Distance between Dehradun to Mussoorie is just 35 km. and the journey from Dehradun to Mausuri is so beautiful that words cannot describe it, And it takes only one and a half hours to reach Mussoorie from Dehradun and within this time you will be amazed that everything from your road to the outside weather has changed and you will be mesmerized by the beauty of Mussoorie.

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Mussoorie is located at an altitude of about 1950 meters above sea level, and Mussoorie is called the queen of hills and many celebrities visit here.

dehradun railway station

Coming to Mussoorie from Dehradun is very easy, A few days ago I went to Mussoorie from Dehradun when I visited Kedarnath with my family. I wanted to see how cheaply I can reach Mussoorie from Dehradun and I realized that, from Dehradun you can come to Mussoorie by taxi share cab or bus. But the cheapest way to reach Mussoorie from Dehradun is by bus. And by bus you will reach Mussoorie in just an hour and a half.

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Dehradun to mussoorie Distance by Bus:


I was coming from Rishikesh to Dehradun with my family, and that bus dropped me at bus stand called Rispana Pool in Dehradun, and from there I took a toto, there is a Mussoorie bus stand in front of dehradun station. From where you can get a bus or taxi to Mussoorie.

I went there and saw that the bus to Mussoorie was standing and also many taxis were also standing there, I booked a bus from there to Mussoorie and the bus ticket was only 100 rupees each. Most people use the bus to go Mussoorie as it is very cheap and very easy to reach Mussoorie.

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dehradun bus stand

The buses were not very big, about fifty seats a bus. Because if there are more big buses it will be difficult to travel through the hilly roads of Mussoorie. I didn’t have to wait long there as the bus let it fill up a little and soon the bus crossed the small roads of Dehradun and climbed up the hilly roads of Mussoorie and the beautiful mountain scenery came into view. We know that how do you go from Dehradun to Mussoorie by bus. But apart from that you can easily go by taxi.

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Dehradun to mussoorie Distance by Taxi:

dehradun railay station

dehradun railway station

Dehradun Railway Station is right in front of the Mussoorie Bus Stand which serves both buses and taxis But these taxis will not take you to single this charge you full fare, you have to book full, and booking a taxi will cost you 2000 rupees. If you are with your family it is better to book a taxi to Mussoorie, I have been to Mussoorie twice, once when with my family I booked a full taxi to Mussoorie. and I had to pay taxi fare of Rs 2000.

hills view in mussoorie

It takes about an hour to go to the year by taxi, Mussoorie is at a higher altitude than Dehradun, and much cooler than Dehradun. When you take a taxi to Mussoorie, you’ll realize how the taxi takes you straight up the hill from side to side. And what a dramatic change in weather with elevation. You can also notice that.

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hills view in mussoorie

And as you go up you will see the houses getting smaller and smaller and be sure to bring winter clothes because you will get very cold when you reach Mussoorie, another advantage of going by taxi is that you can stop in the middle of the road at your will and enjoy the beautiful view, you If you go by bus, you can’t stand anywhere in the middle of the road to see the view.

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Dehradun to mussoorie by shere cab:

If you want then you can also go by Dehradun to Mussoorie shere cab, if you are traveling alone then share cab is a great option for you because in this travelers book a taxi to Mussoorie for a few rupees. If there are six of you, then all of you can take 400 rupees together.

I mentioned this share taxi just to inform you. in my opinion the most important option for you is to travel visit Mussoorie is by bus if you are traveling alone. It will be much cheaper and you will arrive much faster too.

hills view in mussoorie

Why visit mussoorie:

This is the most important question, why do you visit Mussoorie? Mussoorie is one of the most popular hills station in India, and Mussoorie is so beautiful that it is called the Queen of Hills. Very beautiful mountains around and very nice houses, people here are also very kind. There are many places to visit in Mussoorie and you will find very nice hotels here at very cheap prices.

hills view in mussoorie

We reached Mussoorie around 12 o’clock. And we were mesmerized by the beautiful mountains there. Mussoorie Mall Road is just above Mussoorie Bus Stand, our hotel was already booked. Our hotel was just five minutes away from Mussoorie Mall Road. The name of the hotel was Hotel Payoneer, the hotel was also very nice and the hotel staff were very nice. All kinds of food are available in Mussoorie, some of the famous dishes are Chhola Kulcha, Ravri Jalebi, and some of the famous sweets.

mussoorie mall road

Here I want to give you a tip, you will find many travel agencies in Mussoorie who offer you a complete Mussoorie tour with a package of thousands of rupees per person. But if there are one or two of you, then I would suggest you to hire a scooty or a bike from there and go around Mussoorie completely with that bike. It will be very cheap to you. There you can rent a scooter for Rs 600 and a bike for Rs 800.

Frequently asked questins :


What is the distance between Dehradun to Mussoorie?

The distance between Dehradun to Mussoorie is about 34 km, If you go to Mussoorie from Dehradun by bus it will take you one and a half hours, but if you go to Mussoorie by taxi it will take you about an hour.

What is the cheapest way to travel from Dehradun to Mussoorie?

The cheapest and easiest way to get to Mussoorie from Dehradun is by bus. You can reach Mussoorie very easily by bus, just 100 rupees.

How is the road condition from Dehradun to Mussoorie?

I have been to Mussoorie from Dehradun a few days back and the road there is very nice with no potholes anywhere and traffic conditions are also good.


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