tulip garden kashmir

How safe is kashmir for tourist? for solo travel ? my solo experience 2021

Friends, we all dream that one day we will visit Kashmir, Which is called the paradise of India and world as well,But a question comes to our minds first HOW SAFE IS KASHMIR FOR TOURIST ?

tulip garden kashmir
tulip garden kashmir

So friends, welcome to my new blog, I will try to answer all your questions. everything you read in this article is my own feelings. I am going to share my own experience with you through this article.So let’s get start.

srinagar kashmir
srinagar kashmir


gulmarg kashmir
gulmarg kashmir

Friends, Kashmir is a very beautiful state of India. It is called the paradise of the world, Earlier it was a state. But now it has been declared as a Union Territory, The capital of Kashmir is Srinagar. It is a very beautiful city, But we always have a question in our mind “ is Kashmir safe for tourist” Don’t worry, your worries will go away today. It is a major winter state.

gulmarg kashmir
Gulmarg kashmir

With temperatures hovering around 0 to -10 degrees Celsius in winter and 5 to 20 degrees Celsius in summer,The main language of the people here is Kashmiri, The style of dress and food of the people here is very different from ours.

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Occasionally minor incidents happen here, for this We cannot tell the whole of Kashmir is unsafe.Here are few checkpoints a little further away where you can check and move on. mind it
Kashmir is home to one of the largest military bases in India. you must see Indian Army personnel here,These areas are always safe for the army Especially is it safe to travel to Kashmir now 2021
There are many beautiful places to visit in kashmir, like Srinagar,Gulmarg,Pahelgam,Sonamarg, kargil etc. and now is kashmir open for tourism 2021.


dal lake kashmir
dal lake kashmir

If you want to come to Kashmir, you can get a direct flight from any city in India to Srinagar, Kashmir. And if you are coming from another country and you are not getting flight to Srinagar then you move to Delhi and getting direct flight from Srinagar. And if you want to come by road then you have to come to jammu city.

Jammu and Kashmir used to be a single state but was later separated by Indian government. and is it safe to visit kashmir after article 370. And if you are coming by road then you can enjoy many beautiful views during your journey On the way from Jammu to Srinagar. so don’t think more, it is your time to visit kashmir is kashmir safe for tourist 2021.

You will come across a hilly road. Roads have been made by cutting down hills Be a little careful if you are afraid of heights,Because you get scared when you see bad roads and landscapes here. And whenever you come to Kashmir, bring extra time for a day or two because the roads here are sometimes closed,And from the TRC located here you can find out when the road will be closed and when it will be open.


kashmir houseboat
kashmir houseboat owner uncle

We hear on news channels that Kashmiris do not treat us better,And I don’t know why Kashmir has an unknown fear, But friends, believe me, there is no such thing. Kashmiris are very good people, their behavior is also very good.I had an unknown fear in my mind when I was traveling alone in Kashmir I felt very alone in those crowded places in Srinagar,

Just then a man saw me bored and came and sat next to me and started talking to me,And he told me, friend, you’re so lonely, it’s so bad to see me, I came to talk to you. just think how safe is kashmir for tourist.

srinagar houseboat at night
srinagar houseboat at night

He sat with me for about three hours and told me about other things in Kashmir, Such as what is famous in Kashmir? What is the main festival here? And he also talked about the various places of interest here,What a famous fruit here everything.And he was even happier when he was know that I was from Kolkata and I have come so far alone to travel to Kashmir.

He lets me call my house from his phone, and he invites me to his house that I am staying at his house at least one day,But I could not go there due to lack of time, my friends i have met so many people in kashmir many invited me to come to their house and they were very nice people,

We can’t judge people by watching news channels or reading newspapers, There are good and bad people in the world but for a few bad people, Good people are also infamous. so then you will know from here HOW SAFE IS KASHMIR FOR TOURIST.


hotel island srinagar owner
hotel island srinagar owner asif

I was in Hotel Iceland in Srinagar It was a houseboat,The name of the owner of that houseboat was Asif Hassan, Asif and his father run the hotel together And their behaviour was so good with every Tourists that can’t be overstated.

He treated me so well that I felt like I was with my family. He would sit with us and tell his own story like where they used to live before and how they came to Srinagar, and many more. This means that they will not treat you like you are from somewhere outside.


They will treat you like their own family. And why just in Srinagar Everyone in Kashmir where I was staying very well behaved, And especially since I was traveling so far and solo, that’s why they were treating me very well.

I hope you understand how safe is Kashmir for Tourist, Especially if you are going solo, you will not have any problem. Kashmir has a bit of a network problem like any other state’s SIM card didn’t works in Kashmir, Nothing to worry about Every hotel here has WiFi facility, If your network does not work then you can call and contact anyone.


If you are going to visit Kashmir in the Ramzan, one thing to keep in mind is that you should not eat anything in front of the local people there. Because they do not eat anything during the day during this month, we should also respect them. 


srinagar kashmir

When you visit Kashmir, keep in mind that your Aadhaar card has no value in Kashmir, You will only need your Aadhaar card to check in or check out at the hotels,Moreover, with Aadhaar card, you cannot buy any SIM card there, And you know one more thing, only postpaid SIM does work there, prepaid SIM will not work.



First of all I would like to say that alcohol is very bad for our health and body.It is better not to eat it for you,Even if you want to have, I can tell you that there are very few liquor shops in Srinagar

But you will not find liquor shops in Gulmarg, Pahelgaon and Sonamarg Kashmiris do not consume alcohol. a few liquor shops in Srinagar for tourist, And one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t go out side the hotel after drinking, you stay inside the hotel after drinking. If they care for us so much, then we also have some duties too.


local kashmiri house
local kashmiri house

When I was coming to Srinagar from Banihal I met a Kashmiri friend on the train, and he talked with me for a long time and the whole way we were together, When he know that I was from Kolkata, he was very happy and invited me to his house,

He stay was in Baramulla, about 50 km from Srinagar. His name was Amir. He gave me his phone number and said that you will call me tomorrow and come to my house, I said ok I will definitely go, And I also had to experience the Baramulla train journey from Srinagar.

baramulla kashmir
baramulla kashmir

And the next day I left Srinagar for his hometown Baramulla.When I reach their house, they take care of me very well,Then friends understand how safe is kashmir for tourist after that he even took me around a bit in the vicinity of Baramulla, The food at their house was very tasty.

I ate very well and said goodbye to them in the afternoon and moved to Srinagar. There was no difference of race or religion between us, We are all children of one God This nation religion was created by human.And one more thing, travelers like us have no country, no religion, no race. We think of the world as our own, Thank You.

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