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Ladakh is that place of our country which seems completely different from the country. And every Indian has a dream, no matter where they lives, Once to go to Ladakh by bike and enjoy its beauty. and also Many Bollywood movies have been shot here. and most frequently asked question is how to plan a trip to leh ladakh and how much does it cost to visit ladakh.

How to plan a trip to Leh Ladakh:

leh ladakh trip

Many people think that it costs a lot of money to travel to Ladakh but it is not. If you travel according to the right plan then your cost can be much less and here I am to tell you how to plan a trip to Ladakh in 2021. Lah is undoubtedly an interesting place in Ladakh. Anyone who has ever visited Ladakh will never forget its landscape, its people and the eternal beauty hidden between those colorful layers of mountains. Lately, Ladakh has been the victim of excessive travel and this has certainly affected its fragile ecosystem. Even then, the place remains gorgeous and there are many who have not yet visited this wonderland. So here we share our Ladakh travel guide which will help you in Ladakh travel planning.

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Best Time to visit Leh Ladakh:

leh ladakh trip

Now that you have decided to travel to Ladakh, the first question that may come to your mind is what is the best time to visit Ladakh. Please mind that Ladakh is a cool desert located in the Himalayan region. the place is isolated from the rest of the country by road during the winter season.

Most of the tourism in Ladakh takes place between June and September. At this time, the roads in Ladakh are open from both Manali and Leh. In June, you can get a good amount of snow on the streets.

In short, mid-June to September is the best time to visit Leh and Ladakh as well as the season. If you also plan to come to Ladakh at this time, it is very good.

If you want to feel what a cool desert looks like with a blanket of snow, come back during the winter. But keep in mind, the weather is extremely cold at this time, often dropping to subzero in the morning and up to -25 degrees at night.

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How to reach Ladakh:

how to reach ladakh

the cheapest way to reach Ladakh is by bus or train you can easily get a bus from Srinagar to Leh but the easiest way to get to Leh (it takes the least time) is to take a flight. There are regular flights from Leh to New Delhi. On a clear day, you can get excellent views of the Himalayas from the flight. In the winter months, when the roads are closed, flights are the only option to reach Leh. And in the winter when you see the mountains covered in white sheets you will be fascinated definitely, from the plane this place looks like Paradise.

The nearest railway station is Jammu. From Jammu, you can reach Srinagar and then travel from Srinagar Leh Highway to Leh. The Government of India has announced an ambitious project from Jammu to Leh. when it happens, Then it will be very easy to go from Jammu to Ladakh, And most tourists will choose the train route but you can easily come to Srinagar from Jammu there are many direct trains available from Banihal to Srinagar you first come to Srinagar and from there go to Ladakh by bus or car hire .

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There are 2 ways to reach Leh by road.

Way to reach Leh by Srinagar-Leh Highway:

places to visit in ladakh

This road has a distance of about 195 km. The Srinagar-Leh Highway connects the Kashmir Valley with the Himalayan region of Leh. The change in the landscape of this route is quite fatal. From the green valleys of Kashmir you enter the rugged landscape of Ladakh, It will be a great experience for you It takes about 24 hours to reach Ladakh from Srinagar. If you go by bus, the bus will go straight and stop at Kargil and you will have to stay there for one night, there you have to book a hotel and spend a night, But I will tell you, if you go by car, staying two to three days in Kargil and feel the Beauty. there is a lot things to do in Kargil.

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Way to reach Leh by Manali-Leh Highway.

leh manali highway

The distance between these routes is 476 km. The journey from Manali to Leh is more beautiful You will be reminded of China by seeing the road and desert mountains here China’s border at a short distance from this highway, You will see very few people here.

Manali Leh Highway is full of adventures. Opposite the Srinagar Leh Highway, the road passes through inaccessible areas and deserts. On your way you have to pass 5 mountains and cross several streams of water. The Manali Leh Highway is the most exciting and visually stunning route you will find across the country. A stopover is recommended on this route in Sarchu or Kilong.

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Best places to visit in Ladakh:

places to visit in ladakh

Lots of places to see in Ladakh for tourists, As if the beautiful sandy mountains here are not to be seen anywhere else. It is a place that stores wonders in every nook and corner. It is a place where not only the destination but also the journey is spectacular. There is so much beauty and so much to see in Ladakh, you will see that just one visit is not enough! Everything you see and feel will be cherished forever. The two highways that connect Leh with other parts of the country are wonderful.

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What you will get to seen in the journey from Srinagar to Ladakh highway?

The best aspect of Srinagar Leh Highway is that you can see the transformation of the landscape so well. From the green valley of Kashmir, you enter the rough terrain of Ladakh. Starting from Srinagar, you will go through the beautiful Sonmarg. The Jozilla Pass is the next one you will pass, followed by Dras, Kargil War Memorial and Kargil.

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Overnight stay in Kargil Highway:

kargil to ladakh

Like I told you, if you come by bus you will stay one night on Kargil, But if you are taking your personal car or booking a car, So you can stop in between and enjoy its beauty And in the morning when will you travel from Kargil to Leh, you will face the huge Maitreya Buddha statue at Mulbekh, Lamayuru Monastery, Chandbhumi after Fotu La and Naki La Pass. as you approach Leh, there are many more interesting places to visit. the magnetic hills, the confluence of the Janskar and Indus rivers at Nimmu, the Gurudwara Pattar Saheb and the monasteries of Alchi and Leki are located in the Sham Valley and fall on the way to Leh.

We would recommend keeping a separate day for sightseeing in the Sham Valley. You can see the rest on the way from Srinagar to Leh.

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How many days should we stay in Ladakh?

leh ladakh

See if you are a travel-loving person like me Then you should stay here for at least 10 to 15 days, Many people book a travel package, stay for four or five days and come back, But according to me, you should stay there for a few days and roam very comfortably. and you should not take tour packages I think you should Travel independently, If you take a tour package, then you have to travel according to the travel agent And they skipped many of places and you don’t enjoy traveling.

How much does it cost to visit Ladakh:

If we think how to plan a trip to leh ladakh and have a problem with the cost, then the cost is not too much, It depends on how long you have been there and hotels or fooding, if you are travelling solo and your per day expense is 2000 rupees, And you stay here for 10 days Then you may incur costs about 2000×10 = 20000 rupees, (except air and transportation charges) this is what I call the average cost, You can travel in less than that if you want.

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some tips to travel Ladakh on a budget:

Try looking during the summer season in April / May or August / September. Because the cost is much lower in summer than in winter.
If you plan to travel by air, book tickets in advance.Then you will get the flight much cheaper.
Do not advance-book your hotels and taxi Make a spot booking. When you search for hotels online you will spend a lot more But by coming here you will get relatively cheap.

Travel and stay in groups, this will help you share transportation costs.
Choose your accommodation and dining places wisely.
If you travel alone, you can join other single and group travelers who want to fill their car. Restaurants and shops in Leh usually give such notices. This is best way to reduce your travel costs. i think you know now how to plan a trip to leh ladakh.


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