Here you will get to see very little unemployment, Here people are very cautious about their career.

8. Greece’s culture

Greece's culture

Greece’s culture source canva

Greece rank 8th in different cultures around the world, The Greeks influenced the world heritage of the 19th century. Greek culture provided a solid foundation for politics, science, philosophy, and art. Did you know that Greece was the originator of democracy?

People in Greece appreciate museums and theaters because they distract from the hustle and bustle of life. The Greeks gave birth to the Olympic Games, which influenced sports in many cultures around the world. Prior to the epidemic, Greece received more than 30 million tourists due to its beautiful islands like Santorini and historical sites such as the Acropolis of Athens.

facts about Greece:

The official name of Greece is Hellenic Republic, Friends, the population of Greece is around 11.5 millions and the largest city or capital is Athens, Which is considered one of the oldest cities of Europe.

The official language of the country is Greek and due to the high mountains here, the river is very less here, 80 percent area of this country is only hilly. and Euro is the currency of Greece, There are a total of 2000 islands in Greece, out of which people live on 170 islands.

Europe’s this country the population of women is more than of men, 55% of the whole country is only women’s, Today, 15 percent of the airplane in the whole world belong to the Greece.

Of the marble produced in the whole world, 7 percent of the marble is produced by Greece. The weather of this country is very spectacular, it remains sunny for 9 months in this country and for this reason about one lakh birds come here every year, And at the same time, millions of tourists come here every year to enjoy the beauty of this place.

9. Mexican culture

Mexican culture

Mexican culture source canva

9th different cultures around The World is Mexican culture, Mexicans are another culture full of color and festivities. Influenced by the Aztecs and Mayans, Mexican culture finds its roots in a combination of Spanish and other indigenous cultures. They emphasize the importance of family, religious observances and respect for elders.

Mexicans wear bright clothes, enjoy lively music and are fans of bullfighting. By 2020, more than 23 million people have come to Mexico to enjoy this exciting culture that enjoys spicy food.

amazing fact about Mexico

Friends, today Mexico is known in the world because of its progress and independence.Mexico gained independence from Spain on 15 September 1810. The full name of Mexico is United States of Mexico and its capital is Mexico City. And the population here is more than 120 millions.

Mexico has many volcanoes The world’s smallest volcano is also present in Mexico, Its height is only 13 meters and its width is 35 meters only. Our favorite snack chocolates also originated from Mexico.

corn and chili were also first grown in Mexico, And even today, most chilies come from Mexico.Mexico is also the largest salt producing country in the whole world.

Friends, a lot of Spanish is spoken in the country of Mexico and the number of Spanish speakers here is more than the Spain, The world’s second largest international border is between the US and Mexico.

10. Swedish culture

Swedish culture

Swedish culture source canva

Sweden rank 10th in different cultures around the world, and it is the most popular culture around the world, Swedish culture is more liberal than the rest of the world, contributing at least 1% of its gross national product to human activities. On land, Sweden is one of the more extensive countries in the European Union.

The Nordic states offer advanced technology, quality public services and beautiful green scenery. They have a deeply rooted coffee culture known as FICA that allows people to relax during their coffee break with friends or family.

amazing fact about Sweden:

Friends, today I will talk about Sweden, very famous Nordic country in Europe, whose official name is Kingdom of Sweden, The population of Sweden is around 10 million and Sweden’s capital or the largest city is Stockholm.

The currency of this is Swedish Krona which is equivalent to ₹8 in India. Friends, Sweden is considered to be a very beautiful and devloped country of Europe, here the capital Stockholm is made up of many islands, And for this reason this beautiful city is also known as mini vanish.

There are 95000 lakes here which are more than 10 kilometers. The snowy hotel here is very famous, which was built in 1980. Millions of tourists come here to see this wonderful hotel. If you are Sweden then definitely go here.

Most of Sweden’s income comes from tax and everything here is taxed up to 25%.And despite all this, the people here are very happy to pay tax and they believe that, this tax will make their country more developed.

In Sweden both boys and girls work in equal measure and girls here are given full freedom. The computer mouse and refrigerator were also invented in Sweden. There is a golf club in Sweden, half of which is in Sweden and half in Finland. Sweden  is beautiful country is considered very famous for tourism.

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