Eco Park Kolkata is a treasure trove of novel flavors in the heart of Kolkata, Spread over 480 acres near New Town, this huge park is the largest urban park in entire India. The park has a lot of interesting things in it, this park is one of the most beautiful parks in Kolkata and for the people of Kolkata, Ecopark is the perfect place to spend your weekend. Every day thousands of people visit this park and also in winters people from different parts of West Bengal come here for picnic. If you come here during summer, try to come in the afternoon, as it is very hot in the morning which can spoil the fun of your visit.

eco park kolkata

Eco Tourism Park is a very good place to visit in Kolkata for couples and also you can come here with your family or visit Ecopark with friends. Ecopark is famous for the activities that take place here, there are many things you can do here like toytrain ride cycling boating and many more. Today in this blog I will talk about eco park Kolkata history, things to do, how to reach eco park, best attraction in eco park all and everything do you want to know. and also through this article I will share my travel experience with you.

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How to reach Eco Park Kolkata :

First option: You can easily reach Eco Park from Howrah or Sealdah Railway Station, Eco Park is situated in New Town Rajarhat area so you want to came first in New Town sometime you will find some buses from Sealdah or Howrah those come direct Eco Park, otherwise do you want to come fast in New Town or biswas Bangla Gate, from there you will find many autos take them and reach Eco Park this is the first option to reach Eco Park from Sealdah or Howrah,
If you are arriving this way then you have to enter from Gate 1 of the Ecopark

eco park kolkata

2nd option: Second you have to first come to bidhan nagar railway station, bidhan nagar railway station is only one railway station from sealda, if you are coming from howrah then first come to sealdah by bus from howrah and from sealdah take main line train to bidhannagar, and from there You will find plenty of buses or autos that will take you directly to Eco Park in Newton. Bus fare from Bidhan Nagar to Eco Park is 20 rupees and if you prefer to go by auto then auto fare is only 40 rupees per person, If you are arriving this way then you have to enter also from Gate 1 of the Ecopark.

3rd option: Thirdly if you go to Eco Tourism Park from airport direction you will find many buses or taxis near airport which will take you to eco park, bus fare from airport to eco park is only twenty rupees and if you want to come to eco park by taxi from there then taxi fare It will be around 300 rupees. I went to Ecopark from airport side and also went to airport via Bidhannagar. If you are entering the Eco Park from the airport side, you will enter through gate number four.

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How was Eco Tourism Park Kolkata created :

In 2011, when Mrs. Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister of Kolkata and the entire West Bengal, she gave the idea of ​​creating an eco-tourism park near Newton in Kolkata, and the responsibility for the construction and design of this entire park was given to the west bengal housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation.

eco park kolkata

WBHIDC started this work in 2012 on the orders of Mrs. Mamata Banerjee and the design and construction of this park was completed by the end of 2013. The park was opened for visitors only in 2013. This exotic park has three main attractions, the first is the Open Garden, the second is the Eco Zone, and the third is the Theme Garden, and many other attractions have been installed in the park over time.

eco park kolkata

I want to give an example, when I visited Eco Park in 2014 there was no theme garden and then when I visited Eco Park in 2019 I was completely surprised to see that the seventh wonder was installed in the theme garden, including the Statue of Liberty, The Giza Pyramids and other great historical monuments are located.

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Gardens at Eco Park Kolkata:

Eco Tourism Park Kolkata has many attractions such as various beautiful gardens and rose gardens with different species of flowers, butterfly garden, tea garden and seven wonders etc. To enjoy the beauty of this place you have to come here in the morning and stay till night also you may not be able to fully enjoy the beauty of this place because there are so many great things to see here which cannot be visited in one day.

gardens at eco park

Butterfly Garden at Eco Park Kolkata: After entering Eco Park from Gate No. 1 and going to the right, you can see the Butterfly Garden, the great thing about this place is that you can see different types of butterflies flying around happily on every flower and tree here, and you can also see different rare species of butterflies that you might have seen. never seen before

Tea Garden at Eco Park Kolkata : To enter the tea garden you have to enter from gate number one in fact most of the gardens in ecopark you have to enter the ecopark from gate number one, in this tea garden you can see a lot of tea gardens tea gardens are not except hilly areas but A tea garden has been specially developed here.

gardens at eco park

Bamboo Garden at Eco Park Kolkata: Next to the Tea Garden is the Bamboo Garden, where various species of bamboo trees are planted, from small to large.

Musk Garden Eco Park Kolkata : A little further from the Bamboo Garden, you can see the Mask Garden, which has a variety of masks. You can also find Indian cartoon Chhota Bheem masks from Disneyland Mickey Mouse masks here. Moreover, there are masks of different talents from different countries.

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Formal Garden Eco Park Kolkata: The formal garden is located within the max guard of the bamboo garden, the specialty of this garden is that here you will find a variety of beautiful flowers like sunflowers and roses. Besides, you can see other rare species of flowers here. Here is a very beautiful lines of palm trees, Which looks fascinating.

gardens at eco park

Meadow Garden: Meadow Garden, located opposite to Mother’s Wax Museum, this garden is a paradise for nature lovers with beautiful flowers, meadow plants of various rare species and a wonderful environment.

Fruit Garden: The Fruit Garden is located a little away from the Meadow Garden, it has a total of 162 types of fruit trees and all types of fruit trees of West Bengal like mango, jam, jackfruit, etc., and the beautiful environment here attracts various species of birds. This garden is very popular with children.

Rose Garden: Next to the fruit garden is the rose garden. You can see more than fifty species of rose trees in the rose garden. White red purple different color rose trees are here. And this garden is always filled with the fragrance of rose flowers.

activities at eco park

Activities in Eco Tourism Park Kolkata:

Newton’s Eco Tourism Park Kolkata is spread over a large area. And there are plenty of things to do here, when we visited we were mesmerized by the attractions and the wonderful environment. Moreover, here you can enjoy about 12 to 15 types of tourist activities.


Like cycling, biking, toytrain riding, and who knows how many more I will describe them all one by one. We tried some of them. All these activities you can do at very little cost I will convey all the information to you through this article.

Toy Train Riding at Eco Park Kolkata : When we entered the Eco Park we saw a toytrain going around the park. It was very interesting to see, then we did this toytrain ride, and we had a lot of fun. If you want to enjoy the park to the fullest, then definitely take this toy train ride. This toytrain ride costs 200 rupees per person and takes you around 30 minutes to tour the entire park.

MTB Cycling at Eco Park Kolkata : If you are visiting Ecopark with your wife or girlfriend then MTV Cycling is a great option for you.

activities at eco park kolkata

Boating and Kayaking at Eco Park Kolkata : Two people can ride together on this special type of bicycle and can travel the entire park, you have to pay only 150 rupees per person to travel on this bicycle.

Water Zorb : Half of the eco park has a large pond that hosts many water activities, one of which is Water Zorb, You have to pay 150 rupees to do this great water activity and you can do the activity with about two to three people at a time.

activities at eco park kolkata

Water Roller Eco Park Kolkata : Water roller is a great water activity where you have to sit in a big balloon and it will automatically roll in the water. To do this you need to spend 150 rupees per person for 10 minutes and it can be done by two to three people together.

Land Zorb : You can do land zorb in land like water zorb activities in water, you will be in a big balloon and you have to walk in that balloon, you can go up to 200 meters and it will cost you about 150 rupees per head and Up to three people can do it

Sub Junior Cycling Eco Park Kolkata : If you have a 10 to 15-year-old child with you, you can try sub-junior cycling, a 30-minute cycle ride that costs around Rs 70 per head.

activities at eco park

Baby Cycling Eco Park Kolkata : This activity is for children i.e. 5 to 10 years old boy or girl, if you have any child with you then you can give this bicycle right to him and you have to spend 70 rupees for this bicycle right.

Trampoline Eco Park Kolkata : Trampoline is available for children below 6 years old, in this park if you want to enjoy the trampoline then you have to spend 70 rupees per child.

Gun Shooting Eco Park Kolkata : Song shooting is a great activity when I visited this eco park I try thik and it costs me around 70 rupees per person for 10 shoot.

Archery Eco Park Kolkata : For those who love archery, this activity is for them. Archery costs 70 rupees and you can shoot thirteen bows.

High speed boat at Eco Tourism Park Kolkata : Along with normal boating, high speed boating is also available here. If you are coming with your family or wife then you can try this high speed boat it will cost you around 200 rupees per person and you can book for 30 minutes high speed boat.

Gaming Zone at Eco Tourism Park Kolkata : There is a small place called gaming zone where there are many different games like children’s games. In this gaming zone you can play any game for 30 minutes for 100 rupees.

activities at eco park

Water Cycling at Eco Park Kolkata : We all cycle in the land but if you go to ecopark you can enjoy cycling in the lake here, you have to spend around 150 rupees for 20 minutes to cycle in the water.

Family Shakira at Eco Park Kolkata : Many of us may have gone to Shakira in Dal Lake in Kashmir but the Shakira here is also very beautiful, if you want you can ride Shakira here you have to spend 200 rupees to ride and 4 people can ride on this board.

Timings and entry fees at Eco Park Kolkata :

Eco tourism parks timings are different in every season, like timings March to October is park open at 2:30 PM and closes at 8:30 PM, Sunday and public holiday park open 10:12 PM and closes 8:30 PM. similarly timing in November to February, Tuesday to Saturday park open at 12:00 PM to  7:30 PM.  Sunday and public holidays park is open at 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM. kindly note the park is close on Monday.

Entry fee ₹30 per person for everyone except children age below 3 and ticket counter is also open till 7:30 PM.

Places to visit near Eco tourism Park Kolkata :

Alipur zoo:

Around 10 to 20 km from the Eco Park you will find many places to visit, one of them being the Alipore Zoo which has a variety of different species of animals and birds. If you have time you can come and visit this is the second largest zoo in all India.

Mother’s Wax Museum :

Mother’s Wax Museum is located just opposite the Ecopark. Here various highly talented individuals of India like Cricketers, Freedom Fighters and Bollywood Celebrities have their idols realised. You can go here and take selfies with all the idols and take pictures of them.

The entrance fee to this museum is 250 rupees per person only. I have this request to you if you are visiting Kolkata from any other state, after visiting Ecopark visit Mother’s Wax Museum once and visit.

attraction at eco park kolkata

Biswa Bangla Gate restaurant :

You have been to many restaurants for dinner or lunch, and hopefully you have seen many types of hanging restaurants, but I bet you have never seen a hanging restaurant as big as Kolkata Biswa Bangla Gate.

A special pride of our Kolkata is this hanging restaurant of our Biswa Bangla Gate, if you are coming to visit Kolkata from any other country or any other state, then I have a request to you that you visit this restaurant at least once for lunch or dinner, otherwise you Visit this restaurant for just one cup of tea and the view of the entire Kolkata city from here is indescribable.

Nicco Park :

Nicco Park is located near Sutlek City, about 5 km from Eco-Tourism Park of Kolkata. It is a very beautiful and huge water park, those who come to visit Kolkata from other states or outside the country must visit this Nicco Park. Nicco Park is also a very popular place for the people of Kolkata.

Apart from water activities, you can also do a lot of activities in this park. this Park is a combination of a amusement park and a water park, You can call this party half land park and half water park because there are different rides that don’t require water.

Some Frequently Asked Questions :

What is the nearest bus stand to Ecopark?

The nearest bus stand to Eco Park is Vishwabangla Gate. A short 15 minute walk from the bus stand takes you to Gate Number One of Eco Park. And besides there are many toto stands in front of that bus stand from where you can come to Eco Park by spending only 10 rupees.

What is the nearest Railway station to Ecopark?

The nearest railway station to Ecopark is Bidhan Nagar Road. from here you can take a direct bus to VishwaBangla Gate and also from Bidhan Nagar station you can reach Ecopark in just 30 minutes by auto.

How do I reach Eco Park from Sealdah Railway Station?

You can reach Bidhan Nagar by train from Sealdah railway station and from there you can get Ecopark by auto, and also you can take direct bus from Sealdah to Newtown and from Newtown you can reach Ecopark by auto.

How to reach Eco Park from Howrah Railway Station?

Many buses from Howrah station come towards Salt Lake Sector 5, first you come to Salt Lake Sector 5 and from there take an auto to Eco Park.

Is Eco Park a couple friendly place?

Yes Ecopark is one of the best couples friendly places in Kolkata. You can come here with your wife or girlfriend and have a great time.

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