Today I will tell you all about Haasanabad which is located within 50 kms of Kolkata city and it can be a perfect weekend destination near Kolkata within 100 kms.

This is a very beautiful tourist attraction, its special thing is that you see India in one side and Bangladesh in one side and Ganga River in the middle, If you live in Kolkata so it is the best places to visit in Kolkata for one or two days and also best picnic spot near Kolkata.

hasnabad railway station

hasnabad railway station

And the biggest thing is that if you want to travel somewhere in a low budget from Kolkata then this place is very good, I live near Kolkata city and it cost me only ₹ 50 to reach Hasanabad, Even if you come with family, you are not going to spend much, it will be cheap.

Most of us think on the last day of the week that we should go somewhere and come quickly, we found one day trip near Kolkata within 30 or 50 kms, there are many such tourist destinations around the city of Kolkata, but today I will tell you all about Hasanabad, which is located near the Bangladesh border.



About taki andi Hasnabad :

This place is just 70 kms away from Kolkata city. And for all those who want to go somewhere and come back one day, it is a wonderful place. This is the specialty of the place, whether it is on the border and India on this side of the Ganges river and Bangladesh on the other side. it is a offbeat weekend destination near Kolkata.

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If you come by train, then Hasanabad is the last station of this route, And one station before this is taki Railway Station. If you want, you can get down at taki station or come to Hasanabad but according to me you should come to Hasanabad,

After reaching Hasanabad and exiting the station Ganga river will be seen and there is an auto stand under the bridge, hire auto from there, Those auto drivers will charge around ₹ 200 to take you around the Hasanabad and taki, This is a good opportunity for you if you want to travel offbeat Kolkata.

This small town is built on the banks of Ichhamati river and on one side is Bangladesh and the other side is india, And that’s the main attraction here.

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Gateway of Sundarbans:



From here the way to Sundarbans starts after passing Hasanabad. Many people start their journey to Sundarbans from here hence it is called Gateway of Sundarbans.

No tigers or other ferocious animals can be seen here, But this kind of story is said here to attract tourists,

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Hotels in taki Hasnabad:



If you want to stay here for a day, there are many hotels on the banks of the Ichhamati river, And in the whole city you will find many hotels at low prices, However, if you want, you can travel here day by day and come back but If you like rural environment and want to stay then definitely stay here one day. Taki is a great place if you want to travel cheaply from Kolkata and it is also best weekend destination near Kolkata. 

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Travel around taki :



when You will exit Taki Railway Station You will see many Totos standing outside, You can usually visit different places here by reserving a Toto for between 250 to 300 rupees. But these drivers often increase the fare, so be aware that taki travel fare bay road is under only 300 rupees.

Places to visit in taki Hasnabad :

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Taki Rajbari Ghat :



Taki Rajbari was in this place many years ago on the banks of Ichhamati river, Now only the ruins of that palace remain, This palace of that time has now become a ruin. You must go here you will find it very attractive.

Rajbari Ghat has been built next to it at the initiative of Taki Municipality, There is a well-paved pier and most of the tourists spend their evening here.this is the best romantic gateway near Kolkata, There are a lot of people here for picnics. if you come from Kolkata with your family for a picnic then this is the best picnic spot near Kolkata.

From this ghat you can see Bangladesh on the other side.The Ichchamati river is quite wide here And since it is the India-Bangladesh border, you will see the Indian flag on every ship.

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Taki jora mondir :

Gopinath Roychowdhury of the Taki zamindar family established this Twin Shiva temple, Which is one of the main attraction here. The zamindar here had established this temple.

This temple is present in the midst of very quiet rural surroundings, you are going to like it here.

So that this temple is a little away from taki Rajbari Ghat, if you want, you can come here from Toto or you can go on by walk.


Taki jamidar bari :

This house is opened at a particular time of the day and every year Durga Puja is celebrated here with great pomp, At that time, the beauty of this place gets four moons. And this house so that is present near Rajbari Ghat, So if you are coming RajBari ghat, then definitely come here.

Mini Sundarbans trip :



The main attraction of this trip was mini Sunderban tour, By taking an auto journey of just 20-25 minutes from the Rajbari Ghat here, you will reach a place with complete rural surroundings,


If you want to visit this place, then you must have and of course your Voter ID card or Aadhar card. Before entering the village, there is a BSF check post, there you get entry in this village only by submitting your voter ID or Aadhaar card.

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This place is present in India but due to being very close to Bangladesh, checking is done here. So friends, if you are looking for a perfect weekend destination near Kolkata within 100 kms, then go and visit here.


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