Dwarka is considered a holy place in Hinduism and is one of the famous dhams among the chardhams, There are lots of places to visit in dwarka, also very beautiful temples along with Dwarkadhish Temple, And there is a Jyotirlinga Nageshwara of Shiva located very close to the dwarkadhish temple, Many shrines of Gods are located here together. A friend of mine went here and recommended me to visit Dwarka,

It is one of the oldest and religious cities in India, It is located on the banks of river Gomti in the state of Gujarat, Dwarka is one of the seven ancient cities of India, In ancient times it was a kingdom of Lord Krishna, and it was the first capital of the state of Gujarat.

dwarkadhish temple gujrat

dwarkadhish temple gujrat

Surrounded by beaches, this holy city is very beautiful, Here the festival of Lord Krishna’s birthday which we call Janmashtami is celebrated here with great enthusiasm. And if you are planning to visit, then Please read my entire article with great patience, I will provide all the important information you need.

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These are some important facts about Dwarka that you need to know, In this article I will highlight all the famous places in dwarka, History and also how you can reach Doarka very easily.

How to reach Dwarka:

dwarka railway station

dwarka railway station

You can easily reach here by train-bus and flight, First we will know how you can come to Doarka by train, If you live around the state of Gujarat. I am saying this from my experience when I visited Dwarka, I saw most of the tourists were from South India or from Kolkata, like West Bengal some people were also from Bihar and some South Indian states like Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu.

Even i saw how many foreign tourists in front of somnath and dwarkadish temple, nearby states like madhya pradesh then rajasthan were very less tourist from these states so i tell you there are so many beautiful places to visit in dwarka and near you are missing a lot of things.

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How to reach dwarka By train bus or flight:

dwarka railway station

Direct trains are available to reach Dwarka from various major cities of India, But if there is no direct train from your city to Dwarka then you can come to Rajkot and there are many trains from Rajkot, I went from Calcutta to Doarka by train and I first went to Delhi from Delhi to Ahmedabad.

But don’t worry if you want to come directly to Ahmedabad then there are direct tickets available to Ahmedabad from all over India. After few days in Delhi I went to Ahmedabad and in Ahmedabad I stayed for about 5 to 6 days in Ahmedabad and tried some gujrati street food there, and from there I came to Dwarka.

And if you want you can also go to Dwarka by bus, many buses ply from Ahmedabad to dwarka, If you want you can also book this bus through RedBus, the bus fare is around 700 rupees.


ALet’s learn a little bit of history of dwarka, Lord Krishna has many names and many forms and is worshiped in every form, he was born in Mathura but his father took him to Gokul, for his protection where he used to steal butter, ride cows and play such sports.After growing up, he again went to Mathura and killed his uncle and the tyrant King Kansa, Kansa’s father-in-law Jarasandha repeatedly attacked Mathura. That is why he moved here with his children like subjects and established a new kingdom called Dwarka.

According to mythology, Lord Krishna took land from the ocean to build Dwarka and built the city overnight from Vishwakarma, the architect of the gods.

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Places to visit in dwarka:

The whole city of Dwarka is a tourist place but more than that I have marked some places which are very important sightseeing places.One of the shrines of Shiva and the Jyotirlinga Nageshwar are located nearby in dwarka, Not only from India but also from abroad many people visit here mostly ISKCON people you can see here.

Dwarkadhish Temple:

dwarkadhish temple gujrat

dwarkadhish temple gujrat

dwarkadhish Temple is most heritage and One of the best places to visit in dwarka, This temple is the main attraction here, It is the center of social and spiritual life of the people here, it is also called Jagat mandir and trilok Sundar, dwarkadhish temple is higher than all the buildings here, so there is no exact date of construction of the temple, But the temple has undergone many external attacks and reconstructions over the millennia.

Before visiting the temple there is Gomti Ghat next to it, where the river Gomti meets the sea, you should bathing there,
This temple has five floors and seven pillars, The height of the temple is 38 meters and the walls of the temple are carved with idols of deities and animals. When you visit here you will be mesmerized by its beauty and you will want to stay here, I cannot describe how beautiful this temple is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea.

I think the beauty of the temple is enhanced by its proximity to the sea, On top of the temple there is a huge flag which is constantly swaying in the breeze, All other famous tourist places are located very close to the temple, Here you can easily find cheap hotels.

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Bhadkeshwar Mahadev temple:

This temple is a very beautiful and ancient temple surrounded by water in a very beautiful place, You will feel like you are visiting a small island, Very beautiful laga rays can be seen from here. it is the best tourist places to visit in Dwarka. Here you can come with your car and bike very easily and there is no parking charges, Being a coastal region, there is always a very strong wind blowing here.

visit this temple considered to be very rare as sometimes due to high tides the sea water rises very high Then it is not possible to enter inside the temple, Last time when I visited, the entrance to the temple was denied due to high water level.

So now the bridge has become a lot of convenience. Last time when I went there was no bridge and everyone had to go to the temple from the sea. A very beautiful temple located by the sea gives a peace of mind.

Gopi Pond Bet Dwarka:

gopi talab

gopi talab

beyt island is about 30 km far from dwarka, it is located in jamnagar district of Gujarat, There is a pond near here which is called Gopi Pond, It is said that Lord Krishna performed rasalila with the gopis here, Located about twenty kilometers north of dwarka town, the sand on the banks of this pond is all yellow in color and very soft, It is called gopichandna and is used to apply tilak.

gopi talab

A very strange thing I saw here was that some stones were floating in the water before the pond, you will definitely come here, you will like it very much. I kept trying to take the stones in my hands and dip them in the water, but amazingly the stones kept coming up again, and the stones were much lighter than others stones.

Beyt/Bet Dwarka:

bet dwarka

bet dwarka

Now from here I go to Beyt Dwarka which is also called as Golden Dwarka, it is surrounded by the sea and looks very mesmerizing. A very beautiful island about 35 km from Doarka city, if you have been to Doarka and don’t come here, your trip will be incomplete.

The city of Dwarka was the capital and this is where Lord Krishna resided with his queen, So this place is inevitable to be on your bucket list. To go here, one has to go from Okha Jetty, this journey has to be done by launch. You have to travel about five kilometers to the launch. There is a nearly five hundred year old temple of Lord Krishna here which was renovated by Sri Vallabhacharya.

bet dwarka

bet dwarka

When I reach the ferry port here I see almost thousands of launches are there, to go to Beyt Dwarka you need to spend only 30 rupees on the ferry, About 100 to 200 people travel in one ferry. After that I reached beyt Doarka in about 20 to 25 minutes, And my journey was so amazing, the launch was running in the waves of the sea, I felt great. It is said that Lord Krishna met his friend Sudama here.

Nageshwar mahadev temple:

nageshwar mahadev

nageshwar mahadev

Nageshwar mahadev located is about 25 km away from Dwarka Gujarat, It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, So all the visitors who visit Dwarka must come here, This temple will fall on your way when you go from Gomti Doarka towards Beyt Dwarka, And moreover you will get various public transport from Doarka like bus and private car to reach here.

nageshwar mahadev

Video and photography are not allowed inside the temple, And there is a lockup outside the temple where you can leave your shoes and mobile camera to enter the temple. The temple is very beautiful and there is a huge idol of lord Shiva right outside the temple.

Food options of Dwarka:

I live in Kolkata so Kolkata food is my favorite, But here I got a wide variety of food options, There are many small and big restaurants where both cheap and expensive types of food are available. Let me tell you, I love to travel on a very budget and I work a small job and save money and travel with that money.

So I try to spend as little as possible, and when I travel I eat only two meals a day, which gives me energy and saves money both. The food here was really very hygienic, here you get morning meal like chole khulche, chhole bhature, poori sabji and kachuri etc.

For lunch, you can try the thali here, where you can get a thali between 80 to 300 rupees. The price may seem a little high to you, because it is one of the dhams among the Chardhams, it is a very popular sightseeing spot, People from all over India visit here and it is always crowded.

best time to visit Dwarka:

In fact you can visit here anytime during the twelve months but the best time to visit Dwarka is Holi, Diwali, Rath Yatra, and Janmashtami. During this time perhaps lakhs of people visit Dwarka, and the city is magnificently decorated.

This is my experience. If you want to visit this time, it can be the best day of your life. You may suffer a little because it is a bit overcrowded but try to visit Dwarka during this time, These days you will feel a little different feeling here.

Frequently asked questions:

How many days are enough for Dwarka?

Usually it will take at least four days to visit Dwarka. There are some travel agencies near Dwarka station who sell you some packages of 2 nights 3 days or 3 nights 4 days. You can also travel to Dwarka through tour packages from there.

Which month is best time to visit Dwarka?

You can visit Dwarka very well from October to February, but the best time to visit Dwarka is during Holi Diwali Janmashtami and Rath Yatra periods.

What kind of food is available in Doarka?

Lots of people from all over India like to travel to Doarka, so here you can find different cuisines like chole bhature, puri sabji, idli bada etc.

How can I reach Dwarka from Delhi?

The easiest way to reach Dwarka from Delhi is by train, first you get to Rajkot railway station or Ahmedabad railway station and from there there are direct trains or bus to Dwarka.


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