From Katra to Srinagar:

Let’s find out how to get from katra to srinagar by bus & train very cheaply.

katra to srinagar by bus

You must took a bus from Katra to Udhampur,I think you should leave in the morning for Kashmir, You only have to spend 1$ in INR 70 to reach Udhampur,you have to go to Banihal but you will not get direct bus from here.

so you have to go Ramban first, it will cost you only 1.5$ in INR100. After reaching Ramban Bus stand you can get any small mini bus from there to reach Banihal,The minibus from Ramban to Banihal will cost you 1$ in INR 70,
After getting off Banihal, spend 10 inr and head towards Banihal railway station.

Here you heard easily how you can reach Banial from Katra in very little money now know how I went. I checked out from my hotel early in the morning after temple darshan and went to Katra bus stand and from there I bought the ticket costing inr 50 to Udhampur. after about an hour I reached Udhampur, and the place is quite nice. if you think you can go from Kata to Udhampur by train also Because trains run from Jammu to Udhampur, but then no more trains run. Then I alighted and had some breakfast, famous food of Kashmir and from there I took another bus after sightseeing.

I boarded a bus from Udhampur to Ramban. It is another district of Jammu this is also a very beautiful hilly district a lot of tourists come only for Ramban Travel. anyway I reached Ramban bus stand after about two hours and saw a large number of people from different states even. I see different types of people from outside the country there. And all of them have come to visit some kashmir. Some are going to Kashmir from there. After chatting with them for a while I took another car from there and left for Banihal. Banihal is another very beautiful railway station in Jammu Kashmir surrounded by hills and it looks very beautiful. It is the first station of the state of Jammu and Kashmir Railway



from katra to srinagar by train:

You will be fascinated by Banihal station. It is a very beautiful railway station surrounded by hills.I went here during the covid-19 so everyone was being tested and allowed to enter the station this is the best way to reach from katra to srinagar.

banihal railway station

I will suggest you to take a train from Banial to Srinagar,As the train travels you can see the train going through the surrounding hills and big tunnels. It takes you to Srinagar within three hours.

banihal railway station

banihal railway station

This train is called the train to heaven,This train runs from Banial to Baramulla and you will get one train every one to two hours.The train fare from Banihal to Srinagar is only 0.7$ in inr 45.I urge you to take the train experience to Kashmir at least once.

If you are traveling in winter, you will see that there will be snow around the train.


srinagar railway station

Let’s find out about the two beautiful districts And their history or tourist places, Ramban and Udhampur. When you go to Kashmir, you have to cross these two districts.



Ramnagar_old_palace, image credit wikimedia commons

According to the name of Raja Udham Singh, the name of this state became Udhampur, king Gulab singh was the younger brother of Udham Singh,He is was very interested in hunting, and because of the dense forests and mountains here,

he established his kingdom here.And renamed the place Udhampur.Here were the kingdoms of two famous Rajput kings 1) ramnagar/badralta
2) chenani


Sheesh_mahal_ramnagar, image credit wikimedia commons

Badralta which is now known as Ramnagar is formed by Raja Ram Singh.His descendants are called Badral Rajputs,There is also a beautiful palace of Raja Ram Singh which is today known as Shishmahal.

After in 1822 Maharaja Golap Singh wanted to take the whole of Jammu and Kashmir under his control.So after defeating everyone, in 1822 he declared his brother Udham Singh as the king of Udhampur.


fort,image credit wikimedia commons

On Nineties some people here seek help from Raja Birchandra of Bilaspur Himachal,King Birchandra, with the help of his younger brother Gambhir Chandra and some of his army troops, attacked and defeated the oppressive zamindars here.And establish a separate state here,He and his dynasty ruled here until the country’s independence.

These were some of the historical stories of Udhampur,Moreover, some of the best place to visit in UDHAMPUR.


Kirimachi_temple_complex,image credit wikimedia commons

Krimchi Temple is an ancient and famous temple in Udhampur. This temple is located in the village of Krimchi in udhampur.This temple located on the hill is very beautiful, there are total 7 temples here.

This is also know as Pandu temple,now it has been recognize by the archaeological department of india as well,It is said that king Kichak give this place to Pandavas to stay here, the Pandavas built this temple, hence the name of this temple is Pandv temple.


It is a very beautiful tourist destination located in Udhampur.In fact you will be fascinated by the beauty of here.There is a famous temple of Lord Shiva here Shankri Devta temple,Lots of devotees visit this temple every year, NH44 connects Panchari to Jammu.

panchari hills

panchari hills



The nearest railway station here is Sri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra or Udhampur Railway Station, The distance from here only 40 kms. You can take taxi or from here,taxi fare will be around 1000 rupees,and bus fare will be around 50 only.


The nearest airport is Jammu Airport which is only 95 km away from here,From these places you can easily come here by taxi or bus.If you come by bus, it will cost 70 rupees and the taxi will actually cost 1500 rupees.


If you want to stay here then you will get a good hotel for between Rs 700 to Rs 3000.There are also many cottages available where you can get two bedroom cottages and two bedroom Deluxe cottages.For which you have to spend from 3500 rupees to 4500 rupees,In my opinion if you are coming with family then stay at a cottage. you can book it online with



It is a very beautiful district covered with an area of ​​1329 square kilometres Most of which are in hilly areas,There are some very beautiful tourist places in this district. There are about 116 villages in this district,Let’s take a look at some of the famous tourist place on the banks of the chenab River,It is the most famous and longest river here.



Patni Top is a beautiful tourist destination located on a hill in Ramban district,Which belongs to the Jammu Union Territory.There are many tourist spots here where you can do different tourist activities.

The real beauty of this place can be seen in summer,If you come in the winter it has its own attractions surrounded by snow and you feel amazing.

This tourist spot is located in the middle of Jammu Srinagar highway.The Dr. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Road Tunnel here is the largest Tunnel in India,Here is located the highest Rope way in the country.

if you want to know more about patnitop visit: Best Places to visit in Patnitop 2021,



If you are on a flight, the nearest airport is Jammu. The distance from Jammu Airport is only 115 kilometers. You can come here comfortably by taking a taxi or cab from Jammu airport.You have to pay 2500/3000 rupees, for book those cabs or taxis.


And if you want to come by train, the nearest railway station is Udhampur railway station,The distance from Udhampur railway station to Patnitop is only 45 kilometers. You can take a taxi or bus from here to reach Patnitop. The bus fare will be 70 rupees and the taxi fare will be from 1000/1500 rupees.


hotels in patnitop
hotels in patnitop

Most of the people who come here to visit, are mostly Vaishno Devi pilgrims,They come here in the morning and return in the evening,but I suggest you stay here for at least one day, If you want to stay here then you will get a good hotel for between 11$ to 100$ in inr 800 to 6000.

There are also many cottages available where you can get two bedroom cottages and two bedroom Deluxe cottages.For which you have to spend from 55$ in inr 4000, to 100$ in inr 7000, you can book it online with


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